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You know what? Sex toys have been around for thousands of years

For the past 20 years, sex toys were still shrouded in taboo, often hidden in dimly lit corners on the side of the road. What's reassuring is that sex culture has become part of mainstream culture, and people's attitudes towards sex toys have changed from avoidance to positivity. In the past it was not easy to get sex toys, but now they are readily available on the Internet and in stores, as well as easily accessible without stigma. Sex is an integral part of human reproduction from the point of view of human beings and there is nothing wrong in pursuing sexual pleasure, so it is time for sex toys to get rid of their taboos. What's true is that the sex toy scene has changed forever.

While earlier sex toys were very rudimentary, with limited shapes and functions, a great deal of technology is now being applied to sex toys, which has greatly contributed to their modernization. From basic vaginal stimulation to clitoral stimulation to advanced features such as prostate massage, there are also many sex toys that utilize Bluetooth technology and other remote control technologies.

In our impression ancient people have always been conservative, in fact, before the development of modern adult toys, ancient people have already started to use objects to get sexual pleasure. Stone, ivory, bone and wood were the materials they used to make primitive sex toys. The popularity of adult toys has skyrocketed with the development of productivity and technology and the increasing openness to sexuality as well as the ease of online shopping. The history of the development of sex toys reflects the progress of society from a side perspective, so follow our perspective on this exciting history of sex toys.

The earliest sex toys date back to 29,000 B.C.

According to historians, a 20-cm-long dildo-like object made of 14 pieces of gravel was unearthed in an ancient Neanderthal cave in Germany, and the object is said to be 29,000 years old. This is the earliest sex-related artifact ever found, and although its exact purpose is unknown, its appearance suggests that it belonged to a sexual object.

While there is no direct evidence of how Neanderthals used these items, it has been shown that in early times humans had learned to use simple tools to enhance sexual pleasure.

Sex Toys in 500 BC

According to historians, around 500 BC, the ancient Greeks used their ingenuity to create real sex toys. Brass and leather were the materials used to make them, and they were also very sophisticated in their design. Genitals were the main object of their imitation, and many dildos have been found in ancient Greek artifacts. The most ludicrous thing is that they used hard bread called olisbokollikes as makeshift dildos.

I must warn you, however, that the ancient Greeks did this because of the limitations of materials and technology at the time, and it should not be imitated. There are significant health risks associated with this practice. What's even more amazing is that it is documented that olive oil was already being used as a lubricant in those times to improve comfort.

Sex toys from about 1300 AD.

Ancient China, as one of the four ancient civilizations, had a highly developed civilization, and this was also true in the area of sex. Around 1300 A.D., sex toys similar to the modern penis ring appeared, which also functioned in much the same way as the modern penis ring, serving to restrict the flow of blood to the root of the penis and enabling the wearer to maintain an erection for a long period of time. Metal and wooden dildos have also been found in other ancient tombs.

Also the ancient Chinese were very fond of using jade to make sex toys. They believed that jade had important cultural significance and could ward off evil spirits and even cure various diseases as well as bring good luck to the wearer. In addition, they believed that plugs made of jade could keep the essence of the deceased from leaking through the holes in their bodies to achieve an embalming effect, so jade anal plugs and jade dildos were often found in tombs.

Sex Toys of the 19th Century

It wasn't until after the completion of the Industrial Revolution in England that a plethora of new technologies and inventions appeared, and were manifested in the realm of sex toys. Although Victorian England was still known for its prudishness, severe sexual repression allowed for the social environment in which vibrators and other sex toys emerged.

Originally vibrators were not used solely as sex toys, but were designed to treat hysteria in women. This condition was also known as female hysteria and symptoms included anxiety, irritability, sexual desire and seizures. Stimulating the pubic area manually was the main method of treating this condition, and in order to be more efficient, the vibrator was invented as a solution.

The earliest vibrator, called "The Manipulator", was a steam-powered device that was commonly used to treat pelvic disorders and muscle pain. However, due to its size and inconvenience, many doctors stopped using the machine. Eventually it was sought after by many women for its effective massage of the female pubic area. The device is often credited with influencing the development of modern vibrators and masturbators.

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Modern Sex Toys

Although sex toys have a long history, in the 20th century these so-called sex toys were only used as sexual aids for men and women in marital relationships. It was not until the 21st century that the sex toy industry exploded, and many well-known sex toy brands were established during this time, such as Lovehoney in 2002 and LELO in 2003.

The overall de-stigmatization of sex and sexuality and various sex-positive movements in recent years have led to more and more people being willing to explore their desires through sex toys.

Also the development of the internet has been an important factor in the promotion of modern sex toys, with online shopping greatly contributing to the accessibility of sex toys and providing a great deal of convenience for those who feel uncomfortable buying in person at a sex toy store.

The bottom line is that advances in technology have made sex toys feel better and easier to use. For example, many sex toys now use usb charging and do not require batteries. And many vibrators are more efficient, allowing people to reach orgasm quickly. New technologies for sex toys are also emerging, and in recent years air pulse technology has provided new sensations to sex toys. While experiencing new technologies, the price of sex toys is also dropping, making them affordable for everyone.

Today, there is a wide range of sex toys available to fulfill different preferences and desires. From traditional options like dildos and vibrators to innovative designs like clitoral sucker, there is something for everyone. With more and more people embracing and using sex toys, enjoying a sex life has never been easier or more fulfilling.

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