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How to get women into better sexual situations

Currently for heterosexual relationships, the prevailing social narrative is that men are more horny than women, and that men don't need to flirt with foreplay and other steps to remain sexually active, while women need to be sexually aroused through foreplay, or even cajoling, and other means.

In fact, this statement is not entirely true, once under the influence of old ideas, women were often shy about sex, through the advancement of modern thinking and many times the awakening of women's consciousness, there has been a huge shift in women's attitudes towards sex. Many online dating apps have also contributed to the rise of a hookup culture, even as many have begun to waver from traditional monogamous marriages, with approaches such as open marriages and more high-tech sex toys on the horizon.

These changes don't mean that every woman is a sexually active person these days though, and if you're struggling with issues such as the differences between male and female libidos, or if you're in a relationship where women aren't as keen on sex as men are, then this article can certainly help. In order to explore the question of how to get women sexually aroused, we interviewed some real experts and went through a lot of information, and we hope you get something out of it in the next article.

What to Know About Getting Her in the Mood
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Before we talk about how to get women aroused faster, there is one key thing that needs to be clear: women don't have an on/off switch, there is no shortcut button to get her in the mood, and there is no set way to get her in the mood - some methods may work for some women, but others may require more time for flirting and communicating with each other.

The difference between women and men is not only the length of time it takes for sexual arousal to occur, but also the fact that some women are born with a low libido, which can be due to a variety of reasons, including sexual trauma, incorrect sex education, etc. But these problems are not insurmountable.

But these problems are not insurmountable, you can get women into a sexual state through foreplay, and foreplay time must be long enough, and add a lot of kissing and touching, or add sex toys and so on to add fun to foreplay.

Don't engage in too much foreplay when you feel your partner's arousal as well as being completely ignited by you, as long as you have achieved the feeling of getting into a sexual state you have achieved your goal.

If you are in doubt about the point at which your partner feels aroused, communicating directly with each other is the best way to go about it, and being brave enough to try something new assumes that both you and your partner agree to such behavior.

Lastly, remember that you should not expect your partner to be sexually aroused all the time, and don't repeat the same foreplay all the time - make changes to keep your partner interested.

How to Get Her in the Mood

1. Try using sex toys or other adult products

Buying sex toys may seem like looking for a quick and easy solution, but actually buying sex toys and other adult products is also about understanding whether they are suitable for you and your partner's sex life, please realize to communicate with your partner if she is willing to add sex toys to her sex life, then you can use sex toys as an auxiliary props in your sex life.

Adding the use of lubricant to foreplay can also help her get into the mood, try rubbing her clitoris with lubricant and stroking her sensitive areas to get her body into a state of arousal quickly.

2. Try role-play

If you feel that your sex life with your partner has become boring, then adding role-playing to your sex may be able to bring back the passion, and it can give you and your partner the opportunity to fulfill some of your fantasies about sex in a safe and fun way. Try discussing fantasies with your partner that you've both thought about but were afraid to practice, ask each other if you'd be interested in doing so, and express the type of role-play you'd like to try.

3. Enhance foreplay

If you think foreplay usually only takes a few minutes then you need to re-learn how to do it, foreplay isn't as easy as flipping a light switch, think of foreplay as a thing to take your time with. Make sure to start foreplay before you get naked, many women need at least 5 minutes of kissing and flirting to get into a sexual groove, make sure you give each other enough pleasure during your intimate moments.

4. Try text each other

With communication methods being so advanced nowadays, many modern couples are starting to try and arouse each other sexually by calling or texting, or many may not have as much time to spend together, so moving foreplay into the electronic realm can be a great way to do this.

Sending text messages during the day can also create a sense of anticipation for the sex that follows, and sending a text message can express your desire for your lover, not just for sex, but also for your partner's affection.

5. Ask what she wants

While the above advice can lead to a wonderful sexual experience, not all of it will work for everyone. That's why the best advice on how to get a woman in the mood is, ask her.

Talk about what she needs. The easiest way to help your partner get into the mood for sex is to ask her what she needs. Maybe she needs quiet time after work. Maybe she wants to take a shower Or for you to take a shower.

It doesn't necessarily mean they'll be in the mood, but ask if they're willing to try. It's not exactly your job, but you can be part of the process - so talk ahead of time about what they need to get in the mood when it doesn't come naturally to them.

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