Why do Americans favor sex in cars?

Why do Americans favor sex in cars?

Whether you recognize it or not, the car has become one of the popular places for Americans to have sex. With countless car sex scenes in Hollywood movies as well, the car sex culture has spread. Indeed, cars can provide a quick and secluded private space for men and women in the heat of the moment. For some, the car can serve as a mobile hotel room, while for others, in-car sex is about pursuing more exciting sexual behavior.

Interesting survey data

A survey of 1,000 Americans was conducted and it was found that 84% had had sexual activity in their cars, a statistic that speaks volumes about the popularity of in-car sex. In terms of where to park, 46% would choose a parking lot, while 31% would choose the more poetic countryside, or some other place they preferred. Those who chose a parking lot said they intentionally "wanted to do something a little risky" and risk being caught by a passerby to enjoy a thrill similar to cheating. Nearly 40 percent also said they multitasked while the car was in motion. While this doesn't qualify as safe driving, they still can't resist the thrill.

Another interesting statistic: according to the results of a survey made public by the German magazine Men's Car, the Audi is the most unreliable among women, with 41% of Audi owners admitting to having extramarital affairs. The Audi A6 has the highest rate of in-car sex in the world, with sexual activity occurring in almost every Audi A6. Men in "Porsches" are more likely to have an affair than men in other cars, with nearly 50 percent cheating on their partners. They were closely followed by "bmw" owners, with 46 percent admitting to having extramarital affairs. The most loyal were "opel" owners, with only 28% of women admitting to having an affair.

Something to do with American car culture.

Let's put it this way, Americans have been in their cars longer than any other country in the world. As the most important mode of transportation for Americans, the car has an irreplaceable role in both travel and daily commuting. more than 90% of households own at least one car. The U.S. has the second largest number of cars in the world, after China, which has four times the population of the United States.

The automobile enjoys a unique place in American culture. While in other countries driving a car is just a process of getting from A to B, in the United States the idea of the romance of driving a car is ingrained in the core culture of the American dream. To this day, we still see many classic road culture movies such as Thelma & Louise and Something Wild, with many intimate scenes in the car.

Also the age at which you can legally drive in the United States is much earlier than in other countries, and owning your first car has become a rite of passage in American culture. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that 59.5 percent of college student respondents had had sex in a car, and 14 percent had lost their virginity in a car. Since the invention of the automobile, sex and cars have been one in the same.

What you need to know about sex in the car

If you are also interested in sex in the car, here is what you need to know. While sex in a car in movies and TV shows may seem easy, in reality it may require some preparation on your part

Choosing the right car

The inside of a car isn't as spacious as a bedroom, and cramped spaces can make it difficult to perform. That's why it's important to choose a large car, such as a large suv, whenever possible, to give you more space both in terms of comfort and when you're performing difficult positions.

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Cowgirl is the best position for sex in the car

Of the many sex positions, cowgirl is the most popular and the most appropriate. Next is doggy style, next is reverse cowgirl, then missionary, and finally at the bottom is 69. While all the other positions are great but definitely not suitable for sex in a car. And for car sex the back seat is the best position.

Choosing a location is important

While parking lots are the most popular location, not everyone likes to be adventurous. Why not try a parking lot at night, where the night won't be too noticeable, and use the cover of night to start your show. If you want to minimize the risk of getting caught, then choose a secluded country roadside.

Be prepared to clean

If it's your own car, you've got to move on to the fact that some of the juices from normal intercourse may be left on your car seat. If you can't handle your car getting dirty and messy, then car sex is not for you. Or you can put a blanket or towel under your body.

Final Reminder

Americans have an unusual fondness for sex in cars, and if you see a rocking car in a parking lot or anywhere else in the United States, don't remain curious, but remain polite and don't knock on the window.

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