give him sex like he's never had it before

How to give him sex like he's never had it before

Finding the recipe for the best sexual experience isn't a one-size-fits-all affair. Each individual has unique preferences and what might have thrilled a previous partner might not resonate with your current one. It's not about being better or worse; it's about acknowledging the differences.

Discovering how to give your partner the most fulfilling sexual experience involves understanding their desires. Engage in open conversations about what excites them, pay attention to their reactions, and when uncertain, communicate openly.

Although there's no exact formula for incredible sex, there are ways to enhance your intimacy. Exploring and experimenting can elevate your shared experiences in the bedroom.

Make him feel uniquely cherished

Foreplay encompasses more than mere physical touch. Renowned relationship expert Esther Perel suggests that it commences right after the previous climax.

This doesn't imply an immediate attempt to arouse your partner post-sex. Instead, it signifies that foreplay initiates beyond the bedroom.

Be attuned to what ignites his desire. Is it the intimate dinner you cook? The undivided attention you offer during quality time together? Consider his love language if known. The key is to make him feel uniquely cherished.

Ask him what he wants

Consider initiating a conversation about potential sexual fantasies your partner might be keen on exploring. Often, your partner might hesitate to bring it up, but creating a safe and non-judgmental space encourages open discussion.

You can start by sharing some of your own fantasies and inviting your partner to do the same. Approach the conversation with an understanding that expressing fantasies doesn't imply an obligation to act on them.

Discuss which fantasies, if any, intrigue you, what piques your interest, and what's off-limits. It's crucial to establish clear boundaries, especially for activities like BDSM or roleplay that might feel unfamiliar or vulnerable. Both partners should feel empowered to withdraw consent at any point in time.

Slow down the pace

While fast and intense sex can be thrilling, slower intimacy can offer a deeper and more intense experience. Slower lovemaking allows your mind to process the sensations more fully.

Take your time building the passion. Engage in extended foreplay, savoring every touch. Recognize that the journey of intimacy matters as much as reaching orgasm. Let your partner relish the entire experience.

Slowing down the pace not only extends the duration of pleasure but intensifies every sensation, driving him to new heights of ecstasy.

Tease and Anticipate

The thrill of anticipation can significantly enhance the sexual experience. Sending your partner suggestive texts or tantalizing images during the day can heighten his anticipation.

By providing a glimpse of what's in store when you're together, you build up desire and excitement. By the time you're both ready to engage intimately, the heightened arousal will make every touch electrifying, setting the stage for an incredible encounter.

Minimize Distractions

Creating an environment free from distractions is vital for fostering a more focused and enjoyable sexual encounter. Recognize common distractions like work stress or household chores that can dampen the mood.

Take steps to reduce interruptions—arrange for children to spend the night elsewhere or tidy up spaces that might cause anxiety. Consider implementing a "no phones night" to eliminate work-related interruptions.

While complete elimination of distractions might not be feasible, making an effort to minimize them allows your partner to fully immerse in the pleasure without external worries.

Stimulate his sensitive zones

If you focus solely on erogenous zones below the belt, you're missing out on a plethora of other pleasure points.

Sensual touch plays a significant role in fantastic sex, and it extends far beyond commonly targeted areas. Exploring lesser-known erogenous zones can amplify arousal and heighten pleasure in various unexpected ways.

Consider these 31 overlooked erogenous zones:

  • Inner wrist
  • Mouth
  • Lower stomach
  • Ears
  • Nipples
  • Scalp
  • Small of the back
  • Toes/feet
  • Neck
  • Back of the knee

Take your time to explore these often-neglected areas. Use kisses, gentle touches, nibbles, or playful tickles to stimulate these zones, eliciting delightful and surprising responses from your partner's body. Remember, even if they don't directly lead to orgasm, these zones are worth discovering for the added intimacy and pleasure they can provide.

Change Roles

Encouraging a shift in roles in the bedroom can be exhilarating. Regardless of your partner's usual dominant or submissive tendencies, offering the opportunity to experience the opposite role can add a new dimension to your intimacy.

In certain scenarios, men in traditionally powerful roles may crave a more submissive stance to unwind and simply listen. Witnessing your partner relinquish control or exploring a more submissive role yourself can be incredibly alluring and foster deeper intimacy.

Recognize that within your relationship dynamic, your partner might feel constrained to a specific role. Providing the chance to switch things up can invigorate your shared experiences.

However, consent and comfort are paramount. Regularly communicate, set clear boundaries, and establish a safe word when exploring dominance, submission, or any other intimate aspects.

Express Your Pleasure

Letting your partner know you're enjoying yourself can significantly enhance the experience for both of you. Communicate your pleasure through moans or affirmations, boosting his confidence and encouraging a deeper connection.

While expressing enjoyment is crucial, honesty is equally vital. If something isn't pleasurable, communicate it openly rather than pretending. Authenticity fosters trust and ensures a more fulfilling encounter.

Guide your partner's actions by indicating what feels good and communicate when he hits the right spots. This openness can lead to a more relaxed and present experience for both partners, knowing that desires are mutually fulfilled.

Explore Different Settings

Sex can start feeling routine if you're always in the same positions or locations. While routine can be comforting, breaking away from the familiar can add excitement and novelty to your intimacy.

Consider changing up your environment by moving from the bedroom to the living room, or perhaps exploring different spaces like the dining table for a change. For a more adventurous twist, discreetly using a toy in public or planning a staycation in a hotel can elevate the experience.

give him sex like he's never had it before

Engage His Senses

Beyond touch, all our senses contribute to creating a heightened sexual experience.

Taste: Incorporate aphrodisiac foods like oysters, dark chocolate, or fruits to set the mood. Sharing a libido-boosting snack or feeding each other can enhance the sensual connection.

Sight: Visual stimulation can intensify arousal. Experiment with sex in front of a mirror, perform a striptease, or watch erotic content together for added excitement.

Sound: Apart from moans, tantalize him with whispers, saying his name, or engaging in dirty talk. Expressing desires and communicating pleasure can be incredibly arousing.

Smell: Scents like vanilla, sandalwood, or ylang-ylang can heighten attraction. Utilize scented candles, massage oils, or enticing perfumes to create an alluring ambiance.

Touch: Besides direct physical contact, explore sensual textures such as silky lingerie or luxurious bedding. Introduce unexpected elements like feathers, body-safe candle wax, or sensory toys.

Limiting one sense can heighten others. With consent, consider blindfolding, using earplugs, or restraining his hands to amplify his other senses and intensify the experience.

Consider Timing

When aiming to create an intimate atmosphere free of distractions, timing plays a crucial role. Stress associated with time constraints can hinder the enjoyment of the moment. Similar to not feeling inclined to plan sex before hosting a family dinner, the right timing matters.

Evaluate what time of day suits both of you best. If he's fatigued after work, consider morning intimacy. Alternatively, if you both cherish mornings but struggle with time, evening encounters might be preferable.

Scheduling sex isn't a detractor from the experience; instead, it offers a practical way to plan and anticipate, adding an element of excitement to the moment. Spontaneous desires aren't always feasible, and scheduling provides something to look forward to.

Dress Confidently

Confidence is inherently attractive. Wear an outfit that exudes confidence and makes you feel fantastic, irrespective of how revealing it is.

Whether it's a favorite black turtleneck, enticing lingerie, or a recently purchased cocktail dress that boosts your self-esteem, choose what makes you feel empowered and alluring. Your confidence will effortlessly radiate, regardless of the level of modesty in your attire.

Explore Prostate Stimulation

For those open to it, exploring prostate stimulation can revolutionize sexual experiences.

P-spot orgasms offer unique and intense sensations, often felt throughout the entire body. If penetrative anal play isn't preferred, indirect stimulation of the perineum—the area between the scrotum and anus—can indirectly excite the prostate, ideal for beginners.

Starting with finger massage and gradually progressing to larger implements like a buttplug or dildo can be a gradual approach if penetration is on the table. Experimenting with vibrating toys or using a dildo in a harness for pegging can take the experience further.

Always remember, using lubrication is essential for comfort and pleasure during these activities.

Introducing toys to sex

Introducing toys into the bedroom can ignite an entirely new level of excitement and possibilities.

Explore a variety of toys, from penis rings to strap-ons to pumps, to revolutionize your sexual encounters. These tools can be used on your partner or to enhance your solo play. Engaging in solo stimulation in front of your partner, especially with the use of toys, can create visually stimulating experiences that elevate arousal.

Toys extend beyond genitals; consider experimenting with nipple clamps, restraints, or mouth gags (with mutual consent) to explore diverse sensations and experiences.

Embrace Novelty

Embracing novelty is key to breaking out of a routine and revitalizing your sexual experiences. While "new is always better" might not be universally true, novelty often brings excitement and rejuvenation.

Introduce novelty by trying new positions, exploring the idea of incorporating another partner (with mutual consent), or engaging in intimacy in different locations. Novelty can infuse a thrilling sense of adventure into your sex life.

Prioritize Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of great sex. Engage in open dialogue with your partner to understand each other's desires and preferences. Ask about fantasies, explore boundaries, and mutually agree on what feels comfortable and exciting.

Encourage an environment where both partners feel safe discussing their wants and needs. Communication fosters comfort and enables partners to express when something doesn't feel right, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience for both individuals.

Establish a space for honest communication before, during, and after your intimate encounters, nurturing a deeper connection and understanding between partners.

Final Thoughts

Absolutely, sex transcends the sole pursuit of achieving an orgasm. It's about connection, intimacy, and mutual pleasure.

Slowing down the pace, fostering a present and attentive environment, and making your partner feel cherished are key elements of exceptional intimacy.

Understanding that each partner's preferences are distinct is crucial. Investing time in discovering and understanding your partner's desires, preferences, and boundaries is essential. Openly discussing fantasies, comfort levels, and setting clear boundaries is paramount.

Communication remains the linchpin of extraordinary sexual experiences. Consistent and honest dialogue between partners cultivates trust, ensures comfort, and facilitates a deeper understanding of each other's needs and desires.

Ultimately, prioritizing this understanding and open communication is the foundation for an enriching and fulfilling sexual connection between partners.

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