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What is an orgasm headache?

Self-management, if you have a headache after having sex, you will question whether orgasm is the cause.

For some people, there is a connection. Headaches-sometimes severe migraines-may occur after sex or orgasm. Headaches range from mild temporary to explosive persistent pain.

Dr Nestor Garbez Ximenis, a neuroscientist, said: "Many people are hesitant to talk about sexual headaches, but it is not uncommon."

He explained why you have a headache, what you should do if you have an orgasm headache, and when to visit your caregiver.

An orgasm headache is a primary headache that some people get during sexual activity. A primary headache is a condition itself, not a symptom of another health issue.

What is it?

A person may experience an orgasm headache just before or during sexual climax. These headaches can happen during masturbation or partnered sex.

Orgasm headaches are one of two types of primary sex headache. The other type is a sexual benign headache, which doctors also call a pre-orgasm headache.

Why can you have a sexual headache?

Sexually induced headache is called sexual activity-related headache (has) in medicine. They are headaches caused by fatigue, which may occur during strenuous and sudden exercise (running, lifting weights or even sneezing). Although it seems to be more common in men or people designated as men at birth, it can happen to anyone. Sexual headache can be one-off or repeated.

"There are not many statistics about how common sexual headaches are," said Dr. Galbaz-Ximenis. People are often ashamed to say that their headaches are related to sex. But in fact, we see more in the emergency room than you think.

Headaches related to sexual activities may occur during sexual relations or masturbation with each other. Sexual headache may be like this:

Very lightor very serious.

Top of the head, one side of the head, behind the eyes or the whole head.

Sharp, trembling, dull.

Like a migraine.

Lightning headache (expect the unexpected, very painful headache).

A mild or painful headache can last for several minutes to several hours.

Neurologists know that many people sometimes have headaches, but they don't know the exact physiological reasons.

Dr. Garbez-Ximenis explained: "We believe that during sexual relations, there may be a significant increase in heartbeat and blood pressure." Blood vessels in the brain will expand or open. Muscles in the head, neck and shoulders contract.

All these reactions combine to produce headaches, which may be expect the unexpected and severe for some people.

Dr. Galbaz Ximenis added: "It is speculated that the most serious sexual headache may occur in people with chronic migraine or a history of migraine." Migraine patients also seem to have more headaches than people without migraine.

orgasm headache

Is sexual headache dangerous?

Dr. Galbaz-Ximenis said: "Headache itself is generally not dangerous, but the pain can be extreme."

However, if you have severe sexual headache, it is recommended to receive an examination immediately. In rare cases, headache may be caused by rupture or rupture of cerebral aneurysm. If the blood vessels weaken and jump out, they will produce aneurysms. At this time, when the blood pressure rises, the force will rupture the process. Although stroke is rare, it is another cause of severe headache and pain.

He said: "especially when you have a severe headache at first, you should go to the provider immediately or go to the emergency room to eliminate the serious cause."

How to stop sexual headache?

Researchers have not fully studied the treatment of sexual headache. Dr. galvez-imenez said that if your provider confirms that your headache is not serious, such as arteries, you can use over-the-counter painkillers, such as tylenol or advil.

If there is any medicine for migraine, you can use it. He suggested taking headache medicine as soon as possible after the headache started. The longer we wait, the less useful this medicine will be.

If the headache is serious and doesn't go away, or the condition gets worse, it's time to go to the emergency room.

Risk factors

Anyone can experience orgasm headaches. However, a 2010 reviewTrusted Source reports that males are four times more likely to experience primary sex headaches than females.

According to a case report from 2013Trusted Source, the average age of onset for these headaches is between 40 and 49 years.

People with a history of migraine headaches, exertional headaches, or cough headaches may be more likely to get orgasm headaches.

About the method of preventing headache.

If possible, it is better to prevent headaches than to treat them after they start.

Of course, planning is not always realistic. Family planning can take away some fun. However, if you know that you have a sexual headache, please take an over-the-counter analgesic (migraine medicine) 30 minutes before sexual activity to prevent the headache.

Headaches during sex can sometimes result from another condition. In this case, they are secondary headaches. Treating the underlying issue can help reduce or prevent these headaches.

Can orgasm help relieve headaches?

Sex can cause headaches. But can sex also cure the slug?

"It's not helpful for migraine. But Dr Galbaz Ximenis said that orgasm can sometimes help relieve stress and tension headaches.

Relieve stress and muscle tension, which can eliminate headaches.

"But sex is not our recommended treatment for headaches." He said,

If you have a severe headache, the doctor suggests going to the hospital immediately. First of all, if the provider has ruled out the serious cause, please prepare medicine to keep the headache away from the bedroom.


An orgasm headache is a type of primary headache that occurs during sexual activity.

Headaches may result from a rapid expansion of blood vessels in the brain。this occurs when a person's bloodpressure rises before and during orgasms。

Headaches during sex are generally harmless and tend to go away by themselves. Some people only ever have one orgasm headache, but others can experience them repeatedly over a number of months.

Anyone who gets headaches during sex should speak to a doctor for an evaluation. Treatment options for orgasm headaches include over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription drugs, such as triptans and beta-blockers.

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