Highlight the curves and sexiness of women

Men think it's sexier to wear less than not to wear

A British platform conducted a questionnaire survey of 3,890 people, women felt that being naked would make them feel uneasy, and wearing sexy and attractive robes and lingerie would greatly improve their confidence.

In addition, a study in Europe found that when shown some photos of women, men generally found moderately covered women to be more mysterious and sexy. Here are reminders from sexologists in many countries to teach you how to be vaguely visible, accentuate female curves and sex appeal, and ignite the passions and urges of boys.

The following are tips given by multinational sexologists to teach you how to be invisible, highlighting a woman's curves and sensuality, igniting men's passion and desire.

The silent temptation

"I was on the phone and she was standing in front of me, not saying a word, silently taking off her jacket, sweater, boots ...... until she was left with a pair of panties and shirt. It made me unable to breathe and think and want to take off the rest of her clothes myself." Kevin, 25, said. Yes, there's nothing more enticing than a woman who doesn't talk and takes her time undressing, but make sure you don't strip naked to leave him room for reverie. This is the moment when a man will look forward to the next scene immensely.

Highlight the curves and sexiness of women

Dim the bedroom lights

Lighting has a subtle effect on mood. You don't need to spill light all over the house when making out; overly bright overhead lighting can expose body flaws, while hazy light can make you look whiter and more attractive. Hit the light to the wall, or change a colored lampshade, can add to the sexy. You can also use candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

Highlight the curves and sexiness of women

Use of bedding

The hidden tulle, delicate and comfortable sheets, women lying in a wide bed, with a blanket covering the lower body, everything is like a fantasy, which often makes men want to stop. Comfortable bedding not only relaxes people, but also evokes the instinct to enjoy.

Wear at least one dress

Don't doubt, put on at least one outfit before you have sex, and if you can put sexy and delicate lingerie underneath it, even better. Pink silk pajamas, a loose fat white shirt or T-shirt, a short skirt he gave you ...... Whatever the outfit, the texture should be soft and comfortable and semi-revealing to give him the desire to peek further. One male survey participant had this to say, "I like to have my wife wear one of my white cotton T-shirts with one shoulder showing through the neckline and the hips half covered, very sexy."

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