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Do people have sex because of love, or love because of sex

I believe that many people will be curious about the topic of "sex for love or sex for love". In some stories we have read, there are people who are crazy about spiritual love, and even if they do not meet, they can still make a vow.

And some people are completely in love with a person after having sex, no matter which case, people's psychology will more or less have this question: people will want to have sex because they love each other, or because they want to love because they have sex?

There is a saying that "Love is made better by sex, and sex is made sacred by love." This quote is a good illustration of the relationship between love and sex.

1、Sex without love is the body

In love, sex without love is equivalent to masturbation, when the person across from you can't stir up a single emotion in you, you don't have any emotional ripples for him, such sex is undoubtedly only physical.

Even to change an extreme assumption, for anyone else, sex without love can be implemented, because such sex, its pleasure ultimately belongs only to the body, and not to the spirit, the mind.

Whether it's this person, that person, or yourself having this sex, what you get is a brief, almost superficial pleasure from your body that can hardly last forever.

Human beings have their own language system, we can communicate through words, the body is also a way of communication, we have a natural body language and a silent understanding that we have developed with our lovers over the long years.

Physical interaction and depth are essential to a relationship, whether or not it triggers deep pleasure and delight.

have sex

In love, there is a need for physical interaction and communication between the two parties, and although they will have sex, it does not mean that a sexual relationship exists. Because sex without love is just physical.

A friend once told me that she and her partner were very harmonious sexually, but that was all, and she was not able to generate more and deeper content, and she did not know if she wanted to continue the relationship.

In my opinion, good sex is actually the same as good love, and just as rare.

A pleasurable sex is not something you can achieve by having a sex book, each person is unique and a good love is not something you can achieve with a few sweet words and a few gifts.

When you can feel the physical pleasure, enjoy it first, don't think too much about the spiritual stuff, and when you realize one day that you really don't want this kind of sex without love relationship anymore, then go after what you really want.

There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, accept yourself in every state, nothing will be full.

2、Love without sex is spiritual

The body is a reality, and a couple in a relationship is bound to have physical interaction, but if there is no sexual interaction, such love is undoubtedly spiritual and may turn into affection.

"We weren't physically attracted or touching, but we still really enjoyed our time alone together, making it feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease."

"I like the feeling of staying with her without having to worry a lot, and although there is no sex between us, I feel a deeper friendship."

Is love without sex necessarily bad or poor? Not necessarily.

I think, in such a materialistic and fast-paced era, where most people are afraid to open up and give their hearts, it is a rare thing to meet someone who is very much in tune with your spirit.

The flesh will pass away, but the spirit and love will live forever.

have sex

3、Sex is for better love

In a relationship, the presence of sex is freed from being a purely Platonic spiritual love, in which we obtain great pleasure in the unity of mind and body.

When we meet the so-called right person, the instinctive sexual impulse, so that we unconsciously want to get close to each other, embrace possession, want to integrate into each other's bodies.

Think back to when we were a baby and how we could feel joy in our mother's touch and hugs.

And as adults, we open our bodies and minds to our lovers and then are gently caught and receive great comfort for our bodies and minds.

We don't make love for sex, we can't help but desire each other, from a look, a lip movement, a charming gesture, an immediate desire...

In sex, we find each other's differences and mutual understanding, we feel joy and pleasure, and we find small surprises from sex again and again...

We make a love for a better love and the other way around is not.

Our desire for sex, all kinds of sexual acts, is actually a desire for emotion and love.

When a person and another person can achieve the pleasure of being one in body and mind, such moments are actually particularly beautiful and full of divinity.

We feel love in physical communion and ultimately transcend it.

Sociologists have also found over time that love is more likely to be stable and long-lasting when it is based on love, and that sexual relationships developed on the basis of love will deepen mutual love and make the relationship stronger.

And those who love because of sex are more based on passion, if you want to develop a long-lasting love, you need to strengthen mutual understanding and intimacy after the beginning of the relationship, otherwise the relationship will easily die.

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