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How our libido evolve over time?

It seems that in most people's perception, men always seem to have a stronger sex drive than women. But did you know that? It actually has something to do with age. Our sexual desires, preferences and needs change over time. In fact, both men and women have certain libido cycles throughout their lives. By mastering the changes in libido, you can maximize the enjoyment of quality sex.

At adolescence, desire begins to bud

Adolescence is a time of burgeoning self-consciousness, a clear awareness of one's likes and dislikes, like a budding floral skeleton ready to blossom into its own beauty, with many wonderful expectations and aspirations for the future, especially for the opposite sex. Puberty is a time of sexual awakening, when the increase in growth hormone and sex hormones drives the budding sexuality to become curious about their own bodies and those of the opposite sex.

During adolescence, individuals embark on a journey of discovering their sexual identities. This exploration may lead some to identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or other orientations. Understanding one's sexual orientation plays a pivotal role in forming a positive sexual self-image. Inclusive sexual education is vital during this period to support individuals in nurturing a healthy sense of self.

With this, however, comes pressure from peers and social norms that can influence adolescents' sexual behavior. Media portrayals, peer groups, and cultural expectations can guide them during this time, or they can lead to risky behavior or feelings of shame and guilt. Parents can play a vital role in supporting their children through these challenging times.

Libido peaks in early adulthood

This period is usually between the ages of 20 and 30, during which people intensify their sexual exploration, which is primarily aimed at the pursuit of pleasure and excitement. Many young people use sexual activity as a means of discovering their pleasure and building intimacy. Men, in particular, are at their most testosterone-rich during this time, which manifests itself sexually in ways that make them more receptive to new experimentation and more daring.

In addition, early adulthood is a time when individuals begin to develop more committed and emotionally intimate relationships. Long-term partnerships will become an important aspect of life, and such relationships are an indication of gradual sexual maturity. Sexual intimacy plays a deeper and more meaningful role in these relationships. Emotional connection in these relationships can enrich sexual satisfaction and overall fulfillment.

Lower priorities for sexual activity in middle age

Sex hormones will peak at age 30, and the need for sexual activity will not be as strong as before as we age. With more sexual experience, male function declines, control increases, freedom to stow away during sex, and sexual needs become unusually regular. Women are more aware of their bodies and know how to reach orgasm. At this stage, both men and women are in harmony, but this can be compromised by work factors and the stress of breastfeeding the next generation.

Also changes in the body are affecting the libido. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to changes in libido and sexual function. In addition, health problems such as menopause or erectile dysfunction may occur. In middle age, although sexual activity decreases, people will focus more on their partner's spiritual intimacy and connection, and they will prioritize emotion and companionship over physical gratification.

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Libido persists in later life

Sexual desire does not disappear over time, although the level of sexual desire is lower at this time. But there are still some older couples who maintain an enviable good sexual communication with each other. Aging is an inevitable process, but you do need some proper methods if you want to have a good sex life in your old age. Things like the right sexual positions and sex aids, or using some nice sex toys like our Rose Clitoris Sucker.

The main thing to deal with in later life is the challenges that come from the body, and medical advice or treatment can be sought. This can also help with age-related sexual problems such as vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, clitoral atrophy, and urinary incontinence.

It's not just time that affects libido

Changes in libido caused by aging are inevitable, but there are many other things in life that affect libido. It is important to pay attention to your daily life and develop good habits in order to maintain a good sexual state.

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Diet affects libido

Diet can affect sex more than one might think.

One survey result found that men who ate soy products every day had only 41 million sperm per liter of semen, significantly less than men who ate fewer soy products. Eating less than 3 times a week and only 100 grams each time can avoid this.

Fried food, French fries, potato chips, fried pastries and other foods eaten too much not only affects health, but also easy to lead to obesity, which in turn affects male sexual function; so that women have endocrine disorders and other problems.

Scientific evidence shows that a small amount of coffee can refresh and promote libido. But drink more, will affect the parasympathetic nerves, thus causing a decrease in libido.

Alcohol is extremely harmful to sexual function. Long-term heavy alcohol abuse, will inhibit the metabolism of androgen, so that testosterone production is reduced. In men, this is manifested as decreased libido, impotence, ejaculation disorders, and feminization of the breasts. Women show difficulty in sexual arousal, significant reduction in the number and intensity of orgasms, or even loss of orgasm, can also cause endocrine disorders, leading to menstrual irregularities, premature amenorrhea, menopause, breasts, vulva and other sexual and organ atrophy, vaginal secretions, pain during sexual intercourse, indifference to sexual life, loss of sexual interest.

Diet affects libido

The sexual psychology of the elderly will directly affect the sexual life. Such as decay psychology, shame psychology, fear psychology, abstinence psychology and so on. Due to the aging of the organs of the whole body to varying degrees, increased psychological aging, the sexual psychology of repression, mistakenly believed that the loss of sexual function sexual ability to decline, so that the interest in sex life is reduced in the female side of the reaction is more prominent, refused to live a sex life. Due to secular prejudice and sexual confinement of the bondage, that the elderly sex life is shameful behavior, often also have to show their own saintly in front of their children, further leading to decreased libido. In addition, due to the psychological burden caused by the disease, fear of sex, fear of aggravation of the disease and avoid sex, inhibit their sexual desire and requirements.

Obesity affects libido

Obesity brings not only a decrease in self-confidence, but also leads to a decline in human desire, this is because the strong desire of men mainly depends on the level of sex hormones in their bodies. Men due to increased body fat, will make the body androgen more into estrogen, blood concentration can increase more than 1 times, inhibit the pituitary gonadotropin secretion, to sexual function to varying degrees of reduction. Highly obese people with reduced sexual function, not only low libido, but also erection, ejaculation, orgasm and many other disorders.

Chronic constipation affects libido

Some studies have pointed out that women with chronic constipation often have low libido or an irregular sex life. These people have tight anal sphincter contractions, or with menstrual abdominal pain, vaginal cramps, and more than half of them lack sexual desire or do not feel orgasm. Some other constipated women, their pelvic floor is spasmodic contraction, resulting in urinary retention of frequent urination, painful urination and other symptoms, indirectly resulting in decreased libido.

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