Sexy Inyarose Gifts for Couples this Valentine's Day

Looking for a holiday gift that will heat up the atmosphere? These gifts will bring romance to you and your partner. Check out our selection of gifts that will keep the excitement going all winter long!

Secret Vibrating Panty Sex Toy

Secret Vibrating Panty Sex Toy invites you to a Valentine's Day passion party for two, and you're on the guest list! This vibrator is equally pleasurable in both internal and external massages and can be controlled by a wireless remote control, so you can give control to your partner and let him dictate your pleasure whenever and wherever he wants.

Rose Anal Plug Set

The Rose Anal Plug Set is one of inyarose's many sex toy sets and is perfect for those who love or are interested in exploring anal pleasure. The best part? Anal pleasure is gender neutral and can be experienced by anyone with an ass. This set of anal plugs comes in three sizes, large, medium and small, so whether you're a novice or an expert there's a suitable option for you. Hurry up and insert your rose anal plugs to blossom in your ass.

Space Cloud Sucking Vibrator

The Space Cloud is a must-have gadget for pleasure-seeking couples around the world. The versatile and detachable design enables couples to have one for each partner. Designed with the delicate contours of the human body in mind, this avant-garde piece combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. 12 speeds of progressive vibration and sucking combined with a quiet experience of less than 50 decibels make for a private experience, whether enjoyed alone or with a partner. Interestingly, its charging compartment has 3 adjustable light sources that can be used as ambient light during sex.

Magnetic Rose AV Pleasure Wand

The perfect toy for the adventurer on your list, it will bring pleasure to both partners, giving everyone a gift to look back on. When used during foreplay, this powerful, fully rechargeable wand ensures a deeply satisfying vibe for the vulva.

Can't choose between these toys? Then take them all, the current Valentine's Day sale offers 30% off when you buy two, 35% off when you buy three and free delivery.