You might hurt him during sex

Wake up, You might hurt him during sex

Although men always love to put on a look of fearlessness in life, but sometimes their panic mood is how to hide, especially in sex. At this time, as a wife do you know, men's sexual psychology is actually very fragile, many times it is you who hurt their husbands, resulting in his sexual fear.

Wife overstimulation

Case: When I am making out with my wife, she always asks me to use a condom out of the blue. In the "sex" fun time suddenly stopped to do these "preparatory measures", and so on everything is ready, I have no interest in sex, but can not say anything. Can only force the spirit to cope with.

Analysis: The wife's nervousness will be transmitted to her husband like a cold germ, thus causing him to walk on thin ice during sex. Physically, this worry will undoubtedly occupy his nerves, so that he can not concentrate. Imagine what it would be like to dance in shackles.

Tips: You should take appropriate measures against the possible negative consequences, but there is no need to be too nervous. Find an obstetrician and gynecologist, according to their own physical condition and requirements, the doctor to develop a contraceptive method that best suits both of you and then actually implement. In this way, you can ensure that you can enjoy sex with confidence and boldness when you are in the throes of passion.

Trying something new and getting rejected.

Case: I like to use sex toys, but she always reacts strongly and rejects me without saying why. I feel aggrieved and even think it's because she doesn't love me very much.

Analysis: men like to do some novelty attempts, when the other party refuses to accept, the man will feel that she refuses to give him completely. In addition, most men like to see their wives masturbate with sex toys. The wife's outright refusal will only cause the husband's negative emotions.

Tips: Whether the wife is embarrassed or hate the ugly dildo, it is best to choose the appropriate way to communicate with the husband. Don't push him aside or reject him out of hand. You can also try to use some cute toys, which are easier to accept, such as our inya mushroom.

inya mushroom.

Wives are like quick sensors.

Case: Sometimes, because the work is too tired or not in high spirits, I occasionally a little performance "abnormal", my wife will obviously show upset. Although she did not say anything, but this attitude is sad.

Analysis: A wife's excessive concern or sensitivity can be very damaging to a husband's sexual psychology. The former will make him feel overwhelmed, and the latter will make him feel the sadness of not being understood. In fact, the man's sexual psychology is very fragile, the wife's reaction will often have an important impact on him.

Tips: Often, wives may want to let themselves become a little slow, turn off their "sensors" and moderate concern for their husbands. In addition, if your husband most of the time you are very satisfied, for his occasional mistakes to laugh it off.

Dawdling kills passion.

Case: Every time I propose to make out with my wife, she is always bathing and changing clothes, sometimes I have to wait for the sleepy, she only get well, so often let me have no interest!

Analyze:Is your wife always dawdling in the heat of the moment? Do you know what men think about this? He may think that you are deliberately delaying because you do not want to. In addition, physiologically speaking, men and women are different, their desire to have a strong explosive but durable weak characteristics, if the wife is too much delay, over time, he will be bored with sex or even fear.

Tip: There's only one way to avoid getting your husband's head in the clouds. Whether you're in the restroom freshening up or getting ready for something else, don't dawdle too much, and better yet, tell him what you're doing.

Be too critical of perfection

Case: perhaps because his wife watched more romantic love dramas, she is always demanding perfection in the couple's life, such as the lights must be adjusted to the degree of hidden, the air must be filled with an intoxicating sweet aroma, the bed sheets should be clean and soft, I have to take a bath before I can hold her ...... Every time I do this, it makes both of us very tired.

Analysis: the wife of the atmosphere and other excessive concern and high demand is undoubtedly a sex killer, because the excessive demand will only make him feel "difficult to breathe". And his wife's attention to trivia will make him feel distracted by the other side, this feeling in turn will affect his mood.

Tips: the scene in the love drama is after all in the show, real life has some imperfections so what? Why make it difficult for him and for yourself? If you are always harsh for some trivial things, why not write them on paper to do a memo, even if you forget or not done, but also to leave them sober after their own it.

Durability and hardness become sex "metrics

Case: My wife and I have a fairly harmonious sex life, but she always likes to compare me with the hero in the movie. "Look how strong and durable he is!" This kind of words are said a lot, so I have a lot of pressure.

Analysis: As age increases, men are usually afraid that they are not hard enough and long-lasting, durability and hardness is the man in the heart to set their own sex indicators. But once out of the mouth of the woman, it will make him feel that you are suggesting that he "ability is not enough" which will undoubtedly aggravate his anxiety. This kind of emotion is externalized, he may pay more attention to their own "performance effect", but ignored the emotional exchange. In some cases, he may even perform less well than he should because of the pressure he is under.

Tips: sex is not what acrobatic show, why take some indicators to ask him? Out of the box, wholeheartedly immersed in the realm of sex it, throw away those "metrics", perhaps you will have an unexpected surprise, how he is so great today?

Like a mummy not responding

Case: my wife and I often make out in silence, so I began to think, is it my own performance is not good? So I'm not in the mood at all.

Analysis: Many husbands often worry that they can not meet their wives. In the process of sex, if he can not understand his wife's reaction in time, he will turn to doubt himself. Sex is the most intimate way of communication between husband and wife, is the spirit and physical dialog at the same time. At this time, the man always like to hear a few words of encouragement, or feel his wife's response. If his wife is silent, he will feel the silence is a protest, dissatisfaction or carelessness, so that he instantly lost interest!

Tips: The best way is for the wife to truly express her feelings. If you like, though, let out a happy murmur or gently pat him on the shoulder, the wife's response will become a source of motivation for the husband.

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