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When making love, why do most guys like to leave the lights on?

Let us continue to talk to you about the last topic ~ last time we talked about why girls prefer to turn off the lights when having sex ~
 Some friends are curious, why most boys like to turn on the lights when having sex, and why is that?

Boys are visual animals

In the process of sex, girls have a stronger desire for contact than boys, and they are more inclined to receive touching ways of caressing feelings, so many women think that the lights on and off are the same, but men do not think so, and boys need to rely more on visual feelings. On the one hand, boys are not shy about sex, so most boys are not averse to turning on the lights. On the other hand, the visual impact is an important condition that is indispensable to increase male sexual excitement during sex. With the change of angle, the light reflected in each other's face will be different accordingly, the experience of sex will also change, something else.

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Satisfies the boys' desire to conquer.

For boys the most intuitive, turn on the lights to see each other's reactions, visual stimulation is stronger, in sex, those lustful expressions, lustful gestures, can be transmitted to the eyes of the boys in time, helping to enhance their sexual feelings, to meet the pleasure of the boys when conquering. Seeing each other's appearance when the orgasm, can increase the sense of intimacy, without reservation to let each other see their own mood swings in sex, but also to see her excited blushing look, will give boys the thrill of conquest.

Men perform better when the lights are on.

Some researchers at the University of Siena in Italy found that boys' libido changes depending on the season, and they suspected that this might be related to changes in light. To test the validity of this theory, they employed 38 boys with low self-assessed libido and radiated bright light to treat these boys daily. The boys were treated by staying in a light box (a room filled with white light) for half an hour each morning for two weeks. At the end of the trial, the boys treated with bright light showed a significant increase in hormone levels. Hormones increased from 2.3ng/ml to 3.6mg/ml. Sexual satisfaction also increased to an average of 6.3 points, three times higher than before. This is because light suppresses the pineal gland in the human brain, which helps to release more testosterone, thus increasing sexual desire. There was also a survey in Germany that showed that there were 54 men who had been blind since puberty, 52 of whom were either impotent or had poor sexual function. This is because they have been living in the dark since the time their sexual organs developed, and darkness is a sleep signal for us regular people, which stimulates the pineal gland in the brain to secrete hormones in order to facilitate the body to go to sleep, and at the same time has the effect of suppressing sexual desire.

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Turning on the lights actually has benefits

Putting aside the shyness of turning on the lights, there are actually many benefits to turning on the lights, all of which contribute to a great sexual experience.
Enjoy good visual stimulation: If you can't see your partner during sex, you will miss a lot of beautiful "scenery". The lights on sex can reveal more of yourself to your partner, and you can also have eye contact, which not only brings sexual stimulation and boosts sexual desire, but also increases mutual trust.

Avoid sex injuries: sex in the dark men are likely to be unable to find the right place, sex injuries, such as penis contusion, back sprain, vaginal bleeding, etc.. Sex with lights on can reduce the occurrence of these accidents.

It can help manage body shape: If you always have sex in the dark, both parties will have less control over their body shape.

Expressing sexual needs faster: some sexual needs in sex, to tell each other through gestures, sexual reactions and sexual feelings, etc. also need to be transmitted and expressed through expressions, if the lights are off it is difficult to express.
Confident you are the most beautiful, no matter how brave to express your feelings, whether it is to turn on the lights or turn off the lights in respect for the feelings of the other half, respect for each other's choice ~

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