sensitive parts of a girl's body

What are the most sensitive parts of a girl's body?

Every time I see the body, I marvel at nature's amazing creative ability. It can sense cold and warmth; it can feel the touch and embrace of a lover; it can make beautiful works of art.

When it is well taken care of, you will feel comfortable and relaxed; when it is abused, there will be pain, wounds and diseases. Especially for those who are in a relationship, the physical interaction between two people can be very frequent, and the only way to make the other person feel more comfortable in the relationship is to know which part of their body craves to be touched.

So today let's talk about what are the most sensitive parts of a girl's body?

The head, suitable for expressing affection, pity and consolation

Often the roles people play in a relationship are not fixed; the roles played by the two can be interchanged and fluid so that a balance is achieved. When the roles of the two people in a relationship tend to be caregiver and cared for, or protector and protected, people prefer to express favor, compassion and comfort by touching each other on the head.

That's why stroking the head generally needs to be done after there's a very obvious role assignment between you (or at the right time) so that you can express yourself appropriately.

If you don't know each other that well, or your relationship hasn't developed to the point where you can rely on each other, don't take the liberty of touching each other's heads, because it will only make the other person feel abrupt and rude~

Neck, suitable for expressing strong emotions and desires

If you like to kiss, then you must know that when kissing, we will be from each other's lips all the way down, slowly feel down, and the closest to the lips is our neck.

Because the skin of the neck is thin, and the distribution of rich capillaries, so for external stimuli is very sensitive, when the lips gently kissed here, the other side will often have a slight electric current flowing through the body of pleasure.

At the same time, when kissing the neck, one party often has to bend over or lower the head, this kissing gesture will somehow poke some girls inside the beautiful fantasy of romance and love, it will make her want to go on and on, so that the relationship between you become closer.

However, as good as the neck is, one should remember that it is best to avoid the carotid sinus area when kissing the neck.

As a pressure receptor, the carotid sinus is associated with the regulation of blood pressure in the body and is located in the middle of the lateral neck where the carotid artery pulsations are most pronounced

If the kiss is too hard, then sustained external pressure may stimulate the sensitive carotid sinus, and there is a decrease in blood pressure, slow heartbeat, triggering headache, dizziness, general weakness or even shock, cardiac arrest and other serious consequences.

sensitive parts of a girl's body

Back, suitable for expressing support, companionship and encouragement

The back has many nerve endings and sensitive areas, including muscles, spine, nerves, and skin, so for some people, they may enjoy touching, massaging, or otherwise stimulating their back.

In addition to being comfortable, the back has to do with people's sense of security. In the movie Dune, Duffy Harvard warned Paul not to turn his back to the door while sitting, because doing so would be the equivalent of exposing his soft underbelly to the enemy.

While the storyline is fictional, the fact is that we are very insecure about this part of the area behind us because of the restricted view.

If you are willing to gently stroke your partner's back when she is nervous or anxious, or place your hand on the back of the head or back of the head when kissing or hugging, it will make the person feel safe and secure.

It's like saying, "It's okay, go ahead and say it and do it, I'm here and I'll stand with you."

Feet for flirting, tickling or relaxing

Many people are obsessed with their feet. This is because the feet are the area where pheromones are secreted, allowing us to be informed about the other person in the quickest and most efficient way. If the other person is someone we love, the familiar scent of that person can also bring a sense of security, helping to relax and relieve stress.

And because the feet and genitals are located in adjacent areas of the brain's somatosensory cortex, there may be a crosstalk of nerve signals between them when the feet are stimulated.

By gently touching each other's feet with fingernails, feathers, fluff, etc., you can trigger or touch and sex-related nerve signals, arouse each other's sexual desire, and make each other more aroused.

So when making love, you can enhance your desire and improve the quality of your sex life by soaking your feet together beforehand, doing a foot massage or putting on a pair of socks and so on.

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