dirty talk in bed

Explore the art of dirty talk in bed to enhance your sexual experience

When it comes to sex-enhancing, the easiest and most direct method is definitely "dirty talk in bed", a few words can stir up the heart and a sentence can be sexy as hell. But for many people, it's really difficult to break down the inner walls and speak these dirty words. If you are a shy girl who is a bit conservative, you can try to start with this step by step, step by step, to find a way that suits you.

1. Embrace awkwardness naturally

In fact, bed swearing is not a natural thing, because in our education, swearing is considered rude and under the quality of the performance, in ordinary life, many words simply can not speak. In addition, shame also restricts us from swearing, so it's normal for you to feel embarrassed. Just look at it in a normal way, and even if you feel embarrassed, it's okay to pretend that nothing happened, and your partner probably won't notice. On the other hand, if you have to worry about looking or sounding awkward from start to finish, you'll look unnatural, and the bedtime dirty talk will be a complete failure, embarrassing not only yourself, but your partner as well.

2. Never learn from movies or pornography

Dirty talk in bed is titillating because it gives your partner a more realistic and revealing sense of your desires. Flirting in movies or pornography usually comes with exaggerated dramatic effects, and heavy and big lines can make you look awkward and unnatural, and hard to start with for beginners. Start with the premise of exploring your lover's body, and begin with simple questions: Do you like it? Do you want to? How do you like it? Or simple commands: I want to penetrate you from behind, lie down, come over, etc.

3. Not watching pornography, but reading erotic literature with a partner

Want to practice bed dirty talk there is another way, is to read erotic literature books, literature in the flirting language will not be as flashy as in pornography over the top, usually relatively obscure, and to express lust in words, will be more imaginative than pornography. And read with your partner at the same time, you will also know more clearly what kind of flirting he has a reaction; or to which kind of statements do not feel, you can feel together full of blood-curdling romance.

dirty talk in bed

4. Use of more explicit terms than usual

If you used to call your partner honey, darling, or baby during sex, try changing it to something more explicit like bitch, slut, or asshole. Or put modifiers in front of your partner's sex organs, such as "slutty pussy" or "big cock". These usually difficult to speak dirty words in bed can become a dose of stimulants to quickly ignite your fire. And these unique terms of endearment can increase intimacy between couples and help dirty talk beginners slowly increase the scale of sluttiness.

5. Let yourself go. Try all types of swearing.

Everyone may have their own favored way of flirting, but sometimes a different approach is more exciting instead, and different ways of saying things can elicit different feelings of excitement. To give a few examples, it's like:

Romantic: You're the only man for me, you're all I want.

Teasing: I know what you're going to do to me later, do you want to take my clothes off?

Inquisitive: What are your favorite positions? Can I help you? Is it comfortable?

Command: Touch me here, don't stop, I want you to continue.

Each of these statements has a different feel, and you can also improvise on your own depending on your level of acceptance, but be mindful of your partner's reaction; respect comes first.

6. Incorporating profanity into role-playing

Role-playing is a great way to practice swearing, and getting some of the crass swearing out in the form of lines may be better for those who are shy. You can step out of the confines of your everyday identity and bring yourself into the role to practice swearing from another person's perspective. Also role-playing is a great way to explore your sexual fantasies by choosing your favorite scripts, such as: doctor and nurse, boss and secretary, and so on. Set your lines ahead of time and both of you will memorize your lines to be more comfortable in your interpretation.

The Secret of Dirty Talking Pleasure

In fact, the discourse itself is originally neutral, it is only the cultural and ethical norms that have artificially made distinctions and definitions, which are used to indoctrinate the general public: to follow the rules is good, and vice versa is bad. In a public place, violating moral norms is to be condemned and even punished. However, in the private space of the bedroom, people naturally want to violate this taboo in order to get the pleasure of "breaking the rules".

People have a weird tendency to break the rules. Simply put, it means that people like to do things that other people have forbidden them to do. The more you forbid it, the more I want to do it. The less you show me something, the more I want to see something. In violating the rules, we get a kind of transcendental pleasure. Humanly speaking, this tendency to violate is a manifestation of human beings' dislike of being tied down and yearning for freedom. And the pleasure gained from swearing is precisely the expression of the pleasure of violating moral norms in pursuit of freedom of speech.

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