Have you ever experienced anal sex?

As long as you are prepared to experience it, anal sex is safe.

The person who has anal sex for the first time is not a person. This may have been a taboo, but it has been widely accepted in the past few decades.

It is wrong to think that anal sex only includes penis insertion. Anal intercourse can include fingers, tongue, ornaments and so on. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Of course, like all sexual behaviors, there are dangers. But through proper communication, preparation and patience, anus is a positive experience for all concerned.

Dr Michelle Inkster (MD) introduced the anatomical structure of anus and provided useful information to prevent injuries and infections.

The importance of anal lubricant

The anus does not make its own lubricating oil. This means that you have to lubricate yourself. If there is no lubricant, the fragile tissue in the anus will rupture, which will cause pain and risk infection.

Sometimes during the pre-happiness period, the patient first lubricates the anus with his mouth, and then uses water or silicon-based lubricant. This process, called analingus in medicine, helps spouses to relax. But this actually increases a series of risks.

"If it is not clean, this is a good infection method." Dr. Inkster said, "This is a very simple way to get infected with bacteria or sexually transmitted infections when there are cracks in the skin in the mouth or inflammation in the gums when brushing teeth.

A barrier like a tooth dam can prevent infection. In the end, your lubrication method is a personal choice. The important thing is that you and your spouse are fully prepared to experience this experience. The outside of the anus should be smooth and inserted into the penis or parts. If it is inconvenient, please use more lubricating oil.

Dr. Linkster said: "It is most important to make full use of lubricating oil."

There is the possibility of an accident.

Different sounds may be heard, but accidents may occur. Even if it doesn't happen, there are billions of bacteria in your anus. This means that it is very important to be as prepared as possible.

Dr. Linkster suggested using the bathroom 30 minutes ago. If you have time, taking a bath will also help. Getting water on your fingers also helps to relieve tension. Daily cleaning may irritate the skin, so don't over-wipe or use chemicals.

Non-chemical and unpalatable baby wipes can best keep fresh. But some people like to wash with water or use enema. Most doctors suggest that if the enema is too much, the anal tissue will become thinner, so don't wash it with water or use enema. The anal tissue becomes thinner and more susceptible to infection. If you want to use enema or cleaning agent, it is very important to use only 1~2 inches of warm water in the anus. Dr. Linkster said, "You don't need to organize everything." They said:

Dr. Inkoster said: "The only way for some people to have anal sex is enema or cleaning, but if it is not a chemical, the water will not be so bad." "Long-term chemistry is not a good idea.

The whole area of the anus is more sensitive.

Dr. Linkster suggested: "Massage can help people relax before doing other things."

There are two sphincter muscles in anus.

Anal sphincter is the elastic ring of muscle. They are turned on and off. So you can excrete your bowel movements and prevent other things from entering your body. In order to allow anal intercourse, muscles can also be relaxed.

Dr. Linkster said: "If you feel uneasy, the anus will tighten and it will be difficult to insert anything."

How to avoid potential dangers?

Anal node will bring many complications. But if you have patience, communication and safety, you can avoid many dangers.

Communication is the core.

Like other sexual behaviors, you and your partner are responsible for each other. It is important to check each other frequently, and check when you are sick or have uncomfortable symptoms. Sometimes, just in case, people will prepare a safety device for their spouses to tell them that they are exhausted. But if it's too intense, you can say you don't like it.

Dr. Inkoster said, "If you walk through a person and feel a little uncomfortable, when you are ready, you can stop and move gently."

anal sex toy

Constant pain is definitely not a good thing.

The first time is always the most painful Your anus may be inconvenient, so be sure to work until this time. If you are in a hurry, no one will be greatly hurt, and no one wants to do that.

It is normal to feel inconvenience and pressure when trying anus for the first time. But if the pain increases or persists, stop it. Pain usually means insufficient lubricating oil or tight anal muscles. Some people just have tighter sphincter muscles, which makes it difficult for them to defecate.

Anxiety about these experiences will make you nervous. It is important to trust the person who has anal sex, and it is also important to let that person spend time. Start gradually and improve to your favorite place.

Dr. Linkster said: "Once you get used to and enjoy the actual action, this anxiety will disappear."

If it is still difficult, in order to exercise the anus like other muscles, you can use tubular stretching exercise. Ideally, once a week and several times a day, it is better to start with a small expander and put it in the anus for 10 minutes. But if this is not enough, we can transfer it to a larger dilator and relax the anus until it is through.

May be infected with bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases.

Syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, AIDS-you can get infected if you are not careful.

"But condoms are not so dangerous," Dr. Inkoster said. They said:

Even if you or your partner is not infected with sexually transmitted diseases, you can spread bacteria or viruses to each other. Therefore, it is very important to clean the parts before they are rotated to the outside of the anus or used.

If you are with a consenting spouse and don't use condoms, you should consider prep (exposure prevention). Because prep can effectively reduce the risk of HIV infection by 99%.

Thin tissue means easy to tear.

The important thing is to let the other person get a manicure and not let the sawtooth break. If you are using sex products, it is also important to avoid swelling or large-sized accessories. If the part has a sole, it may tear, so be careful not to put the sole into the anus.

If the shooting feels severe pain, it means that there is a hole or tear in the rectum and should be stopped immediately. If the pain is not relieved within 30 minutes, you'd better go to the emergency room.

Dr. Linkster said: "As you know, this will be an incredible pain." They said, "If you move them aside, or if their edges are sharp or too long, they will appear on nails or parts.

 Is the bleeding normal?

If it is the first time that small spots appear, it is particularly normal. However, if there is excessive bleeding or blood appears in one hour or more, you should check with your doctor.

Dr. Inkoster said: "Blood vessel rupture can lead to perforation and bleeding." It can also happen when you are forced to work or have rude sex.

 The end

If you are not prepared, anal sex will be dangerous. Take time out for proper hygiene and rest preparation, and you can gain a happy experience. Like vagina, condoms and protective walls are the most important to prevent bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection. Take all protective measures and pay attention to hygiene. The rest, enjoy this wonderful experience!

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