more sexually intimate with my partner

How can I become more sexually intimate with my partner?

What is sexual intimacy?

Sexual intimacy usually means having sex with someone we feel connected to. Some partners have sex but no emotional intimacy, while others have emotional intimacy but no sex, then what we usually mean by sexual intimacy involves feeling both. There are a number of strategies that can be used to increase sexual intimacy. First, promote a deeper emotional and physical connection by scheduling sex in a way that ensures both us and our partners have the opportunity to participate. Second, being more direct about our needs and desires can help both partners understand each other better and create a more satisfying sexual experience. It is also important to take time for self-pleasure, as understanding our own bodies and needs can help us better guide our partners and explore deeper levels of sexual intimacy together.

Why must sexual intimacy be pursued?

Of course, it's still the same idea that if sexual intimacy doesn't affect us in any way, and doesn't have any bad potential impact on our lives, then we may not have to elevate and change or adjust, but of course, we still want everyone to be more sexually happy.

Building an intimate sexual relationship can bring couples closer emotionally as well as have the following benefits that you can use as a reference:

  • Improved mental health: sexually active couples show less anxiety and depression than inactive couples.
  • More Emotional Intimacy: Improved sexual intimacy can bring couples closer together, but of course emotional intimacy doesn't always translate into sexual intimacy oh.
  • Higher Levels of Relationship Satisfaction: Unsatisfying sex usually increases tension between couples, but an intimate sexual relationship leads to higher levels of overall relationship satisfaction.
  • Better Sleep: Have you ever slept better after a sweaty sex session? The increase in oxytocin produced by orgasm can help us sleep more peacefully, and I'm sure every adult who's ever had the experience knows that.

How to be more sexually intimate

Many partners get nervous when they feel they have lost their sexual spark and intimacy, but this is actually a relatively common feeling, especially as a relationship grows longer. However, there are actually many ways that we can help rekindle that spark if we are willing to explore, and here are some simple ways to do so:

Entering a state of self-pleasure

Getting into a state of self-pleasure isn't limited to foreplay and intercourse. Spending time alone and learning what we enjoy can also help us build companionship. A sex therapist once said, "Being satisfied with your pleasure is not just about masturbation, it's about learning about your pleasure by exploring things, such as audio pornography or reading pornography." Of course if we don't know what we're looking for, confused, with a fog clouding our eyes, then it's recommended to start with curiosity and erotic books. I don't know if you've read the Kama Sutra, but they may also provide us with inspiration about enhancing our sexual intimacy with our partner. Masturbation can certainly help us to briefly feel energized and contribute to our psychological satisfaction, but the truth is that self-pleasure sometimes doesn't even have to involve touching our own genitals or having an orgasm. It can involve simply touching our own bodies and making ourselves feel good.

Arranging sex

We often add other fun things to our calendars, such as dates with our partners, birthdays of our parents or children, etc., or classes we want to take at the gym , so why not put sex there as well? Many people feel that sex always has to be spontaneous, but sometimes we can try to schedule it. Sex has the potential to feel routine, especially in a long-term relationship. It's often said that way, but sometimes it's not. In fact, putting sex on our calendars can even make it more of a priority for us, which I think contributes to the harmony of sexual intimacy.

Experience things together

Since emotional intimacy is also part of sexual intimacy, it is important to cultivate sexual intimacy through activities outside the bedroom. A sense of acquisition will give us experiences that are emotionally intimate, for example, if we both enjoy traveling or going to the theater, then if a husband and wife partner do something like that together, it will be enough to tickle our fancy. Especially if we have been in a relationship for a long time, doing something outside of our daily activities can be refreshing. Also, things like seeing our partner master a new skill or wearing different clothes can be sexy.

Outdoor Program

Like in the car? The beach? The mountains? Lots of ways, but of course with so many cameras nowadays, we may have to think carefully. But the outdoor approach could be a great way to bring us back to more sexual intimacy. Also, it could be a way for us and our partners to feel sexually aroused without engaging in actual sex. The definition of outdoor sex is broad, so use our imaginations. It could also be an opportunity to try something we might want to try going as part of a sexually intimate interaction.

Write it down.

There are quite a few people out there who have the idea of liking to talk dirty through texting and such, and we think that this can be a great way to enhance sexual intimacy with each other. Because it's usually hard to express what we want out loud, and it's a little easier to do it in writing, let alone this kind of thing about sex that a lot of people are too shy to talk about. In fact, the truth is that more than 50% of adults send sexts, and many see it as a fun way to bond with their partner.


If it is said that in a relationship feel that they have lost sexual intimacy connection with their partner, or are on the way to lose, I believe that everyone not only women have a sixth sense, men also have, this time to timely self-adjustment and communication, if communication can not be, timely to seek the help of a professional sex counselor.

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