Period Sex

Something about “Period Sex”.

Are you confused? Dirty? Pain? No matter how you look at “Period Sex”, it's time to embrace it. In this article, you will learn more about what you should pay attention to and what to do during menstruation.

Can I have sex during my physiological period?

The short answer is yes. During menstruation, there is no doubt that sex toys are used to enhance physical intimacy or practice masturbation.

Although this is still taboo, it is a good way to broaden your horizons and establish a special relationship with your spouse (even if it means trying to remove blood from the sheets). Read on to find out why it helps to have sex during menstruation.

The benefits of having sex during the physiological period.

More lubricating oil

If you are one of the women who fight against dryness, having sex during menstruation is the simplest solution. Even the lucky people in the relevant departments who have not struggled will feel better and happier if they add some lubricating oil, so it is still a reward.

It can relieve pain

During this time, your body will secrete a natural analgesic called endorphin, which means that the possibility of spasm is very small and will eventually be relieved after treating pms symptoms. This is a win-win situation!

This is a way to increase the interest of work

Period Sex is still unpopular, unless trying something superficial is an interesting way to increase the fun of work in bed, I don't know what it is. During the physiological period, making love is a big step to leave Abutai, because it is necessary to form the habit of seeing a lot of blood, so the stench is much less, but it is very different from cotton balls soaked in water. To overcome the idea that menstruation is a shameful thing. Although it's not easy, it can at least make people feel more comfortable about their physical functions and feel more confident when sleeping in the long run.

The possibility of pregnancy is very low.

In the case of physiological period, although the probability of pregnancy is very low, it is especially the same as that found in the middle cycle, so it is best to use extra protection or at least follow up for one cycle. In addition, sperm may stay in the vagina for 7 days, so pregnancy is still dangerous even if you can't get pregnant during sex.

Disadvantages of sex in physiological period

Unfortunately, like everything in life, menstrual sex has its drawbacks. Very few, and easy to avoid.

Increased risk of infection

Some infections such as AIDS and hepatitis are easily transmitted through blood, so if the spouse is unreliable, it is best to take protective measures. In addition, periodic unguarded sex can lead to the risk of other kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, so think about whether it is worth the risk.

The danger of paper dyeing

Even if you use towels, it will be difficult to draw blood from the sheets because of complacency. Stained bedding may go out because of unsanitary. If you are afraid that things will get messy, please continue to read the methods of having sex during the physiological period.

Some postures will make people feel uncomfortable.

During menstruation, the cervix is low, and some postures are uncomfortable and even painful.

Period Sex

10 techniques of menstrual sexual intercourse

The methods of having sex during menstruation are:

Don't forget to take out the cotton ball/physiological cup.

Before succumbing to desire, take off cotton balls or physiological cups (most of them have not been designed as trial products). It's best to take it out before foreplay and don't forget it when inserting it. Forgotten cotton balls can cause bacterial infection at most, toxic shock syndrome at worst, and even life-threatening. Period Sex can become dangerous if you are not careful.

consider more.

On the other hand, if you want it, you'd better leave the menstrual cup inside so as not to mess things up. Or for health and safety, female condoms can also be used.

Put a towel on your ass.

Ideally, you can try it elsewhere without worrying about getting the sheets dirty. Some people have blankets made for this purpose. Please make sure it is black.

Think about sex in the shower.

Menstruation is the most natural thing in the world, but the smell of blood doesn't make people feel particularly good, so no one will blame you even if you want to take a bath to keep clean. This way, the bed will not be dirty and you will see too much blood.

We have to take precautions in advance.

Track your cycle and have sex on the days with the least traffic. If you start bleeding, unless you are bleeding.

Be careful of Jeong-hee.

If you have all kinds of ideas about foreplay, things may get messy, and eventually you may bleed, which is not so sexy (also, if you are not wobbly). But it's not cleaning your fingers in the middle. It is best to instruct your partner to insert or use fake organs on your fingers immediately.

Be careful when invading.

Remember, your cervix may be very sensitive at this time of the month. In order to avoid offending you during sex, please choose a position that does not need to be inserted into the depth like a missionary, or choose a position that can adjust the depth like a cowboy.

Put baby wipes at your fingertips.

If you don't realize it, Period Sex is chaotic. Especially when you can't take a shower, don't forget to put baby wipes where you can reach it, and then wash it later.

educate your spouse about their physiological period.

If his spouse doesn't try to do this, it may be because he believes many misunderstandings about physiology. For example, he may be worried about blood volume or foul smell. It's best to have this conversation before sex.

The anus is a substitute.

If you don't want to apply menstrual blood to private parts, anal sex is also a good choice. Because the toy or finger can be stimulated at the same time, the loss is not great.

Stop treating menstruation as a bad thing.

To conclude

Finally, we should change our views on menstruation. Many women dare not try to have sex during menstruation because they think menstruation is shameful and ugly. But it's 2023. Now is the time to talk about women's rights and the normalization of menstruation. Talking about menstruation more openly and masturbating during menstruation will be a good step in the right direction.


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