The best rose toy from inyarose in 2024

Is it almost 2024 already and does anyone still feel ashamed of sex toys? Masturbation is an important part of sexual health, and it's no exaggeration to say that masturbation is great for your physical and mental health. When you masturbate and feel good, your body releases endorphins at work. And masturbation helps you sleep better and reduces your mental stress. Yet sex toys are the perfect tool to bring you all of this. Now do you still feel ashamed of the sex toys sitting on your nightstand?

As always, Inyarose cares about the sexual well-being of every woman. For the upcoming year 2024 we have prepared your New Year's gift in advance with the best rose toys handpicked for the sexual areas of your body. The following toys have been personally tested by our colleagues and made to feel good to be on this list. So trust that our testers' first-hand experience won't let you down. Now welcome to inyarose's haven of desire.

Best for clitoris: Inya rose suction toy

The clitoris, with its thousands of nerve endings, is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body, and stimulation of the clitoris is the best way to achieve pleasure and orgasm. Our Inya rose is designed to stimulate the clitoris.

Reason for selection: feature-rich with multiple strength levels, silent technology and a disorienting look that keeps it discreet at all times.

Functions and features.

  • 10 intensity levels and sucking modes
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • For clitoral sucking
  • 90 minutes of continuous battery life
  • silent
  • Specification 58*58*62mm

This toy has been a success first and foremost in terms of its design. It offers a new option for women who are afraid of traditional dildos and bulky vibrators. The small and cute rose is bursting with energy, bringing intense stimulation to your clitoris. Our tester claimed that she surrendered in less than 5 minutes under the onslaught of the rose. That's right, she orgasmed!!! It's also worth mentioning that her price is now only $39.99, definitely a great bargain that everyone can afford.

Best for G-spot and vulva: Dual Tongue Rose Pleasure Toy

If you like the sensation of cunnilingus, then this toy is perfect for you. It works on both the vulva and the G-spot because it is a double-ended design. It allows for both penetration and guaranteed cunnilingus, providing double stimulation.

Reason for selection: multi-functional design allows you to experience double orgasms, spend one money to enjoy two pleasure.

Functional Features:

  • Made of high quality silicone + ABS plastic
  • USB Magnetic Charging
  • 10-frequency vibrating thrusting and 10-frequency tongue licking
  • Acts on the vulva, G-spot or nipples.
  • 40 dB silent operation
  • Easy to clean

A good vibrator is inextricably linked to a quality motor. The longevity and stability of this toy's motor is definitely in the upper echelon of its class. We guarantee that it won't suddenly stop working on your way to use it, and it won't spoil your fun unless you haven't charged it. Also it has some textured design on the insertion end to enhance the friction of insertion to improve your pleasure. You also don't have to worry about it stopping working due to your wet vagina because it is completely waterproof.

Best for Anal: Rose Anal Plug

Introducing our exquisite Rose Anal Plug Set, featuring a unique rose design on the base of each butt plug, adding an element of elegance to your anal explorations. This three-piece set has been crafted with care and attention to detail, making it a collection not to be missed, whether you're an anal lover or an anal novice.

Reason for selection: exquisite workmanship, large, medium and small sizes can meet everyone's needs.

Large: length 94mm, diameter 40mm

Medium: Length 83mm, Diameter 35mm

Small: length 70mm, diameter 30,mm

Functional Features:

  • Completely made of high quality silicone
  • Acting on the anus (point P)
  • Smooth surface for easy access
  • Elegant and delicate rose base
  • Available in red and black

Its external lines resemble an olive, the front section is pointed and the center is wide, and there is a steel ball on the inside to increase the counterweight to promote the surrounding muscle contraction to enhance the stimulation. The base looks like a delicate rose carved out of the hollow. When you insert it, it's like a rose blooming in your anus. Just think of the excitement.

Best Overall: Rose Vibrator for Women

Our tester said she rated this toy as it is all-in-one, yes you heard that right, it is the best all-around toy. Offering vibrations, flicking tongue teasing and more it can also be inserted to stimulate the G-spot and it even has a receptacle that can be used as a wand.

Reason for inclusion: as powerful as our testers say it is

Functional Features:

  • Carefully crafted medical grade silicone
  • Provides licking function
  • 9 different intensities and different frequencies of vibration
  • 110 minutes of continuous battery life
  • Maximum noise level below 50 dB
  • Works on vagina, clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, nipples

This toy combines the benefits of a bullet vibrator and a clitoral stimulation toy in one versatile and specialized vibrator for a variety of erogenous zones. Although it is marketed for G-spot stimulation, it works equally well as a clitoral stimulation toy. The device controls 9 separate levels of intensity and vibration patterns, delivering a range of pleasurable sensations that go above and beyond what other toys can do.

Wrap up

InyaRose is a brand that blends aesthetic allure with sensual indulgence, emerging at the intersection of beauty and pleasure. We hope that our handpicked selection of these exquisite toys will provide you with a journey of elegance and fulfillment. With captivating designs and innovative features, we will redefine the essence of pleasure.