10 Sexy Ideas to Spend Valentine's Day

10 Sexy Ideas to Spend Valentine's Day with You This Year

Got plans for this year's Valentine's Day. It's not too early, and in a month's time it will be the holiday where lovers revel in ambiguous hormones. There's more to celebrating Valentine's Day than a wine and steak dinner, as tempting as that sounds. Sex has essentially become, by default, the last thing lovers reserve for the evening, so why don't we write on that?

We've gathered a collection of sexy games, flirting ideas and sexy ideas to help you get through Valentine's Day! Of course many of these ideas can be used all year round if you wish! Valentine's Day isn't the only day you can show your partner love!

Prepare a set of sexy lingerie

Spice up Valentine's Day with a sexy look that will make your man fall head over heels in love with you. You can do this in secret, by visiting lingerie stores or ordering it online in advance to make sure you can wear it in time for Valentine's Day. Here's a tip: your jacket doesn't have to be flashy, so wear your sexy, erotic lingerie underneath a plain coat and show it to him that night - I'm sure the contrast will turn him on. Generally people like to have sex in the nude, but I suggest you don't take it off on Valentine's night, you just pull your panties aside for oral and penetrative sex, and enjoy the visuals that sexy lingerie brings.

Conduct a role-play

Role playing is a great time to act out your fantasies. From doctor-patient stories to student-teacher incestuous scenarios, Valentine's Day role-playing is all about breaking the rules and breaking taboos, acting out scenarios that will get the blood pumping and keep the passion flowing throughout the night. Since you're going to be acting it out then go all out and buy costumes and props to help you get into character quickly. If this is an idea you want to use all year round, then don't go for disposable props when you're picking them out.

Pick out a sex toy for each other

Sex toys have become more and more popular, and it's no surprise that it's showing up in gift boxes. Go with your loved one to your local sex toy store and pick out a vibrator for her/him. This can also be seen as a special activity for your Valentine's Day to increase your intimacy with each other. If you are uncomfortable with offline purchases, then opt for the online channel and lie on the bed with your cell phone with your lover to pick out your favorite toys for each other and discuss your ideas of how to use them. For example, this cute little mushroom from inyarose is perfect for g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and our Rose Vibrating Anal Plug is also a great gift idea, providing you with an effective tool for exploring new entrances.

inya sex toy

Play Truth or Dare games

Classic party games work equally well for couples. The point of the game is not to win or lose, the point is for you two to talk and laugh, enjoy each other's company and make your bond stronger. Some of these may be hard to answer, but that only makes things more fun.

Creating a Sexy Bedroom

Bedroom as your private space, it will be well organized and dressed up, not only can make you feel cozy but also bring you comfortable sex environment. We just need to do a little practical changes in the ordinary bedroom, it can be more elegant than the couple hotel. I have talked about it in detail in my previous post, click here to check it out.

Try new sex positions

If you've always been used to having sex in the missionary position, then please change it tonight. It's not that the missionary position is bad, but you need some changes, some changes that make the same old sex spicy. Try letting your partner take the initiative and let her get on top. For example, cowgirl, doggy style, spooning, standing, unicycling, all of these positions can get things hot.

Try light BDSM

When it comes to BDSM isn't it that your mind goes to a room full of whips, chains and tons of other similar BDSM toys and devices. The truth is that not everyone is comfortable with this kind of BDSM, there is also something called light BDSM. Ranging from simple spankings to light ear biting, this practice not only doesn't hurt you but is enough to create more desire. You can also purchase a simple bondage kit if you are interested in bondage play.

Sexting flirting that lasts all day

Let your partner go out to take care of errands or stay in the den or bedroom while you spend most of the day in the living room. During this time, you can exchange some passionate sexual messages to enhance the anticipation of the evening ahead. When you finally reunite, the pent-up excitement will be irresistible, creating a passionate atmosphere that neither of you can resist.

Showering together.

Showering is a delightful thing to do, and wouldn't it be even more comfortable to enjoy it with the love of your life. When you are naked, accompanied by the dense steam in the bathroom mixed with the hormones that you both emit, each other for each other to put on the shower gel, and then embrace each other to feel each other's slippery skin. Then each other will wash each other's private parts, is also considered a kind of bathroom flirting.

Conducting erotic massages

Instead of going for a professional couples massage on Valentine's Day, consider a more intimate way of giving each other an erotic massage and still have a fortune left over to add another gift. Create a sensual atmosphere by lighting candles and using aromatic massage oils. Start the massage as a skilled masseuse, focusing on your partner's back, shoulders, arms and legs, and then gradually massage more intimate areas such as the genitals. You can also add some dirty talk throughout the experience to push the vibe.

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