personality affect your sex life

How does your personality affect your sex life?

Everyone has a different personality, which is what makes our world less boring. So does personality matter to people? The answer is yes. The same thing for the character of the two people for the nature of this thing will change, very different character will create a very different ending, in daily life, we can easily judge from a person's behavior in part of his character, the same can also be deduced from his character to the trajectory of the development of his possible, the impact of character on people will also be reflected in the bedroom.

As the French writer Romain Rolland said, "A man's character determines his encounters. If you like to keep your character, then you have no right to refuse your encounters." Different personalities for some phenomena in the sex life will also show a differentiated attitude, the nuances of not only see discretion, but also determines the direction of things, some people are destined to run into walls everywhere in the sex life.

The link between personality and sexuality

Sex life is a person's overall psychological quality of the concentrated manifestation of many personality defects will affect the coordination of sexual life and beauty. That is to say, the human character of the sex life will also have a certain impact, compared to other personalities, the following three personalities are very difficult to coordinate with the spouse's sex life.


This type of personality is not uncommon in everyday life, egocentrism is strongest in an individual's infancy, as they are not yet able to realize that the world is not centered around him. At this time, infants are also in the stage of omnipotent narcissism, they do not consider whether their parents are asleep or not, or whether they are at work, as long as they are hungry at any time they will let out a cry, so that they will wait until later in the cry, impossible. The baby's crying and fussing is tightly bound to the parents' heart, and in his eyes this is the embodiment of the fact that I am the center of the world, and as we grow older, we slowly recede from this kind of ego-obsessed narcissism.

The so-called Omnipotent narcissism (Omnipotent narcissism) can be well understood by analogy to the random crying of babies. Omnipotent narcissism is also a form of egocentrism, in which the person believes that the whole world should be centered on him and take his feelings into account, while he does not have to think about the feelings of others. If an adult does not grow up with this kind of omnipotent narcissism, then it manifests itself in the inability to harmonize the relationship between two people during sex, and also the readiness to disregard the other half's feelings as long as they are comfortable and happy. However, the positive experience of sexual life has always relied on the tacit cooperation of two people, a person's "strategizing" is difficult to get two people's pleasure, so this character is very difficult to have a harmonious new life. In fact, the way to change is very simple, is to consider the feelings of the spouse, learn to respect your spouse, sexual life is not a person's one-man show, only two people tacitly cooperate with the sex life in order to get a great experience.

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People who are too introverted and too extreme

In daily life, we often advise an introvert to communicate more with others, a little more lively, to be brave enough to express their own ideas, express ideas, not too silent. Because in the character too much introverted people get along, we often can not know his true thoughts, and they also rarely discuss their own ideas and feelings, invariably will give others pressure. The character is too extreme people are often easy to do a lot of impulsive things, and these things can not be undone, with the character is too repressed, too extreme people will be more tired.

Psychoanalyst Freud (Freud) believes that the experience suffered by individuals in childhood will affect the individual adult until death, those who are too introverted too extreme to a large extent, are the product of the environment. Long-term living in a repressed environment is often difficult to deal with a series of reasonable attitude to life contradictions and conflicts, which will also affect their situation in the sex life. When and their spouses in the sexual life of the conflict, they are also very difficult to use reason, a reasonable attitude to coordinate, to resolve these conflicts and conflicts, for the other side to show some of the behavior, they will be extremely sensitive. Because their childhood experiences have made them into who they are today, they tend to have hostile tendencies toward society and can easily blame their spouse for negative experiences in their sex life. Most of the time, things come about as a result of multiple factors, and it's extremely common for there to be conflicts and clashes in the sex life, so it's important not to overthink who's at fault, but rather to ask questions, find solutions, and solve problems.

People who have experienced too many bumps in the road and insecurity in their sex lives

After being hit by the same thing, people will have a certain degree of fear of this thing, and the emergence of fear will also make people enter the vicious circle of self-imposed limitations. Self handicapping is also known as self-impedimentation. Before completing a task, we usually assess whether we can accomplish it. People who handicap themselves tend to do so negatively and give themselves reasons for failure.

In many cases, the reasons that are looked for are external and not their own, so those who have experienced more failed sex lives often have a hard time getting out of this rut and are conditioned to shy away the next time they approach the matter. Their cognition and behavior are biased, which in turn affects the outcome of their sex life. The psychology and choices are usually presented as follows: I may not be able to do this task well (psychology) - wait and see, and stop (behavior) - over time, I really can't do it (psychology), and even if I do take a step, I'll be all over it with the slightest imperfection. This kind of traumatized person tends to be more sensitive and insecure than the average person, the only good thing about this sensitivity is to perceive if their partner is loyal to them or not, other than that this sensitivity is a kind of pressure, a kind of invisible sharp edge.

Final thought

It is true that each character has advantages and disadvantages, but a person wants to better adapt to the environment is bound to improve their own shortcomings, even if they can not be perfect, but also to avoid the shortcomings, want to harmonize the sex life also need to be perfected on the character of the two people and grind.

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