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Summer sex guide, you do not know the trivia

The hot summer, some people are depressed, some people are sexually excited, although there is no clear scientific basis to prove that the libido is directly related to seasonality, but the actual does have some impact. The individual difference of sexual desire is relatively large, even if the same person, the high and low sexual desire with age, mental state, physical health, living conditions, the nature of work, the couple's feelings and different performance.

Why do some people have a high sex drive in the summer?

summer wear less stimulates the sexual desire

Summer men and women dressed simply cool, this type of stimulation is easy to make people think.

Light will stimulate sex hormones

Studies have found that in the summer light is significantly enhanced melatonin secretion will also be reduced, the gonads will also secrete sex hormones, which can make the sex organs ready for sex in advance, the sex drive will become stronger.

However, it is still important to distinguish between high sexual desire and hypersexuality to avoid the damage caused to the body by excessive sexual life. If a man suddenly appears to have too much sexual desire in a short period of time, the phenomenon of frequent sexual excitement, urgent demand for sexual acts, increased frequency of sexual intercourse, prolonged sexual intercourse, or even multiple times in a day, only seeking self-satisfaction, without considering the feelings of the other party and other extreme behavior, basically you can suspect that it is suffering from hypersexuality, it is best to seek medical attention in time.


Can excessive sweating affect your sex drive?

Sex scientists believe that sunlight bestows sexual energy.

In seasons when there is a lack of sunlight, the pineal gland in people's brains produces melatonin, making them drowsy and uninterested in sex.

As light increases in summer, melatonin production decreases and people's inner desires are gradually aroused. At the same time, the body's gonads produce more sex hormones to prepare the sex organs for sex. The increased light will also make people more physically active and have a more positive personality, which will help enhance sex.

What can I do to increase my sex drive?

Open the curtains after getting up in the morning

The early rise in the summer is scheduled around 6-7 o'clock, get up and open the curtains, you can let the sun shine into the living bedroom. Plus the morning androgen secretion has reached its peak, men have morning erections, so at this time can enjoy a good sex life. In addition the couple can choose the more sunny seaside to increase the frequency of sexual life.

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Appropriate exercise

In the summer there is more light, the body's vitamin D content will be significantly elevated, can improve chronic diseases, such as lack of sleep, excessive physical fatigue and headaches, etc., when the body is in a healthy state of sexual desire will be enhanced. You may want to set aside 30 minutes a day for aerobic exercise to promote endorphin secretion, releasing its stress and making the body and mind more relaxed.

Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits

In summer, many kinds of vegetables and fruits are available, which have high nutritional value and are good for sex. Oysters are a common aquatic product that contains a lot of zinc, which promotes reproductive health; watermelon contains enough water and sugar to promote penile erection.

Warm tips: to have a healthy, moderate sex life is more appropriate. You can first do the appropriate protective measures and learn more about the sexes to help you enjoy your sex life more happily.

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