Erotic Texting Games

Spice Up Your Messages: A Guide to Erotic Texting Games

A great product of technology, couples thousands of miles apart can meet each other through video calls, have sex through sex toys, and send hot photos and texts to their lovers while texting. According to statistics more than 70% of men and women have sent sexts (also known as sexting) through their cell phones. Whether it is done purposely or unintentionally, this statistic shows that sexting is bound to have its own meaning and fun. In sexting, a single word can tease the other person to the point of arousal, it's a fun and flirtatious way to stay in touch with your partner, and it recreates that feeling of being in love that you had at the beginning of your relationship. For those who haven't tried sex texting yet, we've created a sex texting game guide to help them be able to find their own fun in sex texting.

What should you do?

Sexting sounds simple, but it can put you and your lover in an awkward situation if you don't do it right.

Timing is important

Send a message ahead of time to ask if your loved one is free right now, if the answer is yes you are moving on to the next step, otherwise don't. Because who will continue the conversation with you if the other person is not available. And if the other person is sharing the screen with someone else, what do you think his situation will be? So choosing the right time is the first step.

Don't go straight to the point, set the stage

If you tell your lover straight up raw and say, hey honey, let's send each other sexts. It's hard to get them into the mood when they're not ready. Instead, you can send each other a sexy selfie of yourself with a simple "hey baby" message, which will get the point across without being too awkward, and if the other person agrees he or she will send you the same type of message in return. The point is to arouse the interest of the other party first, not to rush into the subject, slowly will be better.

Awakening the other person's desire

If you are the initiator of the game, then you are playing the role of the controller. Imagine yourself as a sexually charged partner and the other person as your horny lover to whom you are ready to give some stimulating text, photo or voice. Use these to paint a sexy fantasy picture to arouse it.

It's better to send it before the date

Sexting is an effective way to tease desire and build up as much anticipation and sexual tension as possible through it, so you should definitely think of it as your foreplay, and sending it before a date is even better. With this kind of seductive short message you can ensure that your partner wants to can't wait to see you and build up the mood for your date.

Erotic Texting Games

Be bold, not too conservative.

Don't be too conservative in the content of your short messages, it's okay to be foul-mouthed, start by making yourself a little uncomfortable. Post nude selfies boldly, but you'll have to prompt him to start NSFW and make sure that the other person is the only one who can see your private photos.

Enjoy swearing.

The essence of sexting is "dirty talk", choosing certain rude words in your message to vividly depict the fantasies that are unfolding between you and your partner. Depict your own attire, describe your feelings, and ask for provocative photos. Responding to your partner's advances with dirty language and directing them on how to demean themselves and share their feelings.

Respect and communication are prerequisites for getting started

If this is the first time you've sent such explicit text messages, you'll want to communicate to understand each other's boundaries before you begin. What is acceptable to the other person and what makes them uncomfortable. Don't send texts that offend each other, your goal is to flirt not hurt each other's feelings and learn to respect each other.

30 Pornographic Text Message Ideas

  1. Every second that followed I thought about what we were going to do tonight.
  2. You really made me find my first love.
  3. I've thought about how I'm going to touch every inch of you.
  4. What part of my body are you interested in? (Attached is a picture of you naked)
  5. I want to hear you moan. Can you satisfy me?
  6. I can't wait to see you and cuddle and kiss and make love to you.
  7. I'm now wet (erect) in the corner of my office admiring your nude photos.
  8. I've prepared a sexy lingerie for you today. Take it off with your own hands tonight!
  9. Get down, I'm going to thrust.
  10. I want to feel the weight of you on me.
  11. I love the way you smell.
  12. How about we try out our new sex toys tonight?
  13. I'm not wearing underwear or panties underneath.
  14. Are my tits sexy? (Attached is a selfie of your sexy cleavage)
  15. I want your big cock.
  16. I want to taste your pussy.
  17. You tie me up. I like the way it feels.
  18. Come here and put the cuffs on.
  19. Let's see if you've grown in bed.
  20. I'm your boss tonight.
  21. My panties are wet.
  22. I want to watch you slowly take off all your clothes.
  23. Serve me well tonight.
  24. Want to try something exciting, how about sex in a car?
  25. Remember the first time we made love?
  26. You can do whatever you want to me when you get home.
  27. I'm gonna make sure you can't get out of bed tomorrow.
  28. I want you to be my slave.
  29. I'm all naked now. Do you want to see?
  30. I'm looking forward to the moment when I slide into you tonight.

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