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The Best Sex Positions for a Dual Workout

If you have lost your passion for fitness, I will bring you some practical advice. You just need to go back to the bedroom and have intimate contact with your partner to lose the extra fat and annoying calories on your body, and the right way of sex can not only deepen the relationship between you and your partner, but also bring an amazing fitness method that is more appealing than a treadmill.

Sex is known to have many benefits, including stress relief, stabilization of hormone levels, improved sleep quality, etc. Another very important benefit is that sex is actually a great cardio workout. In this post, I'm going to bring you five of the most popular sex positions that will not only help you strengthen your connection with your significant other, but will also help you improve your fitness level.

1. Missionary: Reviving Passion While Strengthening Core and More

The missionary position is often thought of as a very boring and dull position, but this position is actually a very scientific orgasmic position, and performing it correctly will not only give you amazing orgasms, but it will also help to build your core muscles.

Not only does this position allow the penis owner to enjoy an intense gluteal movement, but it also works the upper body and core muscles. People lying on their backs can also work their lower back muscles, while keeping their legs elevated and hooked around their partner's shoulders, or bending their legs back in an "M" shape. Keep your core tight while doing this for a better training effect.

2. Reverse Cowgirl: Sculpting Quads, Glutes, and Core

In the reverse cowgirl position, the person on top straddles the other person and faces the other person's upper body, which can provide an excellent workout for the person on the bottom. Pumping from below not only activates the other person's glutes and core muscles, but also works his quads.

If you want to make it more challenging, you can choose to squat on top of the other person, this position will test your thigh muscles and core strength very much, because you may accidentally fall on top of the other person under his intense thrusting, so this can work your core strength and thigh muscles to a great extent.

3. Doggy Style: Elevating Pleasure and Fitness with Every Thrust

Doggy style is a favorite position for many men, as thrusting from behind allows them to not only admire a woman's beautiful hips and waist, but also to caress these areas and even lean down to fondle her breasts.

This position allows women to work out their core muscles as well as their thigh muscles well, while their partners can work out their core and thigh root muscles by controlling the frequency of thrusting. In the position of doggy style, women can also use some sex toys to enhance the experience for a more violent orgasm.

4. The Wheelbarrow: Elevating Upper Body and Core Strength

The wheelbarrow position is a physically demanding position, this position can not only exercise the strength of the upper body, but also bring very intimate skin contact, very worth trying.

In this position, the male is sitting on his knees, and the female is the hips on the male thighs, with the legs wrapped around the waist of the other side, this time the male needs to use his hands to control the female waist, which is not only the party partners can get the exercise of the core muscles, but also to the male to bring a wonderful visual enjoyment.

5. The Bridge: Sculpting Abs, Triceps, Calves, and Glutes

The bridge position is an excellent sexual exercise, both men and women consume a great deal of physical strength, the woman with arms and legs to support their own bodies out of the shape of the "bridge", and then by the kneeling between the legs of the other side of the man to penetrate each other. This position will greatly challenge your endurance, and at the same time can exercise to the abdominal muscles, triceps, calves and buttocks, if you can skillfully use this action, can play a very good fat-burning and exercise the effect of the core.

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