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Sex is a topic that every couple can't get enough of, and having a harmonious sex life is important for a healthy relationship.

It's very common to feel uncomfortable or unhappy during sex, and it doesn't mean that you and your partner aren't right for each other. When you are in this situation, arguing and complaining will only make things worse and will not really solve the problem. If you are experiencing sexual disharmony and don't know how to improve it, this article will take you through some suggestions on how to improve your sex life that may help you.

Prioritize consent

Communicating with your partner and getting consent is a must when starting any sexual activity or trying out some new way of having sex. Truly satisfying sex can only be achieved with mutual consent. Although it is often the case that we do not immediately feel pleasure or displeasure during sex, or that sex may not be as satisfying as we would like it to be, these things can be continually improved, as long as both partners maintain a consistent attitude towards sex and communicate with each other about each other's preferences, and optimize the experience of sex through these positive means, which will ensure that sex becomes more Pleasurable.

Focus on sexual safety

Feeling safe is very crucial to experiencing sex, if you worry about risks such as the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy during sex it can take the fun out of sex, which requires you and your partner to create an environment and foundation for each other that you can trust. This requires you and your partner to create a trusting environment and foundation for each other. Only by eliminating all the worrying factors before starting sex can you and your partner better experience sexual pleasure and joy.

You can discuss safe sex with your partner, take them to the hospital for regular checkups, actively use contraception, and maintain a safe and trustworthy environment with your partner to optimize your sexual experience.

Reasons behind sexual preferences

Sexual preferences can vary very dramatically between individuals, and this comes from the fact that everyone has different experiences and mindsets, and there are some factors that may limit people's enjoyment of sex. For example, someone who has experienced penetrative sex and felt pain may develop an aversion to intercourse as a result and resist penetrative sex. Or someone who has experienced something as embarrassing as farting during anal sex may have a very deep shadow over anal sex. And factors such as physical condition and height and weight can also affect people's sexual experience.

Sex can mean different things to everyone, and as long as you understand that "sex" is a broad concept and are willing to explore it, everyone can get the sexual pleasure that suits them best.

Influence of societal norms

As a result of society's different views on gender roles, people's feelings about sex are also affected. The traditional social concept that men should always desire sex and women should abstain from it, a distinction that leads to women being shy about sex and men always worrying that they can't maintain a good sex condition, resulting in both parties not being able to experience the joy of sex. And the focus for men is always on whether his performance in sex is perfect and whether he has made the other person reach orgasm, which also exacerbates men's anxiety about their sex life.

Discovering your desire
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Exploring your preferred style of sex can also be very helpful in improving your sex life; typical sex tends to revolve around penetrative sex, which may not be the right way for everyone. This established way of having sex rather detracts from people pursuing the kind of sex they really enjoy, and the pressure that comes with following this particular sexual pattern can affect how the body feels and reduce the pleasure of sex.

If you want to find your own way of experiencing sex, you can make a list of sex styles and try them out every time you have sex, and write down how you feel about each style and how much you like it, which will help you to find your own way of having sex faster and understand your own body better.

Engaging in the present experience

Another concept that is important after you have found your favorite way to have sex is to focus on the moment. Instead of thinking about what to do next after sex has begun, which can be distracting and take away from the enjoyment of the moment, it's important to keep your focus on the experience of the moment during sex.

Launch all the attention and senses to experience the feelings of the moment, such as the touch of the skin when touching and the other's temperature, kissing the other's soft lips and the temperature of the breath, etc., to feel the other's body's subtle changes, which will greatly enhance the experience of your sex life.

Maintain communication throughout

Effective communication is always one of the best ways for couples to improve their sex life, depending on the problem you want to solve decide the time to discuss with each other, for example, if you want to remind each other what you expect from this sex or what can be improved from the last time, then you can communicate with your partner before the sex starts. If you feel uncomfortable or otherwise uncomfortable during sex, you need to talk to your partner immediately to avoid physical harm. If you think the sex life is very satisfied or dissatisfied, then after sex and partner to communicate your feelings about the sex, effective communication can help you get more enjoyable sexual experience.

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