bipolar disorder and sex

What do we need to know about bipolar disorder and sex?

Bipolar disorder can make a person experience a sharp change in mood, such as sometimes from a manic state to a depressed state. This change will occur due to changes in sexual desire, self-confidence and sexual function.

Although the symptoms vary from person to person, aerial love can disturb several aspects of a person's life, including sex life.

In this article, we discuss the sexual symptoms and management methods of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder and sexual behavior

Bipolar disorder has bipolar feelings, that is, bipolar disorder and depression. Every attack can make a person's personality change greatly and affect their sexual behavior.

There is not much research on the relationship between bipolar disorder and sex.

However, the author of a small study called International Journal of Bipolar Disorder reported that dissatisfaction with sexual disorders and diseases spread among female participants.

A study in 2018 showed that men with bipolar disorder were more prone to impotence than men without bipolar disorder.

This does not mean that all patients with bipolar disorder have sexual symptoms, but the incidence of bipolar disorder is higher.

Sexual symptoms often change with other symptoms of the disease.

During the onset of depression

These events plunged ordinary people into depression, anxiety and despair. In patients with bipolar disorder, they may also have decreased sexual desire or little sexual desire.

People with low libido will have the following symptoms:

Not interested in sex at all

Feel physically unattractive or unwelcome

Not interested in personal hygiene and makeup.

Feeling sexually vulnerable or worthless will prevent them from participating.

I am too tired to have sex.

He may also feel guilty because he has no sexual desire, which may encourage the cycle of self-doubt and unpopularity.

The side effects of drugs will cause this problem. For example, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris) can reduce sexual desire. These side effects can lead to physical changes, such as difficulty in arousing.

It may be difficult to explain this change to the target or spouse. In addition, spouses will be rejected or frustrated.

During manic episode

During a hypersexual phase, people with bipolar might be more willing to experiment with their partner. They might want to try new things or have sex multiple times per day. Or they might engage in risky sexual behaviors such as unprotected sex, sex with multiple partners, one-night stands, extramarital affairs, excessive masturbation, or use of pornography.

Mania attacks can lead to hypersexuality in patients with bipolar disorder. They may feel that their sexual desire is always high, which may be a problem.

People who have had sexual impulses may never be satisfied with their sexual charm. They may want to have sex or masturbation for hours, but they don't feel that their behavior is over. That put pressure on him and his spouse.

During manic episodes, some people have difficulty in engaging in risky sexual behaviors or controlling sexual desire.

For example, the author of a study in the Journal of Psychiatry reported that male participants with bipolar disorder have more partners and are more likely to have unprotected sex.

Bipolar patients may masturbate or associate with new sexual partners when their libido is hyperactive, putting their career or existing relationship in danger.

bipolar disorder and sex

Examples of hypersexuality are as follows.

  • Enhanced sexual self-confidence
  • Prefer honest insurance
  • Have sex with different partners
  • Sporadic sex with strangers
  • I've been thinking about sex
  • Excessive masturbation will hinder daily activities.
  • sexual scandal
  • Attention to pornography has increased.
  • Compulsory sex with sex workers
  • Frequent use of pornographic places
  • Having unprotected sex with several semi-anonymous partners and other dangerous sexual behaviors.
  • Teenagers or children who are allergic to sexual desire may have sexual behaviors such as flirting, inappropriate touching of adults, and excessive use of sexual language.

 Drugs and properties

There may be a connection between an individual's drugs and sexual behavior.

For example, doctors usually use ssris to treat emotional disorders such as depression. These drugs may help people with bipolar disorder, but many drugs will reduce sexual desire.

Suggestions on sexual health of patients with bipolar disorder

Despite the good drug treatment, patients with bipolar disorder will still experience hyposexuality and hypersexuality during depression and mania.

Strategies to help a person control these symptoms are as follows.

Cognitive danger

For people who have a loyal relationship, compulsive behavior will lead to ignorance and endanger this relationship.

Record side effects

People who often have symptoms of bipolar disorder may not want to receive medication that makes the symptoms worse.

Anyone who is worried about sexual side effects should consult a doctor and change the dressing.

Understand and remove the flip cover

Recognizing the initial symptoms of emotional change can tell when people will ask for help.

Consider treatment

Psychotherapy may be part of the treatment plan, but sexual therapy may be important for people with challenging symptoms.

Behavioral or sexual therapists can help you manage sexual symptoms, and couples therapy can help you overcome difficulties in relationships.

Group therapy may also be beneficial. According to the review of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the collective atmosphere encourages the reduction of shame and loneliness. Group therapy can be well matched with individual and couples therapy.

Support groups for patients with sexual dysfunction will also help.


Bipolar disorder can affect mood and significantly change people's sexual behavior. People's sexual desire will increase in manic stage, and it will decrease or not in depressive stage.

Every problem may be accompanied by different challenges. The treatment plan should include a way to control these sexual symptoms without putting the patient or sexual partner in danger.

Engage in sex mindfully and responsibly. Put forth the effort needed to treat your bipolar in a way that allows you to enjoy intimacy with your partner. In the words of the 13th-century Sufi wise man, Rumi: The way you make love is the way God will be with you.

For people who are in love, it is very important to involve their spouses and make communication smooth. This will help to better understand the symptoms experienced by people.

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