5 Positions That Make Anal Sex

Discover 5 Positions That Make Anal Sex Easier for Beginners

Man's greatest fear stems from the unknown, and some people's fear of anal sex may be just that. But if you've tried anal sex you'll realize that you may have missed out on some actually very hot and satisfying sensations before. If you haven't tried anal sex, it can sound a little intimidating at first, but in fact, some studies have found that both genders have a high level of satisfaction with anal orgasms.

Yet while many people may be able to talk off the top of their head about other sex positions, they know very little about anal sex positions. It turns out that it's not just doggy style that's good for anal sex, but if you're interested in anal sex, here are 5 anal sex positions for beginners to help you get started more easily.



Difficulty : ✬

Many people think of missionary as the most basic and boring position in sex. But the missionary position in anal sex is not what you think it is, on the contrary, it is a very efficient introductory position in this regard.

You will need to have a pillow on hand because the anus is positioned on the lower side and by placing a pillow on your lower back you can elevate your buttocks to a position about 5cm above the bed. This way you can get the best angle for supplying penetration. Also when your partner enters you, try resting both your legs on his shoulders so you can start enjoying yourself with less effort.



Difficulty : ✬✬

In this position if you are the one being penetrated then you will love this position. Many beginners are still skeptical about anal sex in the beginning. But this is a position in which you can take control and make the process go at your favorite pace. You can control the speed and depth of penetration which is very newbie friendly.

Here's a tip, put your male partner's back against the headboard so that you're face to face and your partner can lend a hand against the headboard and give you some support with his hands on your hips. The best part is that this face-to-face feeling will make you feel more exciting.

Doggy style

doggy style

Difficulty : ✬✬

It should come as no surprise that this position is on the list, it is the most common anal sex position, simple and practical. The penetrator is in control of this position, as he has to control the depth and speed of penetration, and communication is especially important in this position.

Take care to choose a softer mattress when using this position. The impact from the penetrator will cause some friction on your knees as you kneel on all fours.



Difficulty : ✬

This is a great position to stay relaxed and it also stimulates the clitoris and vagina. If you've tried side-by-side action with a spoon you'll find it easier for both partners to relax. If you are the one being wrapped you can make penetration smoother by curling up and lifting your upper legs up a little. Also this position leaves your hands free to move around freely and you are free to tease each other or add a small vibrator for extra stimulation.

The sidewinder

The sidewinder

Difficulty : ✬✬✬

This position is one of the slightly more difficult ones on this list for slow and deep penetration. You can start by lying on your side with your legs straight. Then the penetrating partner sits on one of your thighs on their knees and you can rest the leg above you on your partner's shoulder. Once everything is in place the penetrator can rock the penetration by powering through the legs. This position will take some time for you to master; it's very flexible. It also allows the penetrator to free up his hands to stimulate other sensitive areas of the penetrated partner. Don't rush.

Final words

As with any position, these positions we recommend may not be suitable for everyone. The most important thing is to consider your own reality and choose a position that suits you in conjunction with your sexual preferences. If you experience any discomfort during anal sex please stop and pay attention to how your body reacts. The most important aspect of anal sex is lubrication, so use plenty of lubricant and enjoy!

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