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A guide to choosing the perfect sex toy for couple

Feel like sex with your partner lacks passion? Try adding sex toys to the mix. Adding sex toys to sex can be very exciting, and because of their special features, sex toys can help couples ignite a spark of intimacy. Almost any adult product can provide extra stimulation for sex, and you may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of choices, so below I'll walk you through how to choose the perfect sex toy that works best for you.

1. Open Communication

If you want to include sex toys in your sex with your partner, it is important to get each other's opinion. First of all you need to have a sincere communication with your partner and let her know that you want practical sex toys. Although sex toys can help you get pleasure and passionate, not everyone is immediately comfortable with the idea. You need to discuss why you are buying the sex toy and what you expect from it, what features you want it to have, and make sure that both of you are enthusiastic and looking forward to the sex toy so that you can really introduce it into your sex life in a healthy and positive way.

2. Express Your Desires

If you are sure that both parties agree on practical sex toys, you have to make each other understand your intentions and desires. Some people like to add clitoral stimulation to sex, so vibrators and clitoral sucking toys will be more suitable for her, while others like the feeling of having their vagina and anus filled at the same time, and that's when you'll need to buy a dildo to add to the sex. Having clear goals will make the process of buying your sex toys much easier.

3. Collaborate in the Selection Process

When choosing sex toys for couples, you and your partner need to work together and be involved in the selection process to ensure that both your and your partner's preferences are fully met. When selecting sex toys you can read reviews from other buyers or search for specific online sex toy review videos to give you a general idea of how these sex toys operate and how they are actually used. Selecting sex toys together in this way can both inspire curiosity and desire to explore sex toys, as well as stimulate sexual desire.

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5. Choose Body-Safe Materials

When choosing a sex toy, it is important to choose a safe material. Medical grade silicone or non-porous materials are safer choices, and these materials tend to be easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria. If you want to experience the pleasure of a sex toy in the water, then you need to choose a sex toy that is waterproof and designed so that it can not only be used in the water, but is also easy to clean.

6. Start with Simplicity

If you and your partner are choosing a sex toy for the first time, I recommend that you choose a style that is as simple as possible; those entry-level sex toys generally have simpler features that make it easier for you to understand how the sex toy operates. Starting with a simple toy will reduce your fear of using a sex toy for the first time and is more novice friendly.

7. Experiment and Communicate

When you start to use couples sex toys, carry out and each other boldly try, open communication. Express your feelings to each other in time and use sex toys as a bridge for you to explore each other's body. This will be more conducive to communication and intimacy between you.

8. Evaluate and Adjust

After using sex toys as a couple, spend some time together reviewing how your experience felt. Discussing what feelings were brought on by the addition of the sex toy and what could be improved next time, this conversation will foster a deeper connection between you and your partner and help you have a better sexual experience.

9. Just for Fun

Remember, using sex toys is about increasing the pleasure and intimacy of sex, as well as helping you explore each other's bodies. So please approach each experience with a playful mindset, be brave enough to experiment in various ways, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and give timely feedback if you feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, introducing sex toys into your sex life will bring many benefits to a couple's sexual experience, so let sex toys help you build a stronger relationship and have an even better sexual experience together.

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