High Quality Sex Toys Are Better For Your Health

Why High Quality Sex Toys Are Better For Your Health?

The sex toy industry has evolved and updated over the years, and there are now very many different categories of sex toys on the market, and of varying quality. If you have carefully compared the different qualities of sex toys you will notice the various differences. I can't deny that there are some affordable and cost-effective toys on the market, and they can give you all kinds of sexy sensations. But the difference between them and the real high-end products is still very obvious.

The advantages of selecting high-quality sex toys are manifold. Beyond their primary erotic purposes, these toys stand out for their superior, body-safe materials and come equipped with a variety of advanced features and functions that basic, more affordable options simply lack.

Why is it important to buy high quality sex toys?

With regards to the answer to this question, the health factor should be the first thing that you have to take into consideration. One thing you need to understand is that the materials used in sex toys are very important and the cost of high quality and safe materials has always been very high, which leads to the high cost of high quality toys. If you are buying a toy that is very inexpensive, the quality of the material that it is made of will be as high as it can be. Many of the unhealthy factors present in these toys can pose a threat to your health.

Often these cheap sex toys are made from these materials that cannot be completely cleaned, such as the infamous jelly rubber or PVC, TPR, TPE, latex, and so on. They all have one property in common and that is porous. The trouble with this property is that they can't be cleaned completely and bacteria can multiply on them causing you health problems such as infection or irritation. And there are also phthalates in the jelly material that are harmful to the human body, which is totally unacceptable.

Nevertheless, due to their low cost and high profitability, these porous toys are still available in all corners of the sex toy market. We therefore recommend that you spend a little more money on a high-quality sex toy to avoid these threats.

5 Benefits of Using High-Quality Sex Toys

1. They generally last longer

There is no doubt that high quality products are more durable than cheap ones. This will save you more money in the long run than investing in a cheap toy.

2. They provide a better feeling

Higher quality toys will use more innovative technology and will come with different types of stimulation that will allow you to experience different and better sensations.

3. They have better designs

What sets high quality sex toys apart is not only their functionality, but also their superior design and feel. A great design will make your experience easy and deeply satisfying.

4. They are made of body-safe materials

High-quality sex toys are usually made of silicone, which is not only body-safe but also very soft and pleasant to the touch. Lesser sex toys are at least made of non-porous material such as ABS.

5. They’re rechargeable

High-quality sex toys generally use rechargeable built-in batteries that are very easy to use and do not require battery replacement.

If you're thinking about investing in a high-quality toy, then check out these models from our bestsellers!

Inyarose's 3 Best Selling High Quality Sex Toys

Space cloud sucking vibrator


This is a versatile and lovely sex toy. It can be used as both a vibrator and a clitoral sucker.12 vibration and sucking modes blend sophistication and sensuality. Designed with the delicate contours of the human body in mind, this avant-garde product blends functionality with aesthetic allure. Whether used as a discreet bedside decoration or as an exploration of pleasure, it transcends boundaries.

Rabbit massage vibrating masturbator

Rabbit massage vibrating masturbator

The Bunny Vibrator is definitely a landmark toy in the field of sex toys, a classic that is a must-have for every sex toy enthusiast's collection library. Our rabbit vibrators are made of high quality medical grade silicone and ABS material, prioritizing safety and comfort. Ergonomically designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot, the 3 different vibration intensities and 7 different vibration patterns will take your mixed orgasms to the next level.

Happy vibrating prostate massager

prostate massager

This is a revolutionary prostate massager that increases male orgasms by 33%. This pleasurable device offers a hands-free experience and is equipped with motors in both the center and tip for dynamic stimulation. It also comes with a remote control that is effective up to 10 meters and can be used with a partner. It is medium-sized for users of all experience levels, body-safe certified, completely waterproof, and a best seller for Inyarose.

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