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5 things to do before sex to have a better experience

To be honest, it's really easy to get sexually excited under the festive atmosphere and ambiguity, and many people choose to extend sexual invitations to their partners on Valentine's Day.

So here's the question, how to give each other a great and ultimate experience on such a romantic holiday? Today we will share with you the 4 things that need to be done before sex.

Create a comfortable environment

The comfortable environment and pleasant atmosphere allows one to enjoy a safe, relaxing, and even hearty sex life in peace.

Good cleaning and hygiene

No matter male or female, it is important to do a good job of genital hygiene before sex.

Men clean off the odor from their penis and women do a good job of preventing infection.

If you don't clean your intimate area, you may bring some germs into the body of both parties during the process of sex, resulting in diseases such as male or gynecological diseases.

have sex

Strengthen communication and foreplay

Couples should not be too hasty in their sex life, otherwise the desire for speed is not achieved.

Some scientists say that before sex do not worry about slowing down the pace, it is best to spend more time stroking each other, massage, kissing and exploring each other's bodies, sexual arousal is quite fast.

Therefore, foreplay will be extended 20 minutes or even half an hour, you can make sex to the water, so that the "love" to the real, sex will be more passionate.

Regulate tension

Many men and women in the first time, the emotions are particularly nervous, but emotions are too nervous men are prone to premature ejaculation, weakness, women are prone to fear, pain situation.

So before starting must be relaxed, men and women need to maintain a relaxed mood, abandon distractions, you can listen to music, chat, reminisce about the good things.have sex

Good contraceptive measures

If there is no need to get pregnant, it is important for both men and women to use contraception during sex.

In the event of an unwanted pregnancy, the impact on a woman can be very significant.

Choosing abortion is likely to cause irreversible damage to a woman's uterine health. Especially if there are multiple abortions, it is easy to cause serious uterine disease and infertility.

With proper knowledge of contraception, behaviors such as in vitro ejaculation, calculating the safety period, and timely douching after ejaculation cannot achieve the desired contraceptive effect.

Full condom use is one of the best options for contraception, providing better results and reducing the transmission of infectious diseases through sexual activity.

The 4 taboos after sex

1,Do not sleep immediately

Sex is very energy-consuming work, many people are too lazy to clean up afterwards, only to wipe with a tissue and then fall asleep, in fact, this is not a good habit.

In the process of having sex, there will be a lot of sweat on the surface of the human body, and the external genital tract of men and women may also remain part of the semen and vaginal secretions, if not cleaned, easily lead to the growth of germs.

So it's healthier to wash after sex.

2,Don't take a shower right away

After sex, the body's state of excitement will be maintained for a period of time, the contracted muscles need a lot of blood supply, at this time the bath and will make the whole body skin vasodilatation, may occur fainting and other adverse conditions.

The scientific approach is to take a short break, talk to your partner, wait until all the heat in your body has dissipated, and then take a warm shower or wash your lower body.

3,do not immediately drink ice water

Sex is hot, and if the room is too hot, people sweat a lot and desperately need to drink water to hydrate their bodies.

But the water here must be warm, if it is ice water or cold drinks, it can be harmful to the reproductive system of both men and women.

Because sexual excitement is always present during the entire sexual life, sympathetic excitement will reduce the blood supply of the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal mucosal congestion if not restored to normal drink cold drinks, it will damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, leading to gastrointestinal diseases.

4,No binge drinking and overeating

Making love is a physical activity, will consume a lot of energy, so some people want to replenish their energy through diet, but it should be noted that the diet should be light, but also do not think of a one-time replenishment, should not eat too much, not good for the stomach, the appropriate replenishment, mainly light, avoid spicy food .

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