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Can't reach orgasm with your partner? Try These Tips

Although many people have had great sexual experiences, they may not know how to orgasm with their partner. This is something that has been bothering me for many years. At one point I was made to feel that there was something wrong with my sexuality, but now I realize that what I was missing was some skills. When I figured this out, it was like I had acquired a new skill. I believe these skills are learnable and can be learned by all.

According to statistics, only 65% of heterosexual women are able to orgasm during sex with their partners, compared to a whopping 95% of men. The orgasm gap is very clear, yet according to the survey these women are able to reach orgasm through masturbation.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Orgasm with Your Partner

Reasons you can't experience orgasm with your partner

There are many reasons for this situation, and until you figure it out, all those so-called techniques and all kinds of fancy aids won't help you much. Everyone has a different ability to experience orgasm, so it's better to understand why you can't orgasm during partner sex first.

Lack of knowledge about your body

What kind of kissing, what kind of touching, what type of stimulation do you like, have you considered these similar questions? If you lack these basic understandings about your body, then even if your partner cares about your sexual experience he or she may not be able to find something to work on. Not to mention how to capitalize on your orgasmic rhythm to experience orgasmic pleasure with you.

Pressure from society and culture

In the twenty-first century, in many countries and regions, there are still prejudices and stigmas against women's pursuit of a good sexual experience. The pressures brought to bear on them by their culture and society force them to tend to repress their sexual pursuits and deny their right to pleasure. They must always beware of being labeled as sluts.

Lack of confidence in their image

The Body Image Projection Bias in Heterosexual Romantic Relationships Survey 2021 found that women with poorer body image perceived their partners as less attractive to them. This perception of low self-confidence can have a direct impact on your ability to engage in intimacy and sexual behavior with your partner.

Worrying about your body being unattractive, your skin not being smooth enough, or your looks not being impressive enough during sex leaves you no time to feel the sexual process when such thoughts occupy your mind.

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How to experience orgasm with your partner

After analyzing the reasons why you can't reach orgasm, it's time for us to talk about something interesting - how to experience orgasm with your partner.

Stop faking orgasms.

In sex men reach orgasm is the most significant feature of ejaculation, and for most women, many times there is no orgasmic pleasure, but in order to meet the coping men, some women have to fake orgasm, but this kind of work can fool anyone, but can not lie to themselves. Deep down, women also desire to reach orgasm.

Some studies claim that faking an orgasm improves a woman's ability to enjoy sex, which is pure bullshit in my opinion. If you fake an orgasm, your partner will think that the work he's doing on you is working, which means that in the future he'll continue to do this useless work and you'll never have the chance to experience a real orgasm again.

Tell your partner what you want.

Communication is the introductory course to sex. Tell your partner what you want and ask her to do it your way. All this sounds easy but to do it is a bit difficult for some. Since many women always feel short of words when it comes to sex and don't know how to express themselves, you can do instead of say.

Masturbate in front of him and show him how you pleasure yourself, which parts work for you and which erogenous zones you want to be touched. This practice is also a form of foreplay and can easily turn him on. Or be more direct and take his hand and guide him to touch the sexy area you want to be stimulated, instructing him on the techniques and movements.

If there are sexual positions that work particularly well for you, you can start by posing to invite him right in. For example, doggy style, you can get down on all fours and invite him to penetrate. In short, it's all about making sure he understands what you want.

maximize foreplay

If you compare an orgasm to a skyscraper, then foreplay is definitely its foundation. Without adequate foreplay, trying to reach an orgasm during sex almost refuses to be possible. If you're used to going straight to the point, then you really need to make a change.

Foreplay increases your sexual arousal and prepares your body for more direct sexual stimulation. Physiological changes in the body induced by foreplay, such as increased heart rate and increased circulation, make it easier for the body to respond positively and physiologically to sexual stimulation, making the sexual experience more pleasurable and satisfying. This helps create a positive sexual experience and increases the likelihood of orgasm.

Foreplay should be at least half, if not more than half, of your entire intimacy. Start with the basics of kissing and touching, and if you like oral sex. Try the 69 position and service each other. You can also add your favorite sex toys during foreplay, or we recommend the Rose Toy, which can be used not only on a woman's body but also on your partner's body, and be bold in exploring to develop new ways to play to increase the fun of foreplay.

So stop ignoring the role of foreplay, every second of foreplay is building up energy for your intense orgasm, it's really important to do enough foreplay.

Incorporating sexual fantasies into sex

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your favorite idol, have you ever fantasized about the perfect sex scene in a porno movie? These images that exist in your mind definitely get your blood pumping, so why not incorporate them into sex with your partner? Sexual fantasies are powerful orgasmic aphrodisiacs. Don't worry, I've thought of everything you've thought of, and there is no equal sign between sexual fantasies and infidelity. It's not harmful to your relationship. These images only exist in your mind, they don't really happen, you just use its power to help you reach the desired level of orgasm. So please don't feel guilty about it.

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