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How to politely ask your partner to perform oral sex on you

Oral sex during sex seems like a common enough thing to many people, but it's not for everyone. It may be nice and enjoyable process for the recipient of oral sex, however it may be a bit gross for the person providing the service. Even if she's not a big fan of offering oral sex, sometimes she'll bend over backwards for you. So how do you politely bring up the matter of oral sex, it's not a big deal to express your desire, but the point is how can you keep your partner from getting annoyed and not hurting her feelings.

The best way to ask her for oral sex

Sometimes bluntness is a virtue, but this may not apply to all occasions, at least not in the case of asking for oral sex, as your bluntness may make her feel offended. So what should you do? Below we provide you with some tips to teach you how to politely ask your date or girlfriend for oral sex.

Presented in a rambling conversation

A pre-sex conversation is very necessary, preferably while your clothes are still on you, and it is beneficial for your overall sex life. The whole conversation highlights a casual style where you can talk about your preferences for sex. For example, "Would you like to add a new item to your sex routine tonight? I think oral sex is pretty good, don't you?" or "I'd like to try oral sex in a movie, is that okay with you?". Start your conversation with simple phrases like these.

For couples in love, I recommend starting with the positive aspects of your relationship, including your sexual connection. Use emotionally charged words and "I" expressions to make sure your partner lets down her mental defenses. If she hesitates instead of clearly rejecting your offer, it's a sign that she has concerns. Strike while the iron is hot by asking her to understand her concerns and perspectives and guide her to explore other sexual behaviors, including oral sex.

Or you can combine your offer with a joke, e.g. I can't help but get turned on by the thought of you performing oral sex on me. In any case make sure you let the topic come up naturally, and also that you must be confident, confident men are very attractive to women.

Don't discount a woman's love of sex

We are under the impression as if men are the only ones who are sexually dominant, and that men are much more open and passionate about sex than women are. But you mustn't forget that women have sexual desires too, they just don't talk about expressing them as openly as men do, and women usually reserve this emotion for partners they feel completely open with. But it has to be said that more and more women are now also happy to discuss sex openly with their friends and partners.

The reason I emphasize this is to dispel the notion that women engage in sex only to please their partners or to procreate. Women not only love sex, but sometimes even more than men! Now that you've realized that many women love sex, consider letting her take the initiative. Some bold or confident women may express their desires directly!

Boosting her confidence is crucial

Not only men are the only ones who worry about whether their sexual skills will satisfy their partner, but women too. That's why it's important to boost her confidence and not criticize her experience and poor technique. What you need to do is to provide positive encouragement and gentle guidance. Some people may desire to provide an extraordinary experience, but a lack of effective communication, experience or guidance can make them feel pressured to perform like an adult porn star. Being under this pressure to provide a perfect blowjob that will make your partner orgasm is basically impossible. Remember, open communication plays a vital role in a healthy sexual relationship!

Give her feedback anytime

Like we said earlier, women need confidence and your feedback and encouragement is the best way to boost her confidence. Don't suppress yourself when she makes you feel comfortable with a certain move during oral sex, your moans will boost her confidence, don't be stingy with your compliments and guide her to do the right thing.

Don't just lie quietly while you are receiving her services, and don't do anything that has nothing to do with sex like playing with your cell phone. You can do some intimate and sexy interactions with her like stroking her hair or teasing her nipples, which will make it more exciting and enhance your sexual experience nicely.

As a reward

Oral sex is like a tango, it's better when it works both ways. If you perform oral sex on her, in turn she may return the favor. After you skillfully finger and tongue her clitoris and make her experience a mind-blowing orgasm, she likely won't be able to wait to return the favor. You can also try the 69 sex position, which allows both partners to satisfy each other at the same time. Adding sex toys that mimic the sensations of oral sex, such as the Rose Kiss Sucking Licker Vibrator, can further enhance the pleasure.

inya sex toy

Remember, women enjoy sex, and this is the perfect opportunity to make sure she experiences a mind-blowing orgasm. Create an environment where she feels sexually free and comfortable around you and let your intimacy flourish.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

Sex is inherently sticky and sweaty, so there's no need to make it gross. No one likes to lick sweaty parts, and if you don't take care of your personal hygiene it may turn her off your dick and hinder your next steps. So take a shower before getting intimate, it will make for a more enjoyable and engaging experience for both parties.

Give her a heads up

As the last item in oral sex etiquette, it is necessary for you to give her a reminder. Communication is very important as oral sex can get very intense and one may forget the time and place. Give her a warning before climaxing and releasing your cum. This is not necessary if she is interested in tasting your cum. Provided you agree on this beforehand.

Final words

There you have it! I trust that you've gained valuable insights on how to request a blowjob politely. By familiarizing yourself with the content of this guide, my aim is for you to approach the topic with respect and confidence when expressing your desires.

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