How to Get Your Guy to Go Down on You Like a Pro

Alright, ladies, let's talk about something that can take your pleasure game to the next level - getting your man to go down on you. If you've been craving some oral action but don't know how to get him on board, this article is your go-to guide. We'll dive into some tips to help you seductively persuade your man to give you mind-blowing oral pleasure. Get ready to take charge of your pleasure!

Set the Mood

First things first, create an atmosphere that screams "sexy time." Dim the lights, play some seductive music, and slip into something that drives him wild. Make him feel desired and let the tension build. When the ambiance is right, he won't be able to resist diving down.

Drop Subtle Hints

In the art of seduction, subtlety is key. Drop some hints about how much you love oral pleasure and how it drives you wild. Casually mention your fantasies or bring up a steamy scene from a movie you both enjoy. Plant the idea in his mind, and let his imagination run wild.


Guide Him Like a Pro

When the time comes and he's finally between your legs, guide him like a boss. Show him what feels good by gently pushing his head in the right direction or moaning with pleasure when he hits the spot. Encourage him to experiment with different techniques, speeds, and pressures. Remember, communication is the secret sauce to mind-blowing oral pleasure.

Keep it Fresh and Tasty

Nobody wants to go downtown if it's not a pleasant experience. Keep your garden well-tended and fresh. Shower regularly, groom yourself down there, and consider using a tasty flavored lube or edible body products to make it an irresistible treat for him. When you taste and smell delicious, he won't be able to resist diving in for a feast.


Praise Him Like a Champ

When your man is going down on you and rocking your world, don't hold back on the compliments. Let him know how incredible it feels and how much you appreciate his skills. Boost his ego and make him feel like a champion. Positive reinforcement will make him more eager to please you in the future.

Return the Favor

If you want your man to be enthusiastic about pleasuring you, show him how it's done. Take turns exploring each other's bodies and giving mind-blowing oral pleasure. By leading by example, you'll create a more equal and pleasurable sexual dynamic.

Getting your guy to go down on you like a pro is all about setting the mood, dropping hints, guiding him like a boss, keeping it fresh and tasty, showering him with praise, and returning the favor. Remember, confidence is sexy, so don't be afraid to take charge and show him exactly what you desire. By using these tips, you'll create an electrifying sexual connection that leaves both of you craving for more. So, go ahead, unleash your seductive powers, and let the oral pleasure games begin!

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