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Exploring the Top 5 Most Pleasurable Sex Positions for Couples

Every couple wants to utilize the time between the sheets to enhance their intimacy with each other. They spend a lot of time researching techniques and introducing toys just so they can enjoy that exciting and memorable time in bed with their partner. However, one thing they can easily overlook is the choice of sex positions, as different positions can bring different sensations, and experimenting with different positions can help you to explore and understand which position is more suitable for both of you. Today we're going to take a look at five of the favorite sex positions of couples around the world.

Missionary position

The name "missionary position" comes from the observation and documentation of specific practices of sexual behavior by Christian missionaries. In the course of their missionary work in Africa and elsewhere, missionaries observed that the natives used a particular position during sexual intercourse, where the man was on top and the woman was on the bottom, facing each other. This position was recorded in the missionaries' observations, hence the name "missionary position".

Some survey data shows that the missionary position is the position that people adopt most frequently during sex. Because of this, more and more people feel that it is also the least innovative and fun sex position. However, it is the simplest and most effective position, in which people can spend the least amount of energy to get the most pleasure, and thus it has become the preferred sex position for slightly older people.

It's good for that:

  • Allows for deeper penetration and enhanced sensation for both partners
  • save labor
  • Allowing eye contact promotes emotional intimacy
  • Face to face you can have sex and kiss at the same time

How to do it: the woman lies on her back and the man lies face down on top of her.

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Cowgirl position

The "cowgirl position" is also one of the more common sexual positions and is also known as the "woman on top position". The name comes from the image of western cowboy culture, specifically referring to the cowboy's sitting position while riding a horse. In this position, the woman is on top, like a cowboy on horseback, hence the name "cowgirl position".

This position is a favorite among women, who are in control and can adjust the depth, speed and force of penetration according to their needs. It is also popular with some men, who lie on the bed and enjoy their partner's services with great ease.

It has the added benefit of:

  • Women can control the depth and speed to customize their experience.
  • This is a visually stimulating position that allows both partners to enjoy it.
  • The position allows the man to easily stimulate the woman with his hands, thus helping her reach orgasm faster.

Specific practice: the man lying on his back on the bed, the woman's feet spread on both sides of the man's body, hand holding the penis to adjust the angle of the vaginal opening aligned with the vaginal slowly sitting across the man's body.

Spooning position

This pose gets its name from the similar positions people take while sleeping. In this pose, a man and a woman are curled up in the shape of a spoon, with the man at the back and the woman at the front, and their bodies fit together like two identical spoons stacked on top of each other.

Although this position is considered as a sensual act of intimacy for couples. But someone developed it as a sex position and both partners experienced it well, so it spontaneously became one of the most popular sex positions.

It's good for that:

  • Great for slow, sensual sex that creates a deep emotional connection.
  • Penetrates deeply and stimulates sensitive areas.
  • Perfect for hugging and cuddling each other tightly during sex.
  • It's a very romantic way to make love.
  • Men are not overstimulated and can last longer

Specific practices: both sides lying on their sides on the bed, the woman in front of the male in the back, the man holding the penis to find the entrance to the vagina, slowly slide into the can.

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Doggy style

I think this is the second most frequently used sex position after the missionary position, and it's very popular. This position is called the "doggy style" because it mimics a common dog mating position where the male dog stands behind the female dog to mate.

This position under the husband and wife can maximize the pleasure of sex, the only disadvantage is that the strength of the male waist has a certain requirement, it is more suitable for young people, older people may be physically weak.

It's other benefits are:

  • Deep penetration stimulates the G-spot and brings intense pleasure.
  • Great for exploring rougher play and sexual exploration.
  • This raw feeling can be exhilarating.

Specific practices:Women on all fours, kneeling and crawling on the bed to expose the buttocks and vaginal opening behind, men standing on the ground or kneeling on the bed so that the penis and the vaginal opening is at the same level, and then aligned with the vaginal opening of the slow insertion.

Standing position

This position probably knows how it's done by looking at its naming. This position can be a little difficult for first timers, but once you get the hang of it it's the equivalent of mastering the pathway to orgasm.

In this position both parties have to cooperate with each other, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. In the standing position, the woman's pelvic floor muscles are in a state of tightness, the vagina will be tighter, and the feeling of wrapping around the man will be more intense.

It's good for that:

  • Add excitement and variety to your intimate encounters.
  • Allows insertion at different angles and depths.
  • Free to use both hands for extra stimulation or play.

Specific practice: it is somewhat similar to the doggie style, the male stands behind the female, while the female can put her hands on the wall and pucker her ass up, and the male penetrates from behind.


Ultimately, the most satisfying sex life is based on open communication, trust and shared exploration. These top five sex positions are just a starting point; it's the process of two people exploring pleasure together that's important.

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