sex is the first test of true love

Originally wanted to write: "sex is the only test of true love", seems to feel not quite right so I changed to: "sex is the first test of true love". The reason why I want to talk about this topic is because I find that many girls have a dispensable attitude towards sex.

Gloria is a friend of mine, 26 years old and on her third relationship. She called me in the middle of the night and said she felt sick kissing her boyfriend and didn't like the way he smelled. I asked her, "Have you ever had the urge to have sex with him after being in a relationship for so long? I said Gloria you don't love him at all. gloria disagreed and felt frigid about her possibilities. She hadn't had thoughts of wanting to have a sexual relationship with any guy in real life other than a celebrity.

Luckily, this boyfriend soon became Gloria's ex-boyfriend. She finally found someone she really wanted to have sex with, a guy who was white and fat and didn't look sexy at all. Gloria, who covets celebrities, loves this type of guy. Love really doesn't make sense. Recently, they are going to get married, I teased Gloria: "You are not frigid anymore?" Gloria said shyly, "I used to think that you were too simple and crude to use sex as a measure of love, but now I totally agree with you, not wanting to have sex is definitely not love."

Valuing sexual attraction

Wanting to have sex with is not necessarily true love, it may just be lust, but not wanting to have sex is definitely not love. Love a person, first of all, love the smell of his body. This has nothing to do with whether to take a bath or not, spray perfume or not. The attraction of odor is the attraction of sex. It is human instinct, and only secondly can we talk about getting along with the grinding and the consideration of the three views. If you do not even like the smell of his body, think his hands like a bear's paw, touch you lose a piece of meat, you get along for a long time, can only develop a friendship or partner's emotions, rather than real love!

Some people end up choosing to marry a friend or partner, trying to convince themselves that he's right for me, that he's good for me, that I'm not too young; it's kind of hard to break up every time we're in a bad mood... isn't that love? Sorry, no. You're just used to having him around or scared of being alone.

After you get married, you realize that he's not as nice to you as he used to be, and you're even more critical of him all the time. You shut him out forever after a fight, never having a chance to make up in bed. How much of life's trivialities can be reasoned out? But a hug, a kiss, a sex, dissolve the dispute. Without sexual lubricant, you'll just rub together until your skin splits.

sexy girl with rose toy

Listen to your heart.

I recently received a question from a woman, which roughly means that she's been with her boyfriend for six months and he's honest and nice to her and has a good job, but she doesn't like to have physical contact with him. But she's torn between marrying him or not, and she doesn't know what to do.

I say to girls, you don't love him at all, so how can he be fit to marry you? Even if marriage is a deal, being so-called honest, treating you well and having a good job is simply not enough to balance out your lack of love. When you choose to marry someone you don't love, there has to be a bigger chip on his shoulder in order for you to be at peace.

When a person doesn't know what to choose, they should listen to their heart. However, why are so many girls unwilling to face their heart's need to listen to others? It's because most women almost never grow up with anyone telling us that sex is important. If you got married just to survive, not to be happy, sex and love didn't have to be on the table - that was the old-time view of marriage. Now it's 2024 and the power of this view of marriage is still alive and well.

The marriage trilogy is: sex, love, marriage.

Sexual desire before the feeling of love, with this desire you can fall in love with him; but sexual behavior is not necessarily before the feeling of love, after all, we are not animals.

Sex is important, it is your inner need. If a girl is not even willing to face up to her inner needs, no matter how much money you make and how many independent slogans you shout, you cannot be considered a truly independent woman. Independent women must first love themselves, and to love yourself is to honor your instincts.

Inequality of sexual rights leads directly to inequality of rights between men and women

In a sexually dysfunctional marriage, nine times out of ten, the husband will cheat on his wife if he is not satisfied, and they believe that this cheating is not guilty. "My wife and I haven't had sex in years, she's frigid." This is what many married men's tell young girls when they cheat, proving that they are unhappy in their marriages. However, But I'm afraid that's not the case if the husband is sexually frigid and can't satisfy his wife.

In TV's Sex and the City, Samantha says that how well we perform in bed indicates how well we live our lives. This statement may be a bit of an absolute, but it's just the right thing to use to neutralize women who don't value sex, and to make them understand that a woman's well-lived life includes the great sex she's having

Whether it's a relationship or a marriage, there will always be pain and disappointment in the grind, and the thought of breaking up will occur to everyone countless times. The one thing that stops us from making the final decision is sex and the other is money. Don't try to get together with someone of the opposite sex you don't want to have sex with, save time to find true love or live well alone. Whether you love the person or not, first see if you want to have sex with them or not, that is a basic. Understand this basic so you don't build a doomed building on land that has no foundation at all.

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