Do you know the optimal length of foreplay?

Many people believe that perfect sex needs to be 'longer and longer', but a report in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that the quality of sex does not depend on the length of time spent having sex, but is closely related to the time allocated.

1.Too much foreplay instead of too much fun?

When a good show opens, the opening has to be spectacular.

Of course, a quality sexual encounter must also be accompanied by quality foreplay. And quality foreplay is nothing more than words, kisses and caresses.

Sexual psychologists believe that quality foreplay helps two people stay close, as in physical intimacy and emotional intimacy. Hugging your spouse daily lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels.

A study in a sex research journal showed that the longer people lasted on foreplay, the more satisfied they were during sex.

For women, the build-up of sexual arousal is on the longer side throughout sex. If foreplay is inadequate, the likelihood of injury during sex is greatly increased.

But foreplay that is too long can have the opposite effect.

For men, prolonged erections can lead to continuous engorgement of the prostate gland and may induce prostatitis. The constant engorgement of the spongy body may even lead to severe fibrosis or impotence.

If partners always appear to be on extra-long standby for foreplay, over time this can lead to underneath sexual function and trigger conditions such as impotence and premature ejaculation.

Of course, for women, longer foreplay does help with sexual arousal, but too much foreplay for the pace of the whole session can not only affect the sexual experience, but also create a sense of fatigue towards sex.


2.Effective foreplay time, how long should it be?

I won't go into too much detail about the importance of foreplay. Still, there is an optimal time for foreplay, and this should be between 10 and 18 minutes.

So how is this rhythm mastered? This side of the room has prepared a process for progressive foreplay to give you a reference.

Focus on the extremities

At this stage, it is advisable to avoid direct contact with the genitals.

You can start with your lips and work your way down to your neck, chest, ears, waist and stomach. As for the technique, it's very simple, just remember to "avoid the heavy and combine it with the light" so that your partner doesn't know your true intentions, and then when your breathing starts to catch, with occasional gasps, you can start the next step.

Focus on sensitive areas

Sensitive areas here still do not refer to the genitals, but to sensitive areas that you have discovered during your previous explorations, such as earlobes, throat nodes, thigh roots, etc.

As everyone's sensitive areas are different, this is something you need to explore on your own, using your fingers or lips and tongue to gently tease.

Of course, if you both have a habit and a preference for oral sex, this stage can be relatively short.

Focus on reproductive organs

Here should be the end of the foreplay.

Oral sex also happens at this stage, when you feel your partner's body getting hot, sufficiently lubricated, and their eyes getting misty, then it's time to get fully into the swing of things.


3.How to make useful foreplay?

For a sex that demands quality, foreplay is the sexual switch that plays an important role in the whole process.

Many of our friends still have misconceptions about foreplay, and even think of it as a task. In fact, we can think of foreplay as a game, except that it takes place on the bodies of two people and requires a mental, emotional and physical union between them.

Here are some useful tips for you to try out when you have time, which may improve the experience a little.

Initial control attack

Treat your other half's body like a flower and caress with a lighter force. Slowing down, using your hands and mouth, and always keeping your partner moist as you stroke them can effectively enhance the experience and enhance some of the sexual pleasure.

More kissing

Kissing should play a large part in the whole sexual process. Not only does kissing enhance the relationship at this intimate moment, but kissing with different intensities and on different parts of the body can cause different physical reactions in the other person.

Focus on sensory union

Foreplay is best when the other person engages all their senses, from words, scents, light and even smells to set the mood and speed up their entrance.

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