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How can people who are interested in being celibate improve their sex lives?

A new trend is developing where more and more women are choosing to be intentionally celibate. Some of these women are surrounded by suitors, but they are choosing to remain single regardless. They no longer see this lifestyle as a choice that limits their sexuality. However, in the midst of a seemingly fulfilling single life, there are times when they crave sexual fulfillment. It's not pretentious, and it's a normal human need. Women's libido peaks in their mid to late 20s, so what can these intentionally single women do to improve their sex lives?

What is intentional celibacy?

This segment of the population is not passively single due to physical appearance or financial reasons, but has consciously chosen this lifestyle. On the contrary most of these people are independent both financially and mentally. They have their own ideas and don't have to force themselves to make a deep connection with another person. Traveling, hiking, painting, shopping, checking out exhibitions, they are not actually empty, they just no longer seek out meaningless casual interactions, but instead spend their time and energy doing things to improve themselves and self-explore their self-development.

In addition, modern women's concept of marriage tends to be diversified and tolerant, and many women prefer to wait for a marriage partner who is more suitable for them rather than hastily choosing a man in order to start a relationship, and definitely follow the guideline of "better to have no than to have no".

What are the benefits of intentional celibacy?

One of the reasons why young women choose to be intentionally celibate is that you have plenty of personal space and there is no one to get involved in your life or argue with you over the minutiae of life. Of course there are more benefits to celibacy than just that, of course.

  • You can save a lot of money on gifts and also don't have to worry about giving gifts for various holidays.
  • There is time to become better. You'll have more time completely at your disposal to do the things that interest you, to do the things that add value to you, and to work on becoming a better woman.
  • It helps to stabilize the mood. There are not so many messy things, do not have to try to guess each other's mind, will not be sad because of another person. Life is simple and happy.

The benefits of celibacy are many but the downsides can't be avoided, with sexual needs taking the brunt of it. Read on to find out how to solve this problem.

How do I address my libido?

This is a problem that every celibate woman encounters. Sexual desire builds up, you may not feel it in the pre-celibacy period, but when the desire builds up to a certain level, a movie scene, a line can be your trigger. Here are 4 ways to help you solve this problem.

Avoiding triggers

Any sexual urge has its triggers, avoid them if possible. Think about what gets you sexually aroused and that is what you need to avoid. For example, pornographic magazines pornography, sexual fantasies that arise when you are alone with the opposite sex. This requires very strong self-control, which is difficult for many people to do.

Keeping Yourself Busy

It is often said that people who have nothing to do are susceptible to negative influences, and in this case that is true. However I am not saying that sex is something bad. It's true that being busy diverts your attention to other things and avoids sexual urges. If you need to relax, consider activities that don't require much energy, such as reading a novel or watching a movie. The purpose of this is to fill your free time and prevent your mind from getting lost in sexual thoughts.

Consider buying sex toys

The first two methods are to stop the sexual urge. As the saying goes, blocking is better than dredging, and long-term sexual repression is very detrimental to physical and mental health. You can satisfy your desires on your own, rather than buying sex toys to masturbate. Sex toys are perfect for single women, and you can have great sex without relying on a man. inyarose specializes in female pleasure, and is committed to providing safe, efficient, and high-quality sex toys for women.

Dating App

If you are not satisfied with sex toys and masturbation, then dating apps are the way to go. Online dating is becoming more and more popular and widespread across the globe, with more and more single monogamous women using dating apps to fulfill their sexual needs. It is simply a one-night stand or casual sex where you do not need to establish a relationship with the other person and your connection is only physical and not mental. However there are certain risks associated with this method and risk avoidance becomes your homework to do. Click here to check out my previous blogs on how to avoid the risks.

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