Learn foreplay from the movies

Learn foreplay from the movies

Every woman has had the dream of being a star, and when a woman meets a man and eventually begins to entwine, a good show has begun between the two. Tonight, let you become the brightest star, foreplay also take the Oscar!

The matter of foreplay, like movie production, has three main requirements for the male and female protagonists. First, there is acting ability, such as certain foreplay that requires acting, role-playing, flirting foreplay such as stranger play, all of which rely on acting and imagination to mobilize desire and pleasure. Even BDSM play, requires imagination. Then, there's game intelligence, which mobilizes eroticism by setting the rules for different foreplay games, where the sense of fun outweighs the sense of excitement, and is suitable for newlywed couples. And the ultimate level, which is the difference in the level of teasing skill, is the development of erogenous zones, through extraordinary skill, in the erogenous zones of the body, and even in the non-erogenous zones, to trigger sexual interest in each other.

Any woman who wants to win an Oscar-winning actress in bed has to be outstanding accordingly! Again, foreplay is staged, and it's best to choose the foreplay that best suits your style as far as the hardness and size of the little Oscar you get ...... You'll know it when the time comes.

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Best Action Foreplay Nomination:

'By the Pricking of My Thumbs'

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Human fingers have very dense neurons and are very sensitive, and stimulation of certain parts of the fingers by the opposite sex can cause intense sexual arousal.

First of all, the process should be slight and gradual, the woman's fingers should be dexterous and gentle, in order to be on the back of the man's fingers, with a slight caress, friction to gradually trigger a subtle acidic itch, and then, this itch will be associated with the body to produce sexual excitement. Teasing a man through his fingers is a bit of a difficult way to find out and train yourself.

Focus: Fingers

Acting Points: "Lightness" is the key point in this part of the play. Whether stroking or sucking, the movements should be gentle and rhythmic.

Best Psychological Foreplay Nomination:



Tickling and pleasure are two sensations that are very close to each other, and many men don't have a clear sense of their erogenous zones, and will even ask a woman to stimulate his dick directly as foreplay. The real bed women, in the development of the partner's sexy belt, often used to start from let him more itchy area for teasing, and gradually figure out his sexy belt. It has been proven that many men's secret sexy zones are in their armpits, and a woman's massage or kiss on them can drive him to pleasure. It is said that this kind of foreplay, if done well, can make many people before the official sex, into the vertigo state!

Focus area: armpits

Acting points: you can gently bite the armpits, along the outside of the armpits down the side of the sides of the tongue for teasing, can produce very good flirting effect, often can stimulate his libido.

Best Ethical Foreplay Nomination: 'Red Shoe Diary'

Red Shoe Diary

The stimulation of a person's erogenous zones and the resulting libidinal urge is not only a physiological phenomenon, but also a psychological one.

According to a survey by a sexual psychologist, 90% of women like to be touched in a particular place on their body. There are seven main places: ears, toes, arms, breasts, outer labia, inner labia and clitoris. These places have dense nerves that produce pleasure, and at the same time, have certain erotic symbols. The development of a man's erogenous zones, on the other hand, is usually mainly in the penis, and at most in the ears and neck. Of these, the most neglected for women tend to be the toes, while the most neglected erogenous zones for men are the back and buttocks. Now that you've taken your vows as husband and wife, it's a good idea to put each other's feet within your own teasing range in foreplay, in a production of the Italian movie The Red Shoe Diaries.

Focus areas: back, buttocks

Acting Points: The woman barefoot, with the foot gradually step, rub, or even pinch the man's back, buttocks, inner thighs or even let the man lick her feet, each other will have an unexpected pleasure.

Nominated for Best Verbal Foreplay: 'The Reader'

The Reader

In the matter of lovemaking, it is destined that the more familiar the two people are, the more times they have done it, the lower the pleasure will be ...... Because too familiar, and become not exciting. You can try, do not need to go to do each other touch foreplay, but two people each naked, respectively wrapped inside the sheet, and then, take turns to tell, want to do to each other, or want to let the other person to do to their own things. Let's see who can't resist the verbal torment first and pounce on the other!

Focus Area: Whole Body

Acting Points: Use aromatherapy, candles, etc. to set a romantic mood, to ensure that the lighting is soft, so that the light environment can be the body lines and skin color to present the best visual effect.

Best Thrilling Foreplay Nomination: 'Black Angel'

Black Angel

Take turns blindfolding each other and then using any sizeable object you can find inside your home to caress your partner's sensitive naked body and see how many pieces he can guess .....

Of course, if the woman starts, blindfold the man while touching him with different parts of the woman's own body. Let him guess exactly where you touched him, and if he gets it right, he can order you to touch a certain part of his body. Of course, it's okay for you to play tricks to make the other guy suffer while he's blindfolded.

Focus: Chest, Back

Acting Points:When your own body goes to touch a man, you can apply a little something first, ice cream, yogurt, honey, olive oil, whatever ......

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