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How to achieve the perfect multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasms are a type of orgasm, and many people don't experience multiple orgasms, or even never have an orgasm, though it can be different for everyone. Trying multiple orgasms can give you and your partner many different and novel experiences that can bring you closer together.

Many people have the potential for multiple orgasms, but the ease of reaching multiple orgasms can vary greatly from person to person, though with the right approach, reaching multiple orgasms is not an impossible task.

In this article, I'm going to take you through what multiple orgasms are, what benefits they can bring, and how women should achieve them. If you've never experienced multiple orgasms or you're tired of a long, boring sex life with your partner, you may find this article enlightening.

What Signifies Having Multiple Orgasms?

Multiple orgasms refer to achieving more than one orgasm without a long pause. Both men and women have access to this experience, and some may be born with the ability to have multiple orgasms or may acquire this ability through repeated practice.

Women are more likely to achieve multiple orgasms than men. Men usually experience a prolonged period of loss of sexual desire after orgasm, during which they may lose their libido and find it difficult to get an erection, whereas women are less prone to significant loss of libido after orgasm and continue to be aroused, so they can continue to engage in sexual activity without resting after orgasm.

How Common Are Multiple Orgasms?

A study showed that less than 10% of men in their 20s and 30s can have multiple orgasms, and that number tends to decrease with age. And in studies of women, although women are more likely to have multiple orgasms than men, the findings show that only about 15% of women can have multiple orgasms in their daily lives, which suggests that multiple orgasms aren't that common and that many people don't know the right way to have multiple orgasms.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms
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Women can achieve multiple orgasms by stimulating multiple sensitive areas. Try stimulating sensitive areas such as the clitoris, vagina and nipples at the same time, and continue to stimulate these areas after the initial orgasm has been achieved to enhance sexual pleasure. Some women may be more sensitive than others, so the approach may be different for different women. Below I will introduce you to some practical tips to enhance your possibilities of achieving multiple orgasms.

1.Practice Kegel Exercises 

The pelvic muscles (pc muscles) contract and tighten violently during orgasm. Practicing Kegel exercises can help to build these muscles to improve control over them and increase pleasure during sex, as well as increase the likelihood of multiple orgasms.

Kegel exercises involve contracting and tightening the PC muscle, similar to tightening a muscle to simulate stopping urination, try to clench the muscle hard and release it slowly.

There should be no discomfort while doing Kegel exercises, make sure you keep the movements gentle to avoid straining the muscle. Kegel exercises need to be done gradually, and after a period of time, I believe you can become proficient in this exercise. You can also try clenching this muscle during sexual intercourse, which will allow you and your partner to feel the marvelous sensation brought about by the contraction of the pubic muscles.


Masturbation is an effective way to explore your body, and you can also try to use masturbation to explore the boundaries of your multiple orgasms. Try stroking sensitive parts of your body after masturbating to orgasm, try to identify those parts that get more sexual pleasure after orgasm, and stimulate them with a sex toy or with your hands to try to orgasm again in a short period of time. Or you can try to combine masturbation with Kegel exercises to explore whether this can bring new feelings.

3.Practice Orgasm Control (Edging)

The Edge Technique refers to stopping sexual stimulation at the edge of an impending orgasm and when an orgasm is inevitable. This allows you to better understand the source of your pleasure and helps you to find the subtle sensations that precede the onset of an orgasm. Combined with more practice, I believe that this technique will allow you to have better control over your pleasure and achieve multiple orgasms during sex or masturbation.

4.Stimulate Different Body Areas

Knowing the different sensitive areas of your body can also help you achieve multiple orgasms, explore your body to discover new pleasure zones. Don't just focus on the clitoris or vagina, there are many other ways to get pleasure from a woman's body, such as the nipples, inner thighs, anus and other areas. Different women may prefer to stimulate different areas, and some girls can even rely on nipple stimulation or anal stimulation alone.

Exploring other sensitive areas of the body with your partner can also enrich the sexual experience. Sex toys or light lubricants can also be added to the exploration process to enhance pleasure.

5.Extend Sexual Activity

Sex doesn't have to end with an orgasm, and don't feel pressured to have sex because of it. In the relaxed state of the human body can release more dopamine, and at the end of sex men may be ejaculation caused by the short-term lack of libido, men can choose to use their hands, mouth or toys to please their partners at this time. Women can be sexually aroused after a little rest, and if the partner gives appropriate stimulation, the woman can also get sexual pleasure and achieve multiple orgasms.

Key Points

Mastering multiple orgasms enriches your sexual pleasure and deepens your understanding of your body and sensuality. Avoid anxiety about having multiple orgasms, as performance anxiety can sabotage the experience. Instead, by setting goals and focusing on your arousal, you can gradually experience multiple orgasms, either alone or with a partner. Once you do this, repeating the experience in the future may become easier and more natural.

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