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What is the rose sex toy that is spreading virally?

Recently a rose shaped sex toy has been gaining a lot of traction online, for which we found some reasons, along with tips from experts on how to use it.

The female rose toy is a hot presence in most erotic stores. Users rave about its unique design and unparalleled stimulation of the clitoris.

The toy has been viewed more than 251 million times on TikTok. Even today, years after the toy's release, the enthusiasm for the Rose continues to grow. Of course, as long as there is demand, there will continue to be new iterations of the product, and there are now multiple versions of the female Rose toy available.

A full and round stemless rosebud is the most appropriate description of its exterior design. A video makes it undoubtedly the most outstanding clitoral vibrating sucker available. So what are its advantages over other versions of rose toys, this article reveals everything about rose sex toys.

What is Rose Erotica?

Our reveal begins with answering the question, it is a rose bulb shaped clitoral vibrating sucker with a small hole in the center of the flower, this small hole is where the magic happens, it provides suction and wraps just around your clitoris.

Generally speaking the material of The rose is high-quality silicone, of course, do not exclude some bad businessmen use some poor quality materials manufacturing. Compared with other toys, it is not too big and not too small just right, equipped with usb magnetic charging. It has 7 modes that provide different intensity of vibration sucking.

In terms of color, the most classic color is still cherry red, but if you prefer purple or black or pink, it is also available in those colors.

One thing you must understand is that rose toys does not refer to a specific toy, it is a collection, just like bullet vibrators and bunny vibrators, they are almost a class of vibrators in themselves. This means that there is no special retailer selling them, everyone can be a seller of rose toys. Ootyemo is one of the retailers selling this popular rose erotic toy.

How do rose erotic toys work?

This rose sex toy works a little differently than many other clitoral vibrators in that it doesn't just vibrate, it has a small hole in the center of the flower that also provides a sucking function similar to oral sex.

Each brand and model of Rose toy for women operates in much the same way, with one or two buttons to switch between multiple functions and modes.

Clitoral vibrators like the Rose can bring most people to orgasm because they stimulate the external tip of the clitoris and, for some, the internal clitoral bulb and legs." Ky Hoyle, founder of Europe's first female-focused sex toy store, Sh! Women's Store, says, "Since about 75 percent of women and those with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, it's easy to see why this type of toy is so popular.

How to use rose sex toys

If you'd like to try roses for yourself, here are some tips from Hoyle

  • First find your clitoris: "If you don't know where it is yet, lock the door and get a mirror and look," she advises.
  • Use lubricant: Smear some water-based lubricant around your clitoris and vulva. Be careful not to use silicon-based lubricant because it does not work with toys made of silicone.
  • Turn on the rose: some roses have two buttons some have only one, two-button rose, one button controls the power and the other controls the frequency. One button rose, by a button to control the power and frequency, long press to turn on the power and release the button, press the button again to turn on the first mode.
  • In position: Spread your labia with one hand and wrap the small hole in the middle of the rose around your clitoris with the other hand, the rose will suck on your clitoris.
  • Use other toys at the same time: There is no need to stop at just the rose.It can be combined with dildos and other toys you like to get extra pleasure.

You can try using roses on your nipples and other sensitive areas for a unique sensation of stimulation.

The best rose sex toys

Rose toy after the development of recent years updated iterations, derived from a number of versions, the following is my opinion of the best few, if you recently want to purchase a rose. Then you may wish to look at the following few, may be of some help to you.

rose toy
  • Main functions: 7-frequency tongue licking
  • Wild tongue, lick all over your sweet spot
  • Let your orgasm last forever
  • Lower tan 40 decibels enjoy immersive pleasure
  • Made of premium medical grade silicon, odorless,super soft and skin-friendly
  • Made with superior grade silicone and abs.Safe, odorless skin-friendly 100% waterproof
rose toy
  • Adorable Little Rose,The Rose Toy 2.0 for Women, Clitoris Sucking & Tongue Licking 2 in 1 Vibrator- is shaped like a rose. Which is an upgraded version of the original rose toy.
  • Intense Suction,The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris. It simulates perfect oral sex.
  • Safe & Silky Silicone,The Rose Vibrator is made of medical-grade silicone, which is hygienic and odorless.
  • Fast Magnetic USB Charging,This Rose Toy for Women can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charging cable
rose toy
  • 10 Suction Modes,The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris. It simulates perfect oral sex.
  • Safe Silicone,Rose toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which is hygienic and odorless.
  • USB Rechargeable,The rose vibrators are equipped with a charging base, making charging more convenient and faster.

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