What do I use instead of lube?

What do I use instead of lube?

Don't use hand makeup artists or honey, but use coconut oil to solve it.

There are many reasons. You'll want to make your ass slippery. I'm afraid you're approaching menopause, and your work is hotter than before. Or want to do something new and different with your spouse.

Besides general drugstore brands, the choice of lubricating oil may make you curious. Some lubricant substitutes are definitely more suitable for your sexy parts than others. You may be surprised who took that seat.

Can you lubricate it with lotion? Probably not the best idea. Honey is lubricating oil. Although it seems natural, it is not the way to go. Dr Talia Crawford, an obstetrician and gynecologist, explained the reasons and answered the question. "What can I use instead of lubricating oil?

Types of lubricants

Dr. Crawford said that there are many reasons for using lubricants during sex. This is to relieve menopausal vaginal dryness or make anal bridge more comfortable. Or you want to use different lubricants to add flavor.

Typical lubricating oils found in pharmacies can be divided into three types:

There are many cases where the oily base lubricant lasts the longest. Because latex is decomposed by oil, condoms are easily broken, so don't use them with latex condoms or headphones.

Silicone lubricant has a longer life than water-based lubricant and is safe for all kinds of condoms.

Water-based lubricants are generally the least irritating. It dries faster than other kinds.

But do you want a natural lubricant or use it near your home? Dr. Crawford said, "You have good choices, but there are also some you want to avoid."

What can you use instead of lubricating oil

There are several security options:

Oil used as lubricating oil

Some natural oils are permissible lubricants. Dr Crawford recommended the following oil.

Coconut oil.

Hemp seed oil.

grape-kernel oil

Extra virgin olive oil.

Vegetable oil.

Sunflower seed oil.

She also allows vitamin E oil as lubricating oil.

The oil recommended by Dr. Crawford usually does not cause vaginal irritation or infection. For people who want natural lubricating oil, these oils are a good choice.

However, when using oil-based condoms and dams, do not use oil-based lubricants. Oil decomposes the oil agent, which will become the cause of condom or gum rupture.

Natural moisturizing lubricating oil

If you don't like olive oil as lubricating oil, or like water-based lubricating oil, Dr. Crawford will give you some advice.

First of all, we should look for water-based lubricating oil containing aloe and vitamin E.

Then check whether it contains chlorohexanol gluconic acid, phenyl ether  (or other bactericide) and glycol. She also suggested not to use scented or scented lubricating oil, and the ingredients that claim to have heating, cooling and stabbing properties are almost impossible to be natural.

You can also use pure aloe vera gel. But you can see that aloe dries too fast or doesn't slide enough.

What do I use instead of lube?

Lubrication substitutes to be avoided

Dr. Crawford specifically advised not to use some products or substances that are common as lubricants.

He said to avoid substances used as sexual lubricants.

Animal substance

Avoid butter, egg whites, fish oil and yogurt. Animal protein can destroy healthy bacteria and cause vaginal irritation and infection.

Cleansing product

Shampoo and hand sanitizer have similar ph values. The ph value of vagina is naturally acidic. Inconsistency can cause vaginal burns and sometimes infection.

Emulsion and emulsion

Generally, skin moisturizers contain spices or other stimulating ingredients. Moreover, if you want to use them as lubricating oil, they often dry quickly.

Bacteria in the mouth and vagina are different. Attract oral bacteria there will cause infection.

Sugar substance

Stay away from sweet spices such as agave, honey and syrup. Sugar can change the quality environment and increase the risk of infection. It can also agglomerate or scratch.


For sex: "While some women have used vaginal yogurt insertion for yeast infection, there is no evidence of efficacy as cure," Dweck points out. It can be used for sex, she says, it's another situation where "the odor could be a turn-off for some. It's also not particularly slick."

If you do use it, Caitlin V. says, "Be sure to use only plain, non-flavored and unsweetened yogurt, and avoid anything with fruit or added sugar."

artificial oil

Baby oil and vaseline can irritate fragile tissues, especially vaginal tissues.

Don't put these things in the lubricating oil in the shop.

If you use lubricant bought from the store, please confirm the back of the hose or box. Several common lubricant ingredients will produce unwilling burning and irritation.

Dr Crawford suggested that this ingredient should not be added to lubricating oil.

Chlorohexane gluconate: This chemical can be used as a preservative, but it will cause burning or irritation to some people.

Perfume: This smell is almost always made of synthetic chemicals that can cause irritation.

Glycerol: It helps to keep lubricating oil smooth, but it is also a component that can cause yeast infection.

Propylene glycol: This lubricant chemical is very sensitive to some people.

Spermicide: The chemicals contained in spermicide are generally irritating and can kill beneficial bacteria in vagina. However, according to different contraceptive methods, spermicide may also be necessary for family planning.

Do not use "cooling or stabbing" lubricants.

The ingredients that produce this feeling will increase the sensitivity of dirt, but it will also stimulate the fragile area. Although it’s a common choice for male masturbation, many lotions contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and may not be good for your overall health, such as parabens and glycerin


Although it is best to purchase and use water-based or silicone-based lubricants, there are alternatives people can consider if they are unable to do this. These include aloe vera, yogurt, olive oil, and virgin coconut oil,it’s a common choice for male masturbation, many lotions contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and may not be good for your overall health, such as parabens and glycerin, it depends on the individual person and the moisturizer.

People should avoid the use of petroleum jelly, lotion, butter, or spit as lubricant alternatives, due to the increased risk of infection or irritation.

You can joke about different kinds of lubricants. It's just that the list of ingredients to be avoided is far away Besides, have fun!


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