Sex Trends 2024

Sex Trends 2024: what people are into this year

There are signs that attitudes towards sex are changing. People are becoming more courageous and creative in their pursuit of sexual well-being, and the shackles of the stigmatizing attitudes of the past are being broken. The shift towards normalization of sexual behaviors, desires and attitudes is heartening, and the gradual consideration and recognition of sexual health as part of our overall health and well-being is, I believe, an important step on the road to self-awareness, self-discovery and sexual liberation for humankind. This shifting trend is reflected in a number of current sexual behaviors. Learn from Sex Trends 2024 how people are moving away from sexual shame and toward a healthy understanding of sex and sexuality.

Seeking clitoral bliss

We can see this as a sexual awakening for women. The suppression of women by patriarchal society over the years has also included the suppression of women's sexual pursuits. Women's right to pursue sexual pleasure has basically been denied, and it basically depends on men for women to enjoy sexual pleasure. However, with the progress of society and the development of science, in the 21st century, the taboo name of female pleasure and clitoris has been removed. More and more devices have been invented and manufactured to help women masturbate and pleasure themselves. Even though only 18% of women can orgasm from penetrative sex, more than 50% of women masturbate with these devices to get an orgasm through themselves.

Masturbate in front of each other using sex toys

So far everyone seems to be unsatisfied with the regular pattern of sex. The step-by-step pattern from foreplay to penetration is an all too familiar process for everyone. Nowadays a new way of intimacy is gaining popularity and that is masturbating each other in front of your partner with sex toys.

Both of you prepare one of your favorite sex toys each and try to stand or sit facing each other on the bed, enjoying your toys while watching each other's performances and expressions. This approach will give you a great impact on a visual, physical and psychological level, enhancing the whole sexual experience. If you're interested you can also trade off using each other's toys to talk about how you feel, using words that are erotic and daring. You'll find that this non-contact mode of sex has its own sexy side.

inya sex toy

Mindful masturbation

As you and I know very well, masturbation is not some unseen secret. Positive thought masturbation has become everyone's new way of masturbating, and it's becoming a trend in 2024. So what is positive thought masturbation? Positive Masturbation is the practice of allowing yourself to have a meaningful connection with your body and the pleasures it brings by giving yourself full attention and devotion to pleasuring yourself. In fact, there is more spiritual than physical value in mindful masturbation. Adjust your emotions and breathing to stay in the present moment like a meditation practice. As you explore shift your attention to the sensation of touching your body and focus on the pleasurable sensations throughout your body.

Open relationships

Influenced by the new media, the younger generation is no longer satisfied with traditional relationships and open relationships are favored by them, thus non-monogamous relationships have become popular. While the infamous sexual act of threesomes also falls under this type of relationship, the open relationship we are talking about is a type of contract that is agreed upon by both parties after thorough communication. That is, both partners acquiesce to the other's affair, but the two remain in a long-term relationship as lovers or husband and wife. For many people in this kind of long-term relationship, this kind of open relationship brings a lot of new exciting elements to their otherwise boring sex life.

Sometimes, with the consent of all three parties, they will add a regular partner to their relationship, which may be two men and one woman, two women and one man, or three men and three women. It's also great sex between consenting adults!

Sex settles fights

Sometimes, an argument is instead like foreplay in sex, causing both partners to experience complex and intense emotional arousal, such as feeling angry, fearful, sad, etc. This emotional arousal can turn into sexual arousal, which can evoke sexual urges. And that's when sex can become an outlet for the repressed aggression of a fight. And it also becomes an excellent way to settle an argument, and this kind of sex is often referred to as ANGRY SEX. this way of settling disputes is very popular amongst couples.

In fact, this sex is just an opportunity for constructive communication between couples to calm down and relax, to express their feelings and thoughts rationally and openly, and to finally explain the conflict clearly. In fact, sex cannot replace communication and resolution of an argument. If you only make out and don't communicate, a lot of problems and emotions are actually put aside or ignored for the time being, which only results in more disappointment and dissatisfaction.

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