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The Lowdown on Anal Sex Techniques, Risks, and Staying Safe

Anal sex is seen as scary and dirty and risky by some people, but others enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. The contrasting statements are very confusing. Although it was once taboo, it is now widely accepted. Both opposing views are true, anal sex can be pleasurable but there are also risks, the important thing is how you avoid the risks and enjoy the pleasure. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about anal sex, including tips, risky hints, and safe practices.

What's the point of anal sex?

First of all anal is an organ that every physically fit person has. I think the biggest thing about anal sex is that it offers a new way of exploring the body and pleasure, it pushes the boundaries of gender, and it also provides queers with actionable avenues of intimacy.

Of course it's not limited to that. Anal sex can trigger orgasms just as well as vaginal intercourse, and some people even get more intense orgasms from anal sex than from vaginal intercourse. The anorectum is separated from the prostate in men and the vagina and clitoris in women by only one layer of perineal tissue, which can also stimulate erogenous zones when anal sex is performed.

Although anal sex is socially acceptable, there are still people who consider it taboo, making this sexual act all the more exciting. This excitement enhances the sexual experience between the partners thus creating a more intimate relationship.

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Understanding your anal structure

Fear stems from the unknown, and it is certainly intimidating to engage in this kind of sexual activity when you don't know your body. The structure of the anus is much simpler than you think. The first thing you need to know about the anus is that unlike the vagina, it is not self-lubricating, and without lubrication it is easy to tear the tissues, which not only causes pain but also increases the risk of infection.

The human anus is connected to the rectum, and the anal tissues are malleable but not as malleable as the vagina. During anal sex the penis or other assistive device goes directly into the rectum, which is very fragile and prone to tearing and bleeding. When you touch the anus, you will notice that it is more flexible. This is the sphincter muscle of the anus, which opens and closes to help you pass stool out of the body and to prevent foreign objects from entering the body. The sphincter functions as a conditioned reflex, so when you are nervous or your perianal area is irritated your anus will tighten up, making it difficult for anything to get in.

Some tips on anal sex

When you've made up your mind that you want to try your hand at anal sex, you'll need some tips to help you get started better. They are summarized in 3 words: relaxation, communication, and lubrication.


The most important preparation for anal sex, apart from the necessary hygienic cleaning, is to relax, not only physically but also emotionally, don't carry too much tension or you will most likely feel uncomfortable. Take some time to take a hot bath or have your partner massage you to relax your muscles. Alternatively you can acclimatize yourself to the sensation of a foreign object entering your anus by slowly trying to insert a little bit into your anus with two fingers.

Communicate beforehand to establish boundaries

If you're the recipient, be clear about your own limits and tell your partner your expectations and even your fears, and agree with your partner on the depth and frequency of penetration. It's a good idea to establish a few safewords so your partner knows what you're getting into. Pay attention to how your body reacts during penetration, and if discomfort and pain occur, immediately judge whether you are still able to continue.

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Don't skimp on the lube.

The key to really enjoying anal sex is lubrication. As we mentioned earlier that the rectum doesn't self-lubricate (again), using plenty of lubricant can go a long way to protecting your anus and rectum from friction, as well as greatly increasing your comfort level. Water-based lubricants are your best bet, they lubricate well and don't cause any harm and are compatible with a wide range of condoms and anal toys.

Taking the right position

Theoretically as the receiver you should be on top to control the depth and frequency of penetration, but if you are a beginner we suggest that it is best not to do this. This is because when you are on top, the force of your legs can tighten the pelvic floor muscles and cause the sphincter to tighten, which can cause discomfort. The best position is for the recipient to lie flat on the side of the bed and for your partner to stand between your legs and penetrate, so that your pelvic floor muscles are in a relaxed state.

Add an anal toy

The absolute best thing when it comes to anal toys is anal plugs. Worn during foreplay, you can experience a different sensation than the penis, in addition to getting used to anal sex well in advance. Choose a set and go from small to large, gradually adapting to different scales. Our Rose Anal Plugs are just right for you, in three sizes, large, medium and small, made of skin-friendly silicone for safety and beauty.

Risk Tips for Anal Sex

While enjoying the pleasure of anal sex don't forget about its risks. It has more risks as compared to vaginal intercourse and the following risk tips are to be kept in mind:

Anal sex is one of the sexual behaviors with the highest risk of contracting or transmitting HIV and other STDs because the rectum is fragile and more susceptible to cuts and tears. So please visit your healthcare provider regularly for screening with your partner and wear a condom. If oral sex is involved please make sure there is no mouth ulcer disease.

Anal sex is strictly forbidden if you suffer from hemorrhoids, and anal sex can make your condition worse, so please refrain from this activity and use other intimate avenues instead.

Anal sex carries the risk of causing anal fissures and intra-anal bleeding. To minimize this risk, it is recommended to be clear about where your limits are before engaging in anal sex, not to try to push the limits, and to use adequate lubricant and the giver to perform penetration slowly.

Anal sex may cause anal muscle spasms and injury.

Anal sex can lead to contact with feces or bacteria, increasing the risk of infection. While defecating and cleaning the area around the anus before engaging in anal sex can reduce this risk, it is still not possible to clean it thoroughly.


Anal sex can indeed be pleasurable, but it carries risks that should not be ignored. It is not a sexual activity suitable for everyone, it must be based on your own actual situation, and rash attempts are likely to bring harm to yourself. Please seek help from a professional doctor if needed.

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