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How to choose the right erotic lingerie for you.

"When you want to buy a set of erotic lingerie, please always remember that it is a very, very natural and great thing to do, don't be shy".

Women can buy erotic lingerie to please themselves and show their bodies, and men can buy it for their partners to seek stimulation and pursue a different kind of erotic experience, all win-win.

That first time how to pick the right erotic lingerie for you? How to avoid the shortcomings, what to reveal? What to cover up?

Here is a compilation of men and women can look at the selection of erotic lingerie guide. Girls can borrow it to show their charm, boys can also buy to give their partners to add sexual fun, feel a different experience.

01、What are the types of erotic lingerie?

Stocking category

There are many kinds of stockings, black silk, white silk, garter stockings, and fishnet stockings ...... each with its own flavor.

If you haven't tried it before, you can start with the most versatile plain black stockings.

Pick thin models, material translucent, the price is above average on it, do not have to buy too expensive, anyway, stockings are expendable, two people's passionate sex, it is easy to tear.

Moreover, stockings can be worn no matter what your figure is. If women are plump and have more thigh meat, garter socks are highly recommended, with rounded thighs revealing the absolute domain and a rich temptation.

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Uniform category

Maid costume, stewardess costume, nurse costume ...... two people together to unleash their imagination and acting skills, boldly let loose and role play.

However, uniforms are usually evenly sized, so you should compare the sizes carefully before buying.


For women who are more traditional and subtle, try this type to start with.

Backless silk halter dresses, ultra-short lace dresses, these types of pajamas are also very sexy and can tantalize men's desires.

Many erotic pajamas, everyday can also be fully worn, and usually not disposable, so when you buy, you can choose a good material, a little higher price point, to ensure that the sexy and comfortable balance.

Niche interest category

For example, small leather skirts, yoga clothes, Japanese swimwear ...... this type of clothing, you may have less contact.

So, if you have tried various types, want to try some new ways to play, then in fact, you can look into this type of niche hobby circle, may open the door to a new world.

02, underwear selection principles

According to the characteristics of the body, to avoid shortcomings

If you are a flat-chested woman, but you choose a large cup uniform, it can be really a bit embarrassing to wear.

In fact, each type of underwear has its own characteristics, according to their own body most attractive, the most want to highlight the part of the display, to frame a choice of direction.

For example, long legs can indulge in buying stockings, small people can lean in the direction of cute, smaller chests can choose suspenders, dresses, larger chests can boldly try bikini series.

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Remember to communicate with your partner

If you do not want to surprise each other, then the selection can be completely discussed between the two people.

What style does the girl herself want to wear? What type is the boy interested in? In the exchange, but also to better understand each other's preferences, but also to facilitate each other in advance for the lingerie with props, prepare the scene.

Choose a reliable store

Is the shipment private? Is the customer service professional enough? Is the after-sales service perfect? Although buying erotic lingerie is not a shy thing, but after all, it is private.

Choosing the right reliable store can save you a special amount of trouble .

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