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Why can guys always get to orgasm faster?

We are often in some pornographic movies, the hero and heroine always reach orgasm together. Sometimes even the girl will arrive early, that is a sound. But we find that in real life it is often the man who arrives first, and the woman's orgasm either comes late or does not come.

A man's orgasm is a flash of fireworks, a woman's orgasm is a small explosion that does not stop, one fast and flashy, one slow and continuous. Why is this? Is there a way to get men and women to the station at the same time?


Why is it always faster for men and slower for women?

get to orgasm

Orgasm sensing zones are different

First of all, everyone has different orgasm-sensing zones: nipple orgasm, prostate orgasm, glans orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and clitoral orgasm. So, if we don't study where our partner's weird orgasmic zones are, we can't trigger an orgasm if we keep repeating the same process, not to mention the idea of synchronized orgasms.

Different sexual response patterns

Boys: starting with sexual arousal and ending with orgasm. During sexual intercourse, most guys experience: first arousal, then a response, then reaching orgasm, followed quickly by a period of inactivity, a feeling that lasts about 25 minutes before a second sexual arousal.

Girls: sexual desire is not the starting point, orgasm is not the end. At the beginning of sex, girls are in a "sex-neutral" state, they usually do not feel their sexual desire, must be stimulated by the partner's kiss, touch, smell, kiss, before they will produce sexual arousal, feel their sexual desire. With 10-20 minutes of sexual stimulation, the libido value reaches its maximum, triggering an orgasm and subsequently arriving at a kind of physical and emotional satisfaction, girls also have a period of inactivity, but after about 6 minutes, they can come back to full blood for the next round of battle.

Summing up the above differences predestines the orgasmic experience for women, which is far more difficult than for men. Men's sexual arousal occurs more quickly, they easily reach orgasm, and the orgasm lasts for a short time, then they enter a period of inactivity and cannot get erect again for a short time. While girls are slower to start sexual excitement, if both sides are not well adjusted, there will be asynchronous phenomenon, often the boy has ejaculated, the girl has not yet reached orgasm.


How can I solve the problem if my cake nest is not in sync?

Let her get into the swing of things first

Extend the warm-up time, that is, the foreplay time; let the woman enter the state earlier, you can eliminate the 10 + minutes in the middle of the difference. The so-called foreplay, through caressing and kissing, so that women get more stimulation; in the warm-up process can not be too rigid, to be flexible and not limited to a certain place. Here it is recommended that gay men learn about the "clitoral orgasm".

get to orgasm

With the help of tools

If preheating does not eliminate the time difference between male and female orgasm, there is another way:
 Use props! (props not torture devices ) using a variety of small toys, you can watch her play, help her play, play together; this way, the girl can first to the station it.

Open and honest communication of sexual feelings

During sex, be bold and give your partner positive feedback and guidance, such as faster, slower, just like that, etc. You two are the most intimate of relationships and there is nothing to avoid about this. To have a more harmonious sex life, it is important to be brave and express your personal feelings.

 Finally, I hope you can accept the fact that

Erotic movies do not come from life and are often the product of idealization. Common orgasm This thing is inherently unattainable, and men need to be a little more patient. The most important thing is that we can all enjoy the pleasure in the process.

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