9 Alternative Ways to Have Sex That Don't Involve Penetration

The definition of sex has always been penis in vagina, and it seems that this is the only way to have sex. In fact, it is not right, even if it is penetrative sex there is also anal sex and oral sex, not to mention there are other ways of sex that do not involve penetration? Now that times have changed, sex isn't set in stone. Sex is personalized and people experience sex differently, but the pursuit of unique intimacy never stops. Various methods of sex have been invented by everyone in the process. In order to add some freshness to your sex, we are here to offer some new alternative ways of having sex that do not involve penetration.

What is non-penetrative sex?

Non-penetrative intercourse, also known as altercourse, is often defined for this type of intercourse as everything sexual other than penetrative intercourse, including kissing, touching, and the use of sex toys.

The benefit of this type of sex is that it provides a slow method of building intimacy with a partner rather than going straight to the point, giving the person a buffer. At the same time, non-penetrative sex greatly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections and is a good way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

9 Ways to Have Sex Without Penetration

Outercourse, often described as intimate activities without penetration, encompasses a broad spectrum of sensual interactions. These may include kissing, massaging, dry humping, and diverse forms of touching. However, its definition can vary among individuals, allowing for flexibility in interpretation.

For some, outercourse extends to activities such as mutual masturbation, manual stimulation, incorporating external sex toys, various forms of oral sex, solo exploration, and engaging in phone sex. The boundaries and possibilities of outercourse are fluid and subject to personal preferences.

Here are some enjoyable avenues to explore when experimenting with outercourse

1. Kissing

Kissing is the first lesson in intimacy for every couple. Kissing stirs up love and attachment just like any other form of intimacy, as well as causing your body to release oxytocin, which makes you feel good. And kissing is also a great way to explore new erogenous zones; you can kiss your partner all over their body and see which parts they respond to.

2. Erotic Massaging

Massage is also a kind of sensory stimulation behavior, coupled with some teasing behavior, is definitely a good way to get intimate with your partner. Before you start some embellishments to prepare will make the effect better, such as preparing massage with scented oils with dim lights or candles, and then some music, really mobilize their own five senses, slowly feel the partner's body, gently teasing her erogenous zones.

3. Manual masturbation

Instead of relying on toys or penetration, both partners can explore manual masturbation by pleasuring each other with gentle strokes and caresses. Introducing flavored or warming/cooling lubricants can add an extra layer of excitement to the experience, intensifying sensations and heightening pleasure for both.

4. Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation involves both partners pleasuring themselves simultaneously while in each other's presence. This intimate act allows you to demonstrate to your partner exactly how you enjoy being touched, leveraging your personal knowledge of your own body. Additionally, the element of voyeurism and exhibitionism can heighten arousal and lead to deeply satisfying climaxes for both individuals involved.

5. Dry humping

While commonly associated with adolescent exploration of sexuality, dry humping can provide significant satisfaction for adults as well. Interestingly, the choice of clothing can enhance the experience by increasing sexual tension. Consider opting for garments that offer a pleasing sensation against the skin or those that evoke intense desire when

6. Sex toys

Numerous sex toys cater to external stimulation, providing versatility for solo or partnered use. Take, for instance, the Inyarose Tulip, designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, or the magic wand, which serves as a full-body massager, offering gentle caresses without the need for penetration.

inyarose sex toy

7. Oral sex

Oral sex is more than just oral sex; it also includes cunnilingus, anal licking and all other sexual acts performed with the mouth. It does not involve the act of penetration and is a favorite method of intimacy for many people.

8. Solo masturbation

Engaging in solo masturbation is often regarded as a deeply pleasurable form of self-care. It provides an opportunity to intimately explore one's own body, gaining a deeper understanding of its sensations and preferences. By stimulating various erogenous zones, individuals can discover what brings them pleasure and what does not. This self-awareness can enhance sexual experiences, both alone and with a partner.

9. Phone sex

This is a complete game changer in terms of sex as it does not require direct contact between both the couples and you can enjoy sex even if you are in a long distance relationship. It can also be exciting and thrilling for both partners through voice calls, video calls or text messages. But it is important to note that this new way of having sex is only suitable between trusted partners.

What are the benefits of non-penetrative sex?

In addition to the reduced risk of sexually transmitted infections and contraception we mentioned earlier, there are numerous benefits to non-penetrative sex. First of all for vulva owners, there are many who simply cannot orgasm from penetrative intercourse. The main reason for this is that penetrative intercourse does not provide clitoral stimulation, and most women need to stimulate the causality in order to orgasm. There are also many other reasons why penetrative intercourse is painful. For example, vaginal dryness in older women can lead to difficulty with intercourse, and in people with endometriosis it can lead to painful penetration. For penis owners, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can also be barriers to penetrative sex. Regardless of gender this certainly prevents us from seeking intimacy. It would be better to explore other, better methods of intimacy, and it stands to reason that non-penetrative sex would be the best method.

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