Obnoxious foreplay moves

Obnoxious foreplay moves

When it comes to sex, the basic rule is naturally to have foreplay, otherwise it will seem rude and unemotional. However, just as not everyone is a master of sex, not every foreplay is erotic. It is said that a website invited thousands of women to engage in a selection of the most rude foreplay, and the results selected a large number of women to make women angry and even angry foreplay.

1. Movements are aggressive

There is a kind of man, always have a kind of conquest of women. To the time of lovemaking, nature is also in a "state of war", the woman under the body as the enemy, just want to quickly conquer, so the action is rude and aggressive, too hard, as if only to the woman to the pain of screaming, in order to show his power, in order to reflect his position as the master. In fact, the conquest of women, relying not on the power, but the tender heart, and gentle caress. Doing so, how can a woman not be angry?

Linda and her boyfriend, dating almost half a year, her boyfriend always looks gentle and elegant. But I did not expect to get into bed with a war maniac like. Linda did not wait for Linda to react, he immediately and rudely stripped her naked to the bed and threw, to go straight to the subject. linda hurried to avoid, embarrassed, said: do not be so anxious, slowly, okay? The boyfriend understood what she meant and began to foreplay. Unexpectedly, his foreplay is also very terrible, a grabbed her breasts rubbing hard, once let Linda very disappointed and angry.

2、Movement is monotonous and uninteresting

What exactly is the perfect kind of foreplay? I'm afraid there is no standard answer. But one thing for sure is that you have to mobilize each other through fancy caresses. There is a certain type of person who is inherently unoriginal in this regard, and seems to be incapable of doing anything other than staring at a certain part of the body and using a certain action. With this kind of foreplay, not to mention mobilizing emotions, it is also possible to fall asleep early. If the other party did not fall asleep, it must be unbearably angry, in the heart cursed you 10,000 times, almost to hand to teach you. This kind of sex, very boring.

What happened to Ellie has probably happened to many people. That night, Ellie was full of anticipation and ready to enjoy a great sex. So she closed her eyes and enjoyed her boyfriend's service. But it didn't take long before she felt something was wrong, why did he keep focusing on my two breasts? Ellie opened her eyes and watched as he focused on sucking, and finally had to politely ask: Did you grow up on formula milk?

3、Silence just work

Foreplay, of course, has to be played up, the same as playing a game, or simply flirting with each other. If you only treat foreplay as a task, this foreplay might as well not be done. So whether it's a man or a woman, just burying your head in the sand during foreplay while lacking communication can make the other person feel very uncomfortable. Although sex is a matter of the body, both parties also need emotional verbal interaction even if it means talking dirty. Otherwise, the whole room is too quiet and unemotional.

Katherine says the biggest mistake of her life was finding a man who couldn't do things with two minds. So when it comes to sex, all he does is work, and there's no other verbal communication. According to her husband, talking is a distraction! Anyway, from the foreplay onwards, he stopped talking and just stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked and stroked. Once, Katherine couldn't stand it any longer and asked him to say something sweet, but after only three sentences, his hand movements stopped and his dick went soft.

4、Odor in the mouth

Oral odor seems to vary from person to person. Usually get along, close to speak feel bad smell, if lovemaking, in the ear breathing or kissing, that feeling can be imagined. Therefore, before making love, the necessary cleaning is necessary, shower, rinse mouth. If you're in a hurry, chewing gum is also a good option. Starting in a hurry like that, once the other person thinks you have bad breath, then the whole atmosphere is spoiled.

Christine's ex-boyfriend just had bad oral odor. Before going to bed with him, he was with great expectations. But as soon as they kissed, Christine smelled a bad odor and almost threw up on the spot. The whole process after that, she avoided kissing his lips, and she had to end it hastily because she couldn't let go physically and mentally.

5、It's not a delicate kiss.

Have not experienced the French wet kiss love, simply can not be called love, because you can not experience that thrilling, physical and mental burning love flavor. And in the process of foreplay, a delicate wet kiss, enough to stir up both sides of the high emotions, the next thing to the water to the end. But some people on this, really amateur. Either closed mouth shallow kiss, or hard with vigor, get it wrong and bite the lips, make a mess.

6、Using each other's sex organs as toys.

Foreplay is drama, it is flirting, but it is definitely not drama that disrespects the other person. All words and actions have only one purpose, to mobilize the emotions of both parties. Through foreplay to mobilize emotions, there are probably two kinds, a deep love, a frivolous wave. But, frivolous also is a prerequisite, that is a little playful. There is a kind of people, thought on the bed can casually each other's certain sensitive organs as a toy, the other party to embarrassment and discomfort, the results can be imagined. Sexual relations, no matter what degree of casual, mutual respect is the biggest prerequisite .

7、Too little foreplay time

Generally, women prefer long foreplay and men like to get right to the point. This creates a contradiction. Sex is something where reaching an orgasm means the end. Therefore the process is more interesting than the result. But some people lack of understanding, spend less than a minute for foreplay, go through a process and go straight to the point, it is also very depressing and angry. If you meet a man who doesn't last long enough, it's simply off-putting.

Melissa is actually not very interested in having sex. However, she likes to be with her boyfriend, curled up in his arms, enjoying flirting with each other. But her boyfriend is highly interested in sex. So when the two of them get together, the best result is a long foreplay, coupled with passionate sex that satisfies both parties. However, the boyfriend does not have the patience, always hastily end the foreplay, only care about their own excitement, always ignoring her feelings.

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