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Partner's sexual fantasy object is not you? What are the sexual fantasy scenes

I had an erotic dream, and the object was not my husband.

How many people have been troubled by this problem and have felt ashamed of it.

Sleeping with the object of admiration;

Having sex with a boy you have a crush on;

Or sex with a perfect partner conceived out of thin air;

The mind's own and the clockwork him with the naked opposite.

After a sometimes intense and sometimes tender sex, you feel relaxed, you are so intoxicated that you can hardly contain yourself.

I opened my eyes and slowly woke up to reality and found my cheeks flushed and my body covered with a fine bead of sweat.

But the ensuing pain, self-blame, guilt ...... all sorts of negative thoughts swarmed.

When I remember what I was thinking, I just felt dizzy and wanted to bury myself under the covers as an ostrich~

Such experiences and confusion have been encountered by many people.

have sex

The nature of sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasy is the experience of creating a series of sexual acts or situations in the imagination or mind.

It is very common among humans and is considered a natural and healthy way to express sexuality.

Sexual fantasies can be a part of personal privacy, which can satisfy personal sexual needs and curiosity, help release stress and enhance sexual satisfaction.

The difference between sexual fantasy and cheating

Sexual fantasy and cheating are two different concepts.

Cheating is usually defined as having sex or an emotional relationship with another person in real life that violates the fidelity and trust between partners.

Sexual fantasies, on the other hand, exist only in the mind of the individual, and are experienced on a psychological level, without engaging in substantive sexual acts with another person.

Understand and deal with the sexual fantasy object is not the partner

Accept your sexual fantasies: First, we need to accept that sexual fantasies are normal and common behavior and do not imply cheating or cheating on your partner.

Sexual fantasies are the inner world of the individual and are not necessarily related to real-life partners.

Communication and understanding: If you are confused or feel guilty about your sexual fantasies, have an open communication with your partner.

Share your feelings and concerns and try to understand and support each other.

Maintain respect and loyalty: Although sexual fantasy is a personal thought activity, we should still maintain respect and loyalty to our partners.

Observe mutual agreement and trust to ensure that sexual fantasies do not interfere with the stability and harmony of the partnership.

Seek professional support: If you feel unable to handle the situation on your own, or if sexual fantasies are negatively impacting your life and relationships, consider seeking professional counseling support and guidance.

However, in order to maintain a healthy partnership, we also need to be aware of a number of issues:

Ensure the health and stability of your partnership: While sexual fantasy is a personal thought activity, if you find yourself overly dependent on sexual fantasy or feel conflicted about your partner's relationship, it may be necessary to revisit the health and stability of your partnership.

Communication and understanding: Open communication with your partner about your feelings and needs is key.

have sex

Share your sexual fantasies and try to understand each other's thoughts and feelings.

Establishing open, honest and respectful lines of communication helps to increase understanding and trust between each other.

Explore the reasons for sexual fantasies: Sometimes sexual fantasies may be a fulfillment of some real-life need or emotion.

By gaining insight into your sexual fantasies, you can better understand your desires and needs and seek more appropriate ways to fulfill them in real life.

Seek professional help: If you are confused, anxious or troubled about your sexual fantasies, or if it is negatively affecting your daily life and relationships, it is wise to seek the support of professional counseling.

A professional counselor can help you explore and understand your sexual fantasies and provide appropriate advice and guidance.

Sexual fantasy is a normal human sexual behavior, when the object of sexual fantasy is not a partner, it does not mean that you have cheated.

It is important to maintain respect and loyalty to your partner and to establish open and understanding lines of communication with your partner.

Also, if you are confused or troubled by your sexual fantasies, seeking professional help can help you better understand and deal with the situation.

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