Lovers Living Together

10 Tips for Lovers Moving in Together

Deciding to live together can be a milestone event in your relationship. While cohabitation does not mean marriage, I hope that when you make this decision it is a well thought out one and not a spur of the moment decision. Many people say that you should never cohabitate, and that there are many problems that come with cohabitation: wearing down your relationship, losing the novelty, and fighting a lot. It is true that cohabitation will encounter a lot of problems. But love is supposed to be a process of constant bonding, and while enjoying the beauty of love, you also have to accept its bad side. When both parties to the heart to manage the relationship, "cohabitation" this all is not a problem. When you have made the decision to live together, we have compiled a list of 10 tips for cohabiting couples, which we hope will help you in your cohabitation life.

Give each other enough privacy

Even if you can stick together every day, give each other enough time and space. Boys like to play games, watch movies, and watch ball games, and girls like to watch TV shows and go out with their friends, so set aside a certain amount of time for each other every day. Don't stick too tightly or you will really feel suffocated after a long time.

Rent a house for you two

If you have to choose to live together, then go out and rent a house to live, do not live in each other's home. Otherwise, both financially and in life will be taken care of by their own or each other's families, losing the meaning of two people fighting for life together. If the conditions allow, two people together to rent a two-bedroom apartment, with others to share the rent is really inconvenient.

It takes two to make a home

When you live together, two people have to put their hearts and souls into maintaining the home. When you are cooking, do it together, one washing dishes, one cutting vegetables. When cleaning, no one is lazy, one sweeps the floor, one wipes the table, and make a habit of it. You should know that this home is for both of you, and the housework is also for both of you.

Stay the way you were when you first fell in love.

Even if each other are busy with their own things, keep the state of the initial love. When pouring water, by the way, pour him a cup as well, when cutting fruits, don't forget to wash some of her favorite strawberries, when you're tired, stand up and move around a bit, a sweet kiss, a warm embrace can make us continue to run in our love of life. At the end of a day of exhausting work, two people at home to eat a dinner, it is such a happy thing.

Plan well in life

Don't put both of your personal items and clothes together, it's really easier to rummage around when you have your own exclusive spot. One more thing, if one person is neat and clean and the other one is sloppy and casual, it's really a torturous thing over time, so it's better to save for a rainy day and make a good division at the beginning.


Mutual tolerance for each other

If there is a conflict, there must be someone who knows how to compromise and back down. Even if it is to say some irrelevant words, even if it is no words to find words, the other person should not be ungrateful, there are steps to hurry down. Relationships need two people together to maintain, less any party can not.

Going to the supermarket together

Shop for everything you need in your little family: spring, summer, fall, and winter dishes, nice bedding, favorite body wash, good-smelling laundry detergent, aromatherapy in your favorite scent, a stereo with good sound quality, all the things that make for little rituals in a humdrum life.

Always have condoms at home

Before you are not ready to get married or become a mom or dad, you must remember to wear a condom. Girls should know how to take care of themselves, and boys should take the responsibility to protect each other, don't wait until it really happens to regret, when it's really too late to regret.

Don't haggle over every cent

Although many girls say they are not willing to spend their boyfriend's money, they also say they can take the initiative to bear half of the rent, half of the utility bills, half of the living expenses. But if you are really calculating, she will definitely be uncomfortable in her heart. So, if you really love her, you take on a little more, don't count too much, so what fun is there together, might as well find an AA shared roommate.

Keeping things fresh after living together

When two people live together, they may spend all their time together except for work hours. Both sides will show their most real side in front of each other, some people get along for a long time will ignore their own image. This get along for a long time, the freshness of each other will also wear out, the relationship will become more and more boring, even dispensable. So, even if you live together, but also to create some small surprises for each other without thinking. For example: on the weekend you can take a trip around the neighborhood to relax and eat local food, or introduce some new things in the bedroom, such as our rose toys and so on. Sometimes a short parting is a good way to keep things fresh in love. If you've been spending a lot of time together, it's a good idea to have a short separation of three to five days, which will stir up thoughts of each other and allow the relationship to deepen.

Final thoughts

With over six billion people in this world, it's really quite hard to meet each other, get to know each other, and ultimately decide to live together. I hope that your cohabitation is the result of each other's careful consideration, and I hope that everyone can take responsibility for their own choices. More than that, I hope the people around you are worth it.


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