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What if a family member finds out your sex toys?

This may sound like a question from a game of Truth or Dare, but for many young people living with their families this is a real and objective situation that they may face. Being cooped up at home in recent years due to epidemics many have chosen sex toys to relieve their loneliness, but these days sex toys sitting unused in drawers can be found by your parents at any time. It would be unfortunate if your toys had already been found, and my goodness is it embarrassing, I can just imagine the blushing scene.

It's as if mom always has a superpower to find and discover the things you try to hide, and those things include your sex toys. How do you react when this happens, read on.

There's no turning back.

Shit, the scene in the nightmare is actually happening in real life. Whether it's a vibrator, a dildo or a sex doll the treasure in your drawer will be found one day, no need to panic too much, stay calm. At this point you're probably thinking: why did I buy this damn vibrator, why did I put it in a drawer instead of under the bed. Oh my god oh my god, this is so embarrassing! Will mom still look at me like she did before, will she look at me differently.

Well stop your rambling, take a deep breath and calm down. We always think that our parents are old-fashioned and conservative, but in fact, they are all adults and understanding, they can still understand about sex and sexual needs, they may not be able to do direct communication about these, but they can certainly understand these instinctive needs. Think about it, maybe they also have their own secret toys.

Option 1: Acting as if nothing has happened

Come on, try doing what I said. You can shrug your shoulders or spread your hands and make yourself look as less nervous and awkward as possible. Because if you act awkward your mom will be overwhelmed too, and that's not good for either one.

Then gently say, "Come on, Mom, it's the 21st century, there's nothing weird about it, I didn't invite you to my bedroom to find these things, you came uninvited" and avert your eyes to do what you need to do (silently putting away the damn exposed vibrator). :

Option 2: Be honest enough to confess to your mother

If you can't do it as if it's nothing, then show your 100% honesty. Sex toys aren't drugs, they're healthy expressions of sexuality and they're practical goodies. You're not the only one who likes this stuff, sex toys are already a multi-billion dollar business, people use them all over the globe, and that number is growing.

So now take a deep breath and with a determined expression tell your mom, "That's right mom this is the sex toy I bought". You'll have to improvise about your mom's next reaction. If she is interested in your toy, disclose more details about it and try to get her to understand.

rose sex toy

Option 3: Deny everything

While honesty is a virtue, there are times when you have to lie. Not everyone faced with this situation is in a position to come clean with their family. Let me start by stating that our lies are well-intentioned to avoid embarrassment on both sides.

The key to the lie is your toy, if it's a discreet little vibrator then the lie is simple: it's a lipstick I bought on sale, it's one of my little ornaments. Even if your mother knows what it's for, hearing your cover-up I'm sure she won't be pursuing it, or it will only embarrass her more. If you bought a dildo, then I'm sorry, I don't know how to lie about that either.

Option 4: Blame it on a friend

I think you know what I mean. When you were a kid you accidentally broke the glass in your house and you told your parents it was your younger brother who did it. In the same way, you can tell your mother and say, "Mom, you remember Gloria, this is the one she bought me as a punchline in middle school earlier." Of course this Gloria is a virtual friend.

In the meantime tell your mom it's embarrassing and promise her you'll put it somewhere else and stop talking about it and I'm sure mom will have the good sense to walk away.

How exactly do you hide your sex toys?

To measurably avoid this embarrassing situation, then the best way is not to let them find out. Here's how to hide your toys perfectly.

  1. Don't keep it in an easy-to-find place like a desk drawer or nightstand, which is fine if your drawers can be locked.
  2. Toys can be placed in the compartments of your suitcase and lock the suitcase.
  3. Put it in a closet with a secret compartment and cover it with something so that you won't see it at a glance even if the secret compartment is opened.
  4. Buy a box with a lock to lock it in and tell your parents it's your privacy.

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