Keep Your Sex Fresh

7 Tips to Keep Your Sex Fresh

Even the best movie can get boring even after watching it ten times, even the most delicious delicacies can be disgusting even after eating too much of them, similarly with sex, it is very difficult to face the same person for decades and maintain the passion as if it were the first love. While there are benefits to being in a long-term relationship with someone, the downside is obvious. That is that you may find yourself unwittingly falling into routine sex, once a week or once every two weeks, and limiting yourself to the missionary position. Obviously, such a long-term relationship has taken the novelty out of your sex. Well here are some suggestions, all of them are very interesting and all of them help to keep your sex fresh.

1.Share a porno movie

It is likely that many men are ex-convicts of watching pornography, and it is better to enjoy it alone than in a group. Maybe your partner hates the idea of you watching porn alone, but put it another way, what if you invited her to watch it together? Wouldn't it have a different flavor? Watching together can not only add a lot of fun, and incidentally will also find each other's new hobbies, such as: bondage, lace, high heels, fetish, role-playing, and this secret is only known to the two of you. Naturally, the intimacy of the relationship goes up a notch.

2.Change of environment

After a few years of establishing a long-term relationship, the passion is gone, work rest, rest work, has become almost a set routine, and it feels like there is no room for a breakthrough. If this is the case, try taking an erotic trip for the two of you, which can often boost the spark of love.
Hotels Don't go for that cheap express hotel. Try a unique erotic hotel. It will basically fulfill most of your fantasies about sex, and erotic hotels offer rooms in a variety of formats depending on your different preferences. Go on a trip and change the place. The experience is also refreshing. This method is perfect for increasing your sexual happiness quotient. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough money, energy to travel, it's always okay to change the location, not always on the bed, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the car, wherever you want. Just remember to keep it a secret.

3.Invest in a new sex toy

Don't always think of sex toys and your partner as opposites, in fact they are partners. Versatility, freshness and fun are the spices that experts add to a happy sex life, and adult toys fulfill all three. The choice of adult toys is wide. For starters, it's best to go with something you're comfortable with. For example, we have the New Inyarose Suction Toy.

inya sex toy

4.create a feeling of strangeness

It is a very reasonable saying that a small goodbye is better than a new marriage. From a normal physiological point of view, a person's libido cycle is a week, if a couple does not produce sexual impulses and ideas within seven days, it means that the posture is not healthy. And at this time, creating a sense of strangeness may loosen the relationship between the two people. After rational communication, sleep in separate beds and refrain from physical contact for a specified period of time. Stay in love during this period. There is no denying that men are the most handsome women are the most beautiful during the relationship period. Change a new set of clothes, change a new hairstyle, can have a refreshing feeling, which is called the sense of strangeness. Strange feeling is freshness.

5.Women can take the initiative

In love when men seem to prefer the initiative, women are more reserved, even if they like men but never take the initiative, but in the sex life, on the contrary, men prefer women hot pillows active and positive, do not need to deliberately express, as long as in some kind of body language so that men understand that you need him on it, the woman's initiative to take the initiative to appear more attractive women, so that sex life is full of new ideas.

6.Women can try to make a breakthrough in their clothing

Women at home when you can wear sexy transparent pajamas in front of the man, painted with sexy red nail polish, two people drinking red wine, intentionally or unintentionally teasing the bottom line of the man, not only can let each other's feelings warm up, but also let each other's body and mind to get happy, provoke the spark of sex. Do not rush to take off all your clothes before making love, leave at least one bra and panties; two people in the affectionate, hugging, caressing, you can gently from the edge of the bra or panties to probe, caressing the part covered by these clothes. This action usually makes your woman feel much more interesting than the "long drive", and will be doubly excited.

7.Try a sex position you haven't tried before

Don't use the same sex positions in bed. Missionary is simple and practical, but it lacks innovation. Why not try new positions like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, spooning, etc.?

Life is short, why waste time on routine? After reading this article, if he is right next to you, turn your head and look at each other with affection, baby, so how about ...... right now?

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