body sensitive points

Men and women body sensitive points, the more comfortable to touch

Sensitive parts, not the sensitive muscle that requires careful care, but a touch can bring the electric stimulation of "sensitive".

Some people are therefore uncomfortable, be careful at any time someone touched their waist; but some people enjoy it, think "exciting and happy" feeling very comfortable.

Among these sensitive areas, there can also be a further division of the sexual sensitivity zone, which is spread throughout the body can bring stimulation of the little devil, can make the partner between the contact to get more impulses.

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There is more than one sensitive part!

In addition to the genital area, there are also lips, tongue, belly, inner thighs, feet and other places will also make people happy or excited, these places can be collectively referred to as "sensitive points". These sensitive points bring a sense of comfort different from the intimate parts, there are a few special feelings.

Each person's sensitive areas are likely to be different, but most are located in places rich in nerve endings, and some are closer to the reproductive organs, these places will have a slight stimulation of pleasure straight to the brain.


If the back is itchy, after scratching the brain will release dopamine, so we will feel the pleasure. In addition, the daily work life of the back is constantly tight resulting in muscle stiffness, scratching can relieve muscle tension to bring comfort. Finally, this is related to the emotional value. Back scratching can make the person being scratched feel safe and comfortable, and the oxytocin produced by physical contact may increase desire. Adding to the fact that one's back is touched less often and it is difficult to touch oneself, so being tickled will be extra comfortable.


The ear has a wealth of nerves directly connected to the brain, and it is particularly sensitive because its own skin is thin and is touched less frequently in daily life. Studies point out that the earlobe and the skin at the edge of the ear are most likely to produce a sense of pleasure.


The lumbar region is destined to be a very difficult area to be discovered by outsiders and can be a source of interest between lovers. It is said that the waist allows better blood flow to the pelvic area and therefore stronger muscle spasms when the point of arousal is reached during sex. Although there is no clear evidence that this statement is correct, it is true that there are people who have sensitive areas around the waist and lower back.

How to explore the sensitive parts of the human body?

In the TV series friends Monica Cope as shown in the diagram of women's sensitive areas, men can also refer to apply.


-Plus the feet, waist and back -

Sensitive areas often vary from person to person, and to find them you have to keep exploring.

The first step is to ask more questions.

Ask your body what it thinks, whether it's self-masturbation or a period of two-way exercise. When touching a possible sensitive spot, ask yourself or the other person if they feel comfortable and if you want to increase the intensity or change the contact method.

The second step, more contact.

After finding the possible sensitive points, you can try to get close to blow, observe whether the body appears to blush and heartbeat response, after which you can try to use the fingertips sometimes gentle and sometimes strong strokes, you can also use the lips and tongue to lick, rub, fingertip drawing circles.

The third step is to incorporate foreplay steps.

Don't forget where your own and each other's sensitive spots are when doing foreplay, intensify your caresses on these areas and keep exploring different pleasure points or deeper pleasures during foreplay. Don't be shy, it's something to be happy about.

Many people have a misconception that women have more sensitive parts of the body and that men are sensitive only to their sexual organs.

In fact, the sensitive parts of men and women are also roughly the same, and not so exaggerated differences, occasionally stimulate each other may also open the door to a new world.

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